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  1. 1. Overview “TECHNO BROTHERS is well poised to keep your business dynamic and successful through our outsourcing capability that enables you to redefine the meaning of success. We understand how important data security and infrastructure reliability are to your business. At TECHNO BROTHERS, quality and reliability are hallmarks of our business” When it comes to BPO performance, it’s all about delivering the optimal customer experience at the lowest possible cost… TECHNO BROTHERS is an IT-enabled services company providing most efficient and cost effective quality services. The Contact Centre services include a combination of inbound and outbound services for business to business (B2B) and business to consumers (B2C). TECHNO BROTHERS specializes in Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) services like, telemarketing through outbound calls, inbound customer services, technical support, and Web based Management. We have been in business since 2006 with clients from the Australia, Canada, New Zealand, US, and Europe. Our team of professionals is dedicated to provide quality services at minimum of costs, with the aim to cater to the needs of our client in a most efficient manner. • Out Bound Telemarketing Services. • In Bound Telemarketing Services. • Web based Services. • Business Support Services. TECHNO BROTHERS brings together world-class resources, and expertise to help create valuable relationships with clients.
  2. 2. About Us TECHNO BROTHERS came in to existence in November 2006, with the basic Idea to provide Quality yet Cost effective outsourcing solutions to our Clients. With over 250 seats base in India, Australia, and USA, we are delighting our clients and satisfying them in terms of improved quality, sales & savings. Since then we have been topping the choice of many BPO around the world. At TECHNO BROTHERS, we specialize in business process outsourcing (BPO) services including back-office processing, application development and call center services like, telemarketing through outbound calls, telesales, performing surveys, lead generation and even inbound bound customer services. With our expertise in BPO services and available manpower, we can get a process ramp up just in a matter of days. In today’s business environment, the only constant is change. Our flexibility helps us, and our clients, be on the cutting edge. We understand that business requirements change. Working with an outsourcing vendor is a paradigm change for many organizations. We work with are clients to make changes as seamless as possible. With our expertise in various industries like: Travel & Tourism. Finance & Mortgage Companies. Real Estate Companies. Telecom. Insurance Companies Health & Fitness. Retail & Wholesale Companies. Publishing House. Media Companies. Club & Leisure. Hotels & Restaurant Entertainment Companies. Business Agents. TECHNO BROTHERS are able to offer our clients: (a) Reduced costs. (b) Operational efficiency. (c) Low capital investment. (d) High degree of flexibility and transparency. (e) The ability to scale up. (f) Continuous process improvement
  3. 3. Values Integrity: We aim to act with honesty and to achieve the highest level of integrity at all levels of the organization and in all its business dealings. Customer Satisfaction: We deliver a standard of service that goes beyond customer expectations and exceeds the service provided by our competitors. Management by Fact: We use all available information to make objective, impartial and confident business decisions and open and honest disclosure of relevant information to our business associates. Respect for People: We believe in mutual respect with our customers, employees, partners and community that are crucial to the personal and professional standards expected in our workplace. Continuous Improvement and Innovation We are committed to seeking innovative solutions and applications to all aspects of our business; to continually achieving competitive advantage through business process improvement; and to exceeding our customers' expectations.
  4. 4. Mission & Vision Vision: To achieve 100 million turnover by the end of 2012. Mission: To develop next generation best practices for outsourcing that leapfrog current industry standards. To build a company of lasting value where each team member feels a strong sense of ownership, empowerment, and commitment. To use these best practices to offer unparalleled agility, productivity and value to small and medium enterprises the world over, and stick to our values. To give utmost respect to human values, we promise to serve our customers with integrity through innovative, affordable solutions, by implementing novel thoughts every day.
  5. 5. Management Management Team Executives that form the core of TECHNO BROTHERS management are highly qualified individuals with extensive world wide experience. They have a sound understanding of the world business environment, and valuable experience of working with Australia, New Zealand, Canada, European countries, and USA customers and multi-cultural project teams located at geographically diverse locations. • Atul Kumar Jha: CEO and Founder Founder, seasoned entrepreneur with years of successful experience in outsourcing services, operations, strategic planning, and Business consulting. Mr. Jha founded TECHNO BROTHERS in 2006 with the vision of providing high quality outsourcing services to world-wide customers. Mr. Jha focus on building customer relationships based on providing superior services has led to TECHNO BROTHERS rapid growth. The company now enjoys a reputation for providing excellent services to its world-wide clientele. Mr. Jha has also developed many critical long-term relationships with partner companies in Australia, New Zealand, and Canada. Mr. Jha holds a Graduate degree from the Delhi University in commerce.
  6. 6. Benefits of Outsourcing. All our outsourcing clients are enjoying the benefits of: Cost savings. The lowering of the overall cost of the service to their business. This will involve reducing the scope, defining quality levels, re- pricing, re-negotiation, cost re-structuring. All our clients have access to lower cost economies through outsourcing called "labor arbitrage" generated by the wage gap between industrialized and developing nations. Cost restructuring. Operating leverage is a measure that compares fixed costs to variable costs. Outsourcing changes the balance of this ratio by offering a move from variable to fixed cost and also by making variable costs more predictable. Improve quality. All our clients achieve a step change in quality through contracting out the service with signing service level agreement with us. Knowledge. Our clients have access to all our intellectual property, which help them to wider experience and knowledge. Contract. Services will be provided to a legally binding contract with financial penalties and legal redress. Operational expertise. Access to operational best practice that would be too difficult or time consuming to develop in-house. Staffing issues. All our clients get chance to set up their own selected team with access to a larger talent pool and a sustainable source of skills. Capacity management. An improved method of capacity management of services and technology where the risk in providing the excess capacity is borne by the supplier. Reduce time to market. The acceleration of the development or production of a product through the additional capability brought by us. Risk management. An approach to risk management for some types of risks is to partner with an outsourcer who is better able to provide the mitigation. 24x7x365. A sequential task can be done during normal day shift in different time zones - to make it seamlessly available 24x7. Same/similar can be done on a longer term between earth's hemispheres of summer/winter. Customer Pressure. Customers may see benefits in dealing with your company, but are not happy with the performance of certain elements of the business, which you may not see a solution to except through outsourcing. Focus and core Competency. – All our clients will be free to focus on their core business achieving much required competence, sharing responsibilities with us.
  7. 7. Capabilities. The two major categories of serving Business-to-business and Business-to- consumer. • Out Bound Telemarketing Services. • In Bound Telemarketing Services. • Web Support Services. • Business Support Services. • 24x7x365 service. • Services offered in all languages. • Live chat support. • End – to – End Solutions.
  8. 8. Why TECHNO BROTHERS Our State-of-art contact centre operates 24x7x365 days a year. People We believe that our people are the only sustainable competitive advantage and therefore we have aligned our people practices with our goals. We have created a work environment that is conducive for innovation, teamwork, mutual respect, recognition and high performance. Our operations worldwide capitalize on the large talent pool of highly skilled, English-speaking workforce. We provide comprehensive agent-training programs that ensure continuous development of our employees. We have made significant investments in training and all our Business Helping partners are put through comprehensive training programmes to equip them for all challenges job entails. We also work closely with strategic partners in the Canada, UK and Australia to provide on-going training for our employees. Technology and Infrastructure We have invested in technology infrastructure that uses state-of-the-art equipment from leading providers like AVAYA, CISCO and DELL. Redundancy, fail over and load balancing features of this equipment enable us to achieve 99.99% reliability. Compliance to open standards architecture and expansion features enables seamless expansion of existing facilities without interruption to existing operations. We also use a state-of-the-art predictive dialer that handles all outbound calls, resulting in dialing productivity and increased efficiency. Business Continuity Planning We have established business continuity sites in India and overseas through strategic tie-ups with other centres to provide disaster recovery services. We have ensured backups in our entire technological infrastructure, from servers, processors, leased lines, and storage systems through fully backed up UPS and generator systems. Quality Assurance Our commitment to quality, as expressed in our corporate values, has provided us with a common approach in working our way through this rapidly changing global business environment. We are process driven and our processes are aimed at meeting ISO 9001:2000 compliance standards and Six Sigma level performance.
  9. 9. Services OUTBOUND SERVICES Appointment Settings Services. We can offer this Appointment service because our experienced personnel are thoroughly briefed on your market as well as your products and services, and are able to communicate at all Appointment levels. Involved in your programmed from day one by working with you on the brief and recommending strategy and approach, they are trained to know that their success will be measured by the quality of each appointment, and the manner in which it was acquired. Appointment Setting helps companies increase sales by cold calling, generating qualified sales leads, and setting qualified appointment. These qualified appointments setting, in turn, assist you in acquiring new clients. How appointment setting services can boost your business Want to gain more new customers in less time? An appointment setting service can prescreen candidates from your mailing list and set up face-to-face meetings with your sales representatives. Meeting with prospective clients is usually more productive than selling over the phone. But finding the right candidates to meet with can be time-consuming. TECHNO BROTHERS conserve your valuable time by cold calling and prescreening prospects to see if they’re good candidates for your products and services. After they set up the meetings, your reps can focus on presenting the value proposition of the business. Benefits of outsourcing appointment setting: It takes a lot of time and money to hire, train, and manage an internal team of telemarketers, not to mention the amount of hardware, office space, and furniture you’ll need. Appointment setting companies free you from those responsibilities. You get the full benefits of the service without the added expense of full-time employees. Outsourcing appointment setting services is also beneficial to smaller businesses such as doctor’s offices, realtors, and insurance agencies that might not have the resources to find new prospects on their own. These businesses are on tight
  10. 10. schedules and need to reserve their time for in-person meetings to explain the benefits of their services in detail. What to look for in appointment setting services Before you select an appointment setting service, perform online research or submit a free request for quotes through TECHNO BROTHERS to get matched up with other vendors. We may guarantee you the best price for the appointment setting service. Why TECHNO BROTHERS? • Good communication skills: It takes a lot to convince people over to phone to accept a one-on-one meeting with a person they never met. We understand what your business wants from TECHNO BROTHERS. • • Experience: TECHNO BROTHERS hire agents who excel in cold calling, handling large call volumes, and convincing businesses to agree to face-to- face meetings. • Appointment setting focus: TECHNO BROTHERS do everything from making appointments to qualifying leads to selling the product or service. This all-inclusive service touches all aspects of your business, but they may not excel in any one area. We specialize in appointment setting so you will be getting the best. • Detailed reporting: we always provide reports that show you how many calls were made, how long it took to schedule appointments, the number of hang-ups, and more so you know what kind of service you get for your money. • Strong ROI: The best way to see the result if appointment setting can increase your sales is to try a two-pronged approach. Have a few own sales reps do all the work (cold calling, setting appointments, and closing business) and on the other hand we will assign same number of reps for appointments set by the TECHNO BROTHERS. Then, compare the sales results of both to see which process is more effective and which led to more sales. We do appointment setting service for • Mortgage Appointment Setting. • Computer hardware Appointment Setting. • Finance & insurance Appointment Setting. • Phone card Appointment Setting. • Telecom Appointment Setting. • Health care Appointment Setting. • Travel Appointment Setting. • Advertising and media services Appointment setting. • Research & analytics Appointment Setting. • E-Marketing Appointment Setting. • Credit card Appointment Setting.
  11. 11. Lead Generation Services. Why waste time prospecting and worrying about where your next lead is coming from? We do all the lead generation work for you, delivering a steady supply of all type of leads to your inbox daily. In business, every lead is of paramount importance and no prudent businessman would ever want to miss out on even a single lead. To cater to the need of its customers fully, TECHNO BROTHERS has a proficient team of lead generation experts who work round the clock to get you qualified leads. They work 24x7 to assist you with developing, designing, promoting and delivering your content. We are in a position to offer, small as well as large sized organizations, customized lead generation programs. We shall call and qualify leads on your behalf, capitalizing on our experience in outbound telephone survey techniques to generate leads. With us, the customers get more return on investment, as for us sale leads not just means a selling opportunity, but also may include detailed information about what a company intends to purchase, timelines, budget information, email addresses, contact preferences and more. Our unmatched lead generation services ensure that your sales people will no longer be wasting time doing "cold calls." With our unique lead generation services, you can get premium business leads as we can pinpoint those interested prospects that are willing to listen to your sales people as they advance the selling process already established by us. Are you looking for health insurance lead generation? Life insurance lead generation? Home insurance lead generation? Car insurance lead generation? Disability insurance lead generation or life insurance lead generation? Or possibly some other type of health insurance lead generation? No problem! TECHNO BROTHERS are the largest provider of multi-source compiled data and database services in the country, is here to help you find exactly what you are looking for. On average, it takes about 30 - 60 calls to generate one good lead. If each call takes up to five minutes, that's around four hours per lead. If you need solid leads with good information, and if you're trying to grow your business, do you have the time to make all those calls? Most agents will readily admit that they hate cold calling and see it as a waste of their valuable skills. Lead Generation, this is what we at TECHNO BROTHERS are all about. Today people are apt to say that with the telephone, anything is possible. TECHNO BROTHERS agrees. Of-course, the telephone is integral to the growth of any organization but so is professionalism. Coupled together they make one of a team and this is what TECHNO BROTHERS offers its clients the service of Lead Generation. The latest in telephony technology and the best people in the industry.
  12. 12. TECHNO BROTHERS offers one of the primary services of Lead Generation. Our dedicated and experienced teamwork with you to understand your company’s products, positioning, services, strategies and objectives in order to professionally represent you. Based on a criterion, we create prospects, those are important to your business objectives. Leads are generated most effectively for many products in single sales call. Our Steps to Generate Leads We have a list of all individuals those fit your prospect profile of the client and then we contact those individuals. If we find that profile matches, then the information is recorded in a file and is then transmitted to the client. We then set, confirm and reschedule qualified appointments for your sales team. Such Outsourcing of this function helps to fully utilize talents of your sales people's. Normally, most of the sales people, in any enterprises sales, don't have time to cold call. The sales person spends more of their time in developing solutions rather in prospecting. We, TECHNO BROTHERS add consistency and begin building early stage relationships to your lead generation efforts. We are also in business-to-business lead generation means generating and qualifying leads for MNC's. Assessing, analyzing, discussing the pros and cons of the customer base you are targeting and finally advising as to how best to use these leads. TECHNO BROTHERS Leads are generated after analyzing a complex combine of location, experience, customer base size, technical capacity and most important is your Budget. Click on contact us for any query on Lead Generation Service Types of leads we can generate for you. We may do the Lead generation on various marketing methodologies: • Broadcast Advertising. • Direct Mail. • Event or Trade Show marketing. • Seminar or Training. • Publicity and Public Relations. • Whitepapers or Product Literature. • Email marketing. • Web marketing (Search Engine Optimization or other Internet Media buying). • Telemarketing.
  13. 13. Mortgage Lead Generation • We generate Exclusive mortgage leads. • Live transfer mortgage leads. • Telemarketing mortgage leads. • Refinance mortgage leads. • Buy mortgage leads. • Fresh mortgage leads. • Cheap mortgage leads. • Quality mortgage leads. Insurance Lead Generation • Life Insurance leads. • Health Insurance leads. • Insurance sales leads. • Auto insurance lead. • Business insurance lead. • Insurance lead services. Lead acquisition Lead acquisition is one of the most critical activities within the lead generation process. Identifying or attracting a prospective candidate is an expensive and complex task, which becomes even more so if you do not have mechanisms to capture that information for action. The lead acquisition process can take several forms: • Business card. • Participant scanner. • Inquiry card. • Inbound telephone. • Email. • Web form. Telesales Services. With our unmatched abilities, Telemarketing and Telesales relate to the communication of a message directly to the desired target. We specialize in telemarketing services, telesales services for outbound, technical, B2B, B2C and outsourcing services. This integration of the most cost effective processes offers an assurance to achieve a superior edge in sales. Giving quick and instant results, telemarketing refers to creation of qualified appointments and receiving instant information, thereby achieving the desired sales and marketing objectives.
  14. 14. We offer a cost effective, flexible, efficient and highly tailored telemarketing services that entirely focus on delivering exceptional results to meet the objectives of clients. The experienced and fully trained telemarketing professionals carefully monitor your telemarketing projects. Each team member offers your company with the feedback on what people actually want and thus, finely tune your script. Reports based on the quality and efficiency of service or agreed measurable standards, based on benchmarks or criteria, and is supplied to clients. The Process: The effective process of Telemarketing starts with setting of goals/objectives for the telemarketing program followed by the determination of start date and length of telemarketing campaign. Having finalized the action script, we prepare training packages and load campaign records to predictive dialer. The telemarketing staffs are fully trained using the latest effective technologies and thus the live telemarketing campaign gets started. Achieving the set objectives of the telemarketing campaign is ensured and the telemarketing campaign results are finally processed. The Benefits: Cost effective investments. Working within your company ethos. Ability to respond to changing needs. Designed to specific client requirements. Multi channel technology. Interactive intelligence platform. Quick implementation. Custom reports available. Remote monitoring for clients. Emphasis on quality management. We do Telesales for • Holiday Vouchers. • Credit Card sales. • Telecom Products. • Cable Connection. • Club Membership. • Membership Sales. • Space selling. • Product launch. • Product Marketing. • Water Purifier. • Household Products. • Sports Goods. • Health Products. And many more…
  15. 15. Soft Sell. When everything fails a client trying to offload a new product, Companies very often happy to move on to something easier. TECHNO BROTHERS on the other hand has mastered the technique of soft sales and has proven always as winner. "It sometimes pays to be unconventional". We may help you for the: • Holiday Vouchers. • Credit Card sales. • Telecom Products. • Cable Connection. • Club Membership. • Membership Sales. • Space selling. • Product launch. • Product Marketing. • Water Purifier. • Household Products. • Sports Goods. • Health Products. And many more… Subscription & Renewal Sales. TECHNO BROTHERS is a world leader in subscriptions telemarketing. We provide following services. • Subscription Renewals: Telemarketing at any stage of the renewal cycle is a proven method of increasing retention. • Controlled Circulation Registration: Telephone Interviews and registration to support, boost and top up circulation figures. • Subscription Acquisition: Competition entrants and reader responder data can be converted to loyal subscribers.
  16. 16. Collections Services. Insurance, Banking, Financial Services and Mortgage industries process large amount of transaction data on daily basis. Our collection and mortgage processing services provide transaction processing to diverse industries. We offer comprehensive solutions to the insurance, banking, financial services, and mortgage sector covering the entire industry business processes ranging from business acquisition services to collection outsourcing. We offer different plans depending on variables such as type and amount of debt, original level of credit worthiness, number of debtors, age of account and quality of debtor information. Contact us to arrange a confidential. We recover everything from hundreds to six figure balances and we do it in a confidential and professional manner. We focus on producing results amicably to collect your money. So take the worry out of your collection issues and allow us to do what we do best, that is, Collect Money that is rightfully owed to you. Please call us now and your cash flow will improve immediately. We work for a variety of different industries and companies. Our clients range from Organizations in the Professional Services. Types of collection we do. Expertise with Debt collection. Debt Collection Company. Data collection services. Debt Recovery services. Market Survey & Research. Developing a well-designed market survey questionnaire will ensure that you get the information you need about your target market. These surveys can be conducted in writing, in person, via e-mail or over the phone. • Design Survey Use your web browser and our intuitive survey wizard to create your survey. Get started by browsing through Survey Template Library or create your own custom survey from scratch. No programming skills required.
  17. 17. • Collect Responses After creating your survey, click on the Send Survey link where you can post a web link, send out customized email invitations or add the survey to your own email newsletter. Your survey is automatically hosted on our servers. • Analyze Results Results are collected and tabulated automatically. Graphs and charts are generated online and may also be exported to MS Excel. The following are just a few benefits enterprises can take advantage of through online market research surveys powered by confirm it: • More accurate view of current marketing initiatives • Identify new marketing opportunities • Gain competitive insight Confirm it survey & reporting features that specifically benefit market research surveys are: • All the functionality you need for questionnaire design, testing, report creation & distribution. • Market research surveys can be deployed by e-mail or by pop- ups/banners. • High scalability able to support hundreds, thousands or millions of respondents. • Integrated panel / respondent management system • ASP and server offering available. New Project Identification, Project Feasibility and Market Study, Identification of Profitable Industrial Project Opportunities, Preparation of Project Profiles and Pre-Investment and Pre-Feasibility Studies, Market Surveys and Studies, Preparation of Techno-Economic Feasibility Reports, Identification and Selection of Plant and Machinery, Manufacturing Process and or Equipment required, General Guidance, Technical and Commercial Counseling for setting up new industrial projects and industry. There are several uses of the word survey like Customer Satisfaction survey, Market Research survey, Employee survey, Enterprise Tools $ Integration survey, Students & Academic survey, Question Pro Research survey etc.
  18. 18. 3rd party verifications service. Third Party Verification programs are fast gaining popularity among the buyers and sellers, transacting over the telephone. Providing proof of transactions, the recorded voice authorizations are authenticated by third party verification. At TECHNO BROTHERS, we ensure the results of our high quality verifications are delivered immediately and accurately. To this effect, we have a skilled operation team that works with the staff of different companies, as required throughout the day. Kinds of Third Party Verification Programs We, at TECHNO BROTHERS offer the following types of Third Party Verification (TPV) programs to our customers: Open Air TPV: Under this program, the agent calls in and reads from a script that has been prepared for the type of product/service that is being sold. The whole conversation, wherein the agents ask the customer questions, is recorded. Automated TPV: With this type of TPV, the series of pre-recorded questions and the touch tone or voice responses to each question are recorded by an automated attendant. Exclusive Features of Our Services Inbound & Outbound: We are fully equipped to immediately verify your calls via a conference call and to call your customer promptly, on receiving the order information via fax, FTP, or e-mail. Regular Reports: Customized reports in printed or machine-readable format, with a summary of all transactions are delivered to the customers on daily and weekly basis. These are available in any level of detail or sophistication. Unique Confirmation Number: Time and Date is appended to the transaction report before the issuance of the unique confirmation number, whereupon the entire verification shall be emailed to the email of your choice. Live Operator or Automated Voice Response: The customers have the option of availing the services of the professional verification operators for human touch or our automated system, for economy. Reliable compliance with all FCC or other regulatory agencies is ensured. Immediate Access to your Digital Recordings: Live as well as automated verifications are digitally recorded and made accessible instantly over the phone. We may also burn your verifications to a CD and then archive them in our data vault. Professional Consultation: If you need any help with designing your call flow script, we shall fully assist you professionally with the same. On request, we can also customize the Interactive Voice Response call script to meet your verification guidelines, and TPV Rules.
  19. 19. In Bound Telemarketing Services At TECHNO BROTHERS, we continuously strive to deliver superlative customer care services by attracting, training and retaining the best talent in the industry. Our customer care services create a virtual customer service center to manage customer concerns and queries through multiple channels including voice, e-mail and chat on a 24x7x365 basis. Committed to delivering the highest quality customer support services and world-class customer management with every single contact, we provide both inbound and outbound contact center services for the B2B and B2C markets. Having invested heavily in technology, processes, training, we develop and utilize highly customized databases to meet the specific needs of our customers, ensuring the highest quality of customer service. Focusing on complete customer satisfaction from the point of contact to call resolution, our customer care representatives are monitored periodically to provide assurance of proper call handling and superior customer service. In our customer care call centers customer service representatives are trained to treat our client's customer as their own and are imparted with requisite process and product knowledge to excel. Customer Support Services • Queries on Payment. • Retail Services. • Administration of changes in customer information. • Follow up on escalated calls. • Information rendering calls. • New customer verification. • Manage services on status checks. • Quality issues or problem resolution. • Customer general product/service queries & service resolution. • Order processing and status (dispatch, reorder, shipment, rule based discounting etc) • Product support service, extensive product knowledge.
  20. 20. Up Selling The TECHNO BROTHERS offers Inbound Teleservices for all your needs. Whether you send us overflow or completely outsource your call center to us, our web enabled team members are here 24/7 to take your calls, in English or in any language, Successfully determining and meeting the needs of our clients is what we do best. We provide a customized plan for your audience and work closely with you Services include: • Order taking Sales • E commerce support • Lead generation • Customer satisfaction programs • Hotlines - Including toll-free product order lines and emergency response lines • Dealer locator programs • Open enrollment campaigns • Requests for further information • Help Desk We use and deploy the most refined call processing and telecom. Our call routing feature allows the system to instantly scrutinize available agents and route calls to the most suitably skilled agents. The range of services in the inbound call center services include: Customer Service • Application / Claims processing • Subscription services • Billing queries, etc. Sales and order fulfillment • Order taking • Sales closures • Up-selling and Cross-selling • Troubleshooting for products and services
  21. 21. Answering Service & After Hour Services. Virtual office Assistant: Phone Answering Service Both small and large companies across practically every region and industry group in World have benefited from our Answering Service solutions and superior Virtual Office Assistant Service. We succeed when you succeed, so our phone answering service is dedicated to ensuring you are professionally represented, have dependable, personalized support and virtually disaster-proof technology. Our bilingual staff can take your calls in any language other than English. Our answering service was created to extend and develop our community physicians' professional presence and successfully assist with every medical need. Our state of the art Answering Service includes following services:- - Call Center answering, processing and dispatching - Medical answering services - Receptionist service - Message center that includes call answering, screening and messaging - Appointment reminder and confirmation calls - Customer/patient help desk - Inbound customer service calls including web access to update your client information Here are just a few of the services we provide: - In-depth, 24/7/365 customer service support - Dispatch of service, emergency, or technical support personnel - After hours, weekend, holiday, overflow coverage - Dedicated receptionist during normal business hours - Live operator answering service - Medical service bureau - Message delivery answering service - Toll-free telephone answering service We offer our clients: - Courteous, professional, knowledgeable agents - Crystal clear voice quality - Customized answering with your personalized greeting - 24/7 nationwide telephone answering service - Multilingual services Message center with 24/7, Toll Free access
  22. 22. What We Can Offer You? Our success in developing a Phone Answering Service to handle all types of calls for our hospitals has convinced us that we are ready to expand our services to meet your individual needs. In addition to a fine staff, we have current technology that is well supported and designed to provide you with accurate information and ensure that you and your patients receive the best customer service available. With our phone answering services and call center functions, you will never miss a phone call or phone message again. Our answering service and virtual office services is a cost effective way for us to handle your customer/client inquiries and provide you with the large corporate image needed to help you and your business succeed. Instant Set Up Sign up and get a TECHNO BROTHERS Virtual Receptionist toll free number instantly or use your existing number. Get started in minutes. Call Transfer: Transfer callers to the phone number of your choice, for example your office, home, cell phone, etc. Unlimited Voice Prompts and Menus: Create your own Virtual Receptionist using as many voice prompts and menu options as needed. Easy Recording Options: Record greetings by phone or with your computer microphone. (Professional talent also available) No Busy Signals: Utilize TECHNO BROTHERS telecommunications infrastructure to never miss a call. ACD - Automatic Call Distribution: Call routing on a sequential or rotational basis to multiple live representatives based on your preferences. Day / Night / Alternate / After Hours / Holiday Greetings: Schedule unique greetings to play at the times and days of your choice. Music / Message on Hold: Callers listen to music or customized messages while waiting to be transferred. Keep Your Existing Toll-Free Number: Port your existing Toll Free number at no cost. Personalized Service: Representatives will take the time to answer all of your questions and assist you from start to finish and on an ongoing basis. Telephone and Email Support & Quick & responsive sales and technical support.
  23. 23. Voice broadcasting is used successfully by many industries and organizations as an effective means of communicating corporate voice messages, informational messages, past due notices, reminders and verifications. These are just a few applications like • Membership renewals • Subscription renewals • Event invitations • Warrantee renewals • New service offerings • Market Research Surveys • Credit Card Processing • Lead Generation • Order Status We also provide Toll Free Services, Help Desk Support & Remote Receptionist Services. Order Taking Services. Associate with us and: • Never miss another business opportunity • Prevent email madness and web rage. • Answer customer questions. On the spot. Live customer service available anytime, anywhere, every time!! Connect your prospects and customers to our specialized customer service representatives. TECHNO BROTHERS delivers integrated text messaging and e-commerce customer relationship management (CRM) services to business enterprises 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our client service specialists use award winning call centre software and we guarantee service levels that satisfy the most demanding clients. Let live interaction with your e-commerce website provide the Internet's highest available degree of successful sales, real-time customer service, toll-free call answering, instant live-rep callbacks 24 hours a day, 7 days a week! Order taking, order processing, order entry, call center, messaging, answering service, order taking, paging, CRM
  24. 24. The results: • We increase your service levels to your customers. • We improve your sales capability. • We maximize customer satisfaction. TECHNO BROTHERS is capable of taking orders, and facilitates ease of communications with our clients and their customers. Our call center services include Inbound Teleservices, Order Processing and Outbound Services. Our Inbound Teleservices include Sales (acquisition, upsale and ancillary), while our Outbound Services include Sales, Acquisition, Winback, Retention, New Product Launch, Lead Generation, Appointment Setting, Satisfaction Surveys, Market Research and Verification. TECHNO BROTHERS also seamlessly handles all the details of Order Processing, including Product Inquiry, Third Party Verification, Customer Service, Pre-Post Sales Support and toll free numbers. Using a call center to supplement your in-house staff or even as your only order taking strategy can have a significant impact on your bottom line. When your infomercial airs or a customer visits your website and wants to purchase your product, making a phone call is often the customer's first choice for contacting you. It allows the customer to speak to a live person and to ask questions. This can be especially important if your product is complicated or the customer wants information or clarification about the product. Order taking services will allow you to advertise 24/7 hours of operation, to take orders and make sales even when your business is closed for nights and weekends, even on holidays. Whether we act as an off hours order taking service, or provide you with complete 24/7 order taking systems, we’re sure you agree that our order entry service will be second-to-none. • order taking Customized database including product description and price for over 10,000 products • Inventory is continually updated with new products and price changes as needed Turnkey order processing including multiple shipping and payment options, credit card authorizations, customer service and order fulfillment • On-line script ensures high percentage of data capture, even if a caller does not place an order, as lead generation for database • On-line information in "pop-up" or help screens allows our agents to answer questions regarding tour information, fan mail, retail outlets, and other commonly asked questions • Customized call reporting • Enhanced call routing options including automated menu selection and call overflow in place to facilitate cost-effective handling of large call volume spikes • Credit cards are authorized then downloaded daily to the client for fulfillment TECHNO BROTHERS - Order Taking Highlights • Fully integrated web-based order taking services handling high call volumes and diverse product catalogs. • Comprehensive agent training ensures quality service and effective sales closing.
  25. 25. Customer Services & Inquiry Handling. We use and deploy the most refined call processing and telecom. Our call routing feature allows the system to instantly scrutinize available agents and route calls to the most suitably skilled agents. Our operating centers receive customer calls over dedicated international private leased circuits. We can handle calls relating to various products or processes across industries. Inbound telemarketing outsourcing is different than Customer service outsourcing. It is all call centers, but they are as very different in culture and management Inbound telemarketing requires a call center with a sales culture. Customer Service call centers answer questions and have an infrastructure based on calls answered and resolved. Knowing that and finding the right fit is important. Organizations looking for outbound and Inbound Teleservices can outsource their IVR and voice broadcasting projects at our affordable Teleservices center with all enquiry handling calls to TECHNO BROTHERS. Inbound Call Center Services We Offer Include • Appointment Setting • Order Taking • Catalog Sales • Customer Service • Answering Service • Database Management • Dealer Locator Service • General Information • Literature Fulfillment • Market Research Surveys • Membership Applications
  26. 26. Web Support Services E-Mail Support Services. In the world of internet, E-mail is one of the important medium for all the organizations to have constant touch with their customers and ensure that all your customer’s queries are answered on time to keep up the confidence of the customers on your products and services. All the successful companies have understood the importance of outsourcing their non-voice call center needs, including Email support services to improve their customer’s experience. Types of E-mail support services TECHNO BROTHERS Management team has the expertise and experience in handling high quality E-mail support services for handling complex and simple issues. Customer care Technical support Order fulfillment Verification Complete query resolution Resolving escalated cases We also support service level agreements (SLAs) based on client requirements, thereby providing answers via E-mail within the time window agreed upon by both parties. Chat Support Services. It is very important to have a live chat support to the customers who are visiting your website to increase sales and improve customer satisfaction. We can influence your website visitors to avail your services or purchase your products by answering the queries right away. A general study says that 90% of online customers prefer human interaction; 41% of consumers would be more likely to transact if human interaction were available. So, it is very important to have a person to answer your customer queries. Our Chat support agents provide a co-browsing help and web image support. Chat support is a type of web collaboration which lets a representative and customer to share the same display, while co-browsing offers the representative the ability to move forward screens to the visitor. Whenever customers need support or help of any product, software or hardware, they can communicate with online representative of the company. Online Chat support is a well known facility provided to facilitate customers with after sales service. Chat types:
  27. 27. Proactive Web Chat: We can track the visitor of your website and request them for a chat conversation to involve them in sales discussion. Reactive Web Chat Support: Customers visiting your website might have lot of doubts in their mind about your process and offering. They can invite us for a web chat to get their doubts clarified about your products, services, purchase process and shopping cart details etc. Our Live Chat Services Includes Improve your sales conversation of your website inquires. Reduce your E-mail and phone customer service volumes by providing the required information through your web chat services. 24x7x365 days of close contact with your customers. Building your customer’s confidence on your products and services. Detailed reports on customer’s feedback and the prospective sales leads. We have the state-of-the-art delivery center equipments with experienced chat support agents to provide a satisfying experience to your customers.
  28. 28. Industries we serve • Travel & Tourism. • Finance & Mortgage Companies. • Real Estate Companies. • Telecom. • Insurance Companies. • Health & Fitness. • Retail & Wholesale Companies. • Publishing House. • Media House. • Club & Leisure. • Hotels & Restaurant. • Entertainment Companies. • Business Agents. • Brokers. • Multiplex Owners.
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