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  1. 1. BUSINESS PROCESS INSIGHT Performance Optimization Solutions for Sales & Telemarketing
  2. 2. She has a relationship with your company… She expects a sales person to know about the products and services they're selling. If consumers are going to buy something, they want to buy it from someone who can answer all of their questions. She wants to talk with someone she can relate to. Research shows that consumers often prefer to do business with companies (and agents) who share their interest in the product.* Sometimes she appreciates proactive service. Many consumers actually want to be contacted about things like a special sale or the availability of a new item or service, especially when it’s something that they’re really interested in. …what happens next is up to you. *Source: 2007 Aspect Contact Center Satisfaction Index™
  3. 3. Sales can be bolstered or broken by a consumer’s experience with your contact center. Consumers have very defined wants and needs for their contact center interactions. While many are specific to their relationship with you, their Aspect Software powers basic “wants” center around three concepts: an agent who is empathetic the contact centers for:* and who is their advocate; fast, efficient service; and, for select transactions, 10 of the top 10 Telcos effective automated self-service.* And in today's consumer-driven business climate, the ability to meet these needs can close the sale and make or 10 of the top 10 Airlines break customer loyalty. 10 of the top 10 Commercial Banks Do you have the systems and processes to achieve the sales results 8 of the top 10 you want? Healthcare Providers Aspect Software can help you balance consumer demands against the 9 of the top 10 realities of the bottom line while supporting top line revenue objectives. U.S. Outsourcers How? We have more specialists helping more businesses and government 14 of the top 15 agencies cost-effectively address consumer wants than any other firm. Indian Outsourcers Our product portfolio is proven and extensive: we accepted the challenge *Based on the 2007 Fortune 500 list to develop the world’s most reliable ACDs, most trusted dialers, most and the NASSCOM 2006 report. widely-used and respected workforce management solutions, most flexible voice self-service systems, and the first and most comprehensive Unified IP contact center solution. We are 100 percent focused on helping our customers get the most from their contact centers – our decades of contact center experience and our combination of Internet Protocol (IP) and traditional voice expertise enable us to deliver the best solutions for each of our customer’s needs. In fact, Aspect Software has been providing the power behind more than 125 million consumer interactions every single day. How Aspect Software solutions fit. Aspect effectively integrates sales and telemarketing processes with the Interaction Lifecycle, a continuous feedback loop that manages customer ™ contacts against your sales and telemarketing objectives. Aspect can help optimize every phase of this cycle – from the initial campaign strategy to successful closure, cross-selling and up-selling. Our solutions can enhance operations in the following ways: *Source: 2007 Aspect Contact Center Satisfaction Index™
  4. 4. MANAGE DELIVER 2 3 ENGAGE SATISFY TARGET 1 4 CLOSE 5 OPTIMIZE 1 2 3 4 1 5 2 3 Engage customers and prospects at the right time. 4 5 Satisfy the transaction by closing the sale. – Ensure inbound uptime with up to 99.999 percent availability that – Utilize desktop scripting to help agents overcome objections and supports both efficient contact handling and compliance with close more sales service-level agreements – Give agents access to all contact information, including data – Improve outbound right party contacts while maintaining the lowest collected via self-service applications, to increase nuisance rates in the industry – we achieve over 90 percent cross-sell/up-sell rates Answering Machine Detection accuracy while maintaining compliance – Empower your agents to do their best work with an intuitive interface that integrates with your back-end business systems – Reach out to customers with pre-announcements about sales and specials or update customers on anticipated changes 1 2 3 4 5 Optimize campaign strategies and interaction processes. 1 2 3 4 5 Manage contacts to meet business objectives. – Link campaign strategies to targeted revenue objectives – Apply segmentation rules to categorize consumers by product interest, opportunity value, regulatory requirements – Demonstrate contractual and regulatory compliance with real-time monitoring and robust reporting and analytics – Produce personalized, pre-recorded messages appropriate to each customer's or prospect's profile – Enhance agent satisfaction and retention by effectively managing workload distribution – Provide voice self-service options to aid routine transactions and to expand your business day – Proactively balance staffing levels against contact volumes and campaign activity – Identify right party contacts before they are sent to an agent – Utilize call blending to ensure peak inbound service levels and supplemental outbound work when call volumes drop Deliver prospective customers to the right resource – Analyze available information including age, gender, lifestyle, 2 3 4 5 economics, leisure pursuits and product consumption to better with the right information. target your message – Connect interested prospects to the agents with the highest closure rates, using skills-based and data-driven routing – Use customer profiling to determine who to call and when to call them – Maximize agent occupancy to minimize staffing expense – Implement rapid, proactive responses to competitive situations and alter campaign strategies with exceptional flexibility – Route outbound contacts to the right place within mandated time constraints such as the “two second rule” – Protect the security of customer data with solutions that have been tested and certified by third-party experts – Improve sales-per-hour ratios by delivering contextual information from offer codes – including response histories and consumption trends – Cost-effectively connect contacts with the right resources through the opportunistic use of VoIP for tapping remote agents, outsourcers and branch offices
  5. 5. Products from Aspect Software PerformanceEdge™: By synchronizing people, technology and processes, PerformanceEdge helps maximize agent performance and improve operations by enhancing quality, increasing customer contacts and optimizing contact center resources. The PerformanceEdge products – Aspect® eWorkforce Management™, Aspect® Quality Management™, Aspect® Performance Management™, Aspect® Campaign Optimizer™ and Aspect® Enterprise Campaign Manager™ – are designed to reduce labor costs, enhance service levels and align performance with business goals. IP strategy: The Aspect Software IP strategy takes advantage of the openness and ubiquity of voice-over-Internet protocol (VoIP) and the maturity of session initiation protocol (SIP) to provide the foundation for a new and better contact center. Aspect Software gives customers the choice between embracing either closed or open source IP to address increasingly dynamic processes and practices with its open Unified IP Contact Center product line, or to migrate to IP over time with its Signature product line. The Aspect Software IP strategy guides our product development, helping our customers enhance productivity by providing greater choice, flexibility and control without compromising the contact center functionality that they expect. Signature Product Line: Based on 30 years of innovation, the Aspect Software industry-leading Signature products provide the capabilities and reliability required by companies looking to replace or incrementally add functionality to their contact centers. The product line includes the Aspect® Spectrum® ACD, Aspect® CallCenter® ACD, Aspect® Customer Self Service™, Aspect® Unison® Predictive Dialer, Aspect® Conversations™ Predictive Dialer and Aspect® Enterprise Contact Server™. These products all offer a seamless migration from traditional voice to voice-over-Internet Protocol (VoIP) if and when customers desire. Unified IP Contact Center product line: Architected around Internet Protocol standards, the Aspect Software Unified IP™ Contact Center products bring extreme flexibility to dynamic organizations. Aspect® EnsemblePro™ and Aspect® Uniphi Suite™, specifically created to unite multiple capabilities in single platform, enable customers to unlock additional functionality as needed. These proven capabilities include automatic call distribution (ACD), predictive dialing, speech self service, Internet contact via email or chat, recording, logging and quality management, all with unified reporting, routing and administration. Unified IP Contact Center products allow customers their choice of transport – open source IP, closed source IP or traditional voice. About PerformanceEdge PerformanceEdge combines workforce management, recording and quality management, performance management, campaign management, and coaching and eLearning to enable organizations to holistically respond to changing business conditions. The PerformanceEdge applications dynamically interoperate to help contact center managers consider everything and act immediately, ultimately making it easier for inbound, outbound and blended contact centers to control costs, enhance service levels and align performance with strategic goals. For more information, visit Europe & Africa Asia Pacific & Middle East Aspect Software Headquarters Headquarters Corporate Headquarters 2 The Square, Stockley Park, 1 Raffles Place 300 Apollo Drive Uxbridge, #58-00 OUB Centre Chelmsford, MA 01824 Middlesex UB11 1AD Singapore 048616 +1 978 250 7900 office +(44) 20 8589 1000 office +(65) 6883 5059 office +1 978 244 7420 fax +(44) 20 8589 1001 fax +(65) 6534 0484 fax © 2007 Aspect Software, Inc. All Rights Reserved. 3079US-C 9/07