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Rapid Technology Rationalization


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Rapid Technology Rationalization

  1. 1. Novell Net Solutions NA Web Seminar Series Briefing Book - Version 0.4, January 9, 2002
  2. 2. Event Introduction Novell, Inc. is a leader in eBusiness solutions and Net services software designed to secure and power the networked world. Novell helps organizations solve complex business challenges, simplify their systems and processes, and capture new opportunities with one Net solutions. Novell provides worldwide partner, consulting, education, and developer programs to support its solutions offerings. With a strong emphasis on Net services solutions, our goal for the seminars is to convey to our executive level contacts that Novell has end-to-end solutions that will help them solve their business problems. These new solutions combine the strength of Novell’s leading-edge technologies with the service expertise and experience of CTP. The presentations will give a high level overview of the Novell Story and how Novell/Cambridge Solutions give our customers the tools to meet today’s business challenges. Objectives KEY OBJECTIVE: DEMAND GENERATION & GET THE WORD OUT The goal of this program series is to drive behavior among the targeted participants and have them respond to the designated call to action at the end of the event. This will allow for further qualification by an internal telemarketing group, and eventually result in a handoff of qualified leads to district sales management. The event series is designed to meet the following objectives: • Get the word out: Communicate the Novell + Cambridge mission, vision, programs, campaigns, and activities that support the companies’ mission. • Sell: Educate in a web seminar presentation on how Novell’s leading edge solutions can help them make the transformation to eBusiness. • Motivate: Create Awareness for each joint solution and a call to action for interested participants. Influence clients to engage Novell for implementation • Cross Sell: Increase awareness of the other solution offerings. Direct clients to the Net solutions web site for more information and engagement • Branding effect: Sending 100’000 invitations to the market • Feedback: Novell will gain immediate feedback to our strategy and deliverables through participation at the tours Dates There will be one seminar for each of the following joint solutions: 1. Rapid Technology Rationalization (RTR) Solution – February 13 – 1:00 PM EST – One Hour 2. Identity Provisioning for PeopleSoft (IPP) Solution – February 20 – 1:00 PM EST – One Hour 3. Active Information Portal (AIP) Solution – February 27 – 1:00 PM EST – One Hour 4. Secure Partner Portal (SPP) Solution – March 6 – 1:00 PM EST – One Hour 5. Business Process Management (BPM) Solution – March xx - 1:00 PM EST – One Hour January 4, 2001 l Confidential 2
  3. 3. Target Audiences The North American event series will focus on strengthening and building new client relationships at the executive level through the strategy and opportunity disclosure and discussion. CIOs, CTOs, VPs and IT Directors, plus in some cases key decision influencers, such as Sales Directors or Operations Chiefs who are demanding the solutions Novell provides even if they don’t know who that solution provider will be. Target Customer Details: As each jumpstart is so unique, so too are the customers we’re targeting for each web cast. Active Information Portal Level: CIO, CTO, VP of Finance, VP of HR, VP of Sales, IT Director Size: at least 10,000 employees Industry: Government, Communications, Energy Geography: US-based Other: 10,000 eDirectory seats (secondary to the above) Rapid Technology Rationalization Level: CIO, CTO, VP Strategy, VP Operations, IT Director Size: at least 10,000 employees Industry: Any Geography: US-based Other: Novell installed base Identity Provisioning for PeopleSoft Level: CIO, CTO, VP of Human Resources, VP of Sales, IT Director Size: at least 5,000 employees Industry: Financial, Healthcare, Higher Education, Professional Services, CPG, and Electronics Geography: US-based Other: Novell DirXML customers with multiple platforms (i.e. NetWare, Solaris, NT) Secure Partner Portal Level: CIO, CTO, VPs in purchasing, supply chain, distribution, eBusiness, partner relations, and IT Director Size: at least 5,000 employees Industry: Manufacturing, Financial services, Communications, CPG Geography: US-based Other: Novell installed base, particularly iChain customers Business Process Management Level: Size: Industry: Geography: NA: US-based & Canada Other: Novell installed base Confidential January 4, 2001 3
  4. 4. Invitations As main invitation path it has been defined to send print invitations using rented lists from such industry periodicals as CIO Magazine, Computer World, eWeek, Information Week, Network Computing, and Network World, to name just a few. The rented lists represent the largest pool of potential attendees. We have rented 20,000 names for each of the jumpstart solution, with each list specifying a customer title, company size, industry, and geography (see above). Additionally, the following data sources will be integrated:  Novell internal customer lists (i.e. eDirectory, iChain, and DirXML)  Cambridge internal customer lists  Customer leads from industry events (i.e. PeopleSoft Conference) Distribution of Invitations In order to best exploit the borrowed lists the invitations will be grouped, so that every envelope contains 2 invitation flyers. This way every Webcast invitation will be sent out to ~40’000 people. Seminar Volume of Seminar Additional Volume of Total invitations per Target Data Pool invitation additional Pool Seminar: RTR (2/13) ~20’000 IPP ~20’000 ~40’000 IPP (2/20) ~20’000 AIP ~20’000 ~40’000 AIP (2/27) ~20’000 RTR ~20’000 ~40’000 SPP (3/6) ~20’000 BPM ~20’000 + Novell DB ~40’000 + Novell DB BPM (3/xx) ~20’000 + Novell DB SPP ~20’000 ~40’000 + Novell DB RTR, IPP, and AIP will be sent in a first wave. SPP and BPM in a 2nd wave. Additional Event Advertising  Exploiting Novell's available e-mail names on the director levels for blasts (2x2 waves)  Drive internal communication to Sales Force with an electronic invitation attached, which they should/ could forward to their contacts in the market  Examine additional internet posting possibilities  Additional “cross-selling” between the Webcasts (e.g., on registration web page) METRICS From the 40,000 direct mail invitations we target as an average to get 160 subscriptions for each web cast, which counts with a response rate of 0.4%. Actual numbers will vary based on the number of registered attendees. - Of the 160 registered attendees 75% actually attend event = 120 attendees per web seminar - Of the 120 web seminar attendees 25 % will be interested in the solution and will use our call to action = 30 (pre-qualified lead) - Of the 30 who used the call to action, 33% will become a qualified lead = 10 (A leads) January 4, 2001 l Confidential 4
  5. 5. Additional Metrics from Event Feedback/Survey: • Content – Presentations • Event Experience – service, registration, information, overall experience • Will you attend another web seminar or would you prefer an local • Rate Novell on the explanation of Solution offering • Most valuable/ Least valuable aspect • Areas you would like to know more about • Client Engagement Request Content VALUE TO CLIENTS/ RETURN ON PARTICIPATION • Clients will get an updated from our thought leaders on what’s happening in the market place • Understand the value proposition and ROI of the business solution being discussed • They get ideas on how they can maximize their current technology investments • Gain an in-depth understanding of the Novell + Cambridge direction and how clients benefit • How to engage with Novell beyond this event KEY MESSAGES (See Cohesion Creative Brief and messaging doc.) Headlines and Subheadlines RTR: Here’s a reality check you can take to the bank – and quickly impact the bottom line Novell’s Rapid Technology Rationalization assessment identities opportunities to reduce your IT spending AIP: More Power to Them Switch into the fast lane with live, be-directional access to your data from anywhere on the Web IPP: Turn Them On Identity Provisioning for PeopleSoft connects employees automatically, seamlessly, and securely to the resources, data and equipment they need to do their jobs SPP: Approved headline and sub-headline are pending. BPM: Confidential January 4, 2001 5
  6. 6. AGENDA OVERVIEW (All times are EST) Rapid Technology Rationalization (RTR) 1:00 – 1:05 PM Introduction and Welcome 1:05 – 1:35 PM Benefits of Rapid Technology Rationalization Solution 1:35 – 1:50 PM Sharon Botwinik, Analyst, Forrester Research 1:50 – 2:00 PM Wrap – Up and Prize Drawing Identity Provisioning for PeopleSoft (IPP) 1:00 – 1:05 PM Introduction and Welcome 1:05 – 1:35 PM Benefits of Identity Provisioning for PeopleSoft Solution 1:35 – 1:50 PM Roberta Witty, Analyst, Gartner Group 1:50 – 2:00 PM Wrap Up & Prize Drawing Active Information Portal (AIP) 1:00 – 1:05 PM Introduction and Welcome 1:05 – 1:35 PM Benefits of Active Information Portal Solution 1:35 – 1:50 PM Gene Pfifer, Analyst, Gartner Group 1:50 – 2:00 PM Wrap Up & Prize Drawing Secure Partner Portal 1:00 – 1:05 PM Introduction and Welcome 1:05 – 1:35 PM Benefits of Secure Partner Portal Solution 1:35 – 1:50 PM Gene Pfifer, Analyst, Gartner Group 1:50 – 2:00 PM Wrap Up & Prize Drawing PRESENTERS Each presentation will include more than one presenter. In some cases, the Novell presenter will be accompanied by an analyst, partner and/or customer testimonial: Novell Analyst Customer Partner Presenter RTR John Dobbs Forester - Sharon Ken Anderson, N/A Botwinik Novell or Sumitomo Bank (TBD) IPP Mavourneen Gartner – Roberta Tom Sawyer, N/A Mainelli/ Dave Witty University of Lawrence (TBD) Louisville AIP Todd Dailey Gartner - Gene Sesame Street N/A (TBD) Pfifer Workshop (TBD) SPP Brendan Gartner – Gene N/A BEA (TBD) McLaughlin Pfifer 3G PRESENTATION STRUCTURE January 4, 2001 l Confidential 6
  7. 7. Each presentation should follow this general format to maintain consistency. Presentation Strawman Beginning slide on the New Novell story I. State the problem in the market A) Market overview B) Opportunities in the marketplace II. State the problem for the customer A) Business challenges B) Inhibitors to conducting eBusiness effectively and efficiently III. Show the solution Novell A) How does Novell and Cambridge address the business problems? B) How does Novell and Cambridge make conducting eBusiness more efficient? C) Value propositions and proof points D) Include three to five poll questions to the audience IV. Credibility A) Discussion/quotes from analyst on the Novell solution B) Quotes/case study from customers 1) Customer business problem 2) Solution 3) Outcome (where applicable) V. Restate the solution for the problem 1) This includes a restatement of the value propositions and key business benefits VI. Call to action A) Offer engagement information (i.e. fill out the engagement/for more information form at the appropriate web site. Web site addresses to be determined.) GIVE AWAY & SURVEY At the conclusion of each web cast, the presenter will  Randomly select one attendee from the registrant list. The person that is selected will receive the free TiVo for attending the event.  Encourage all attendees to participate in a post event web survey Confidential January 4, 2001 7
  8. 8. CALL TO ACTION The call to action for each seminar will vary slightly depending on the deliverables we have available. But the same options do exist for all four solutions. The primary call to action will be to visit to download an ROI Tool and/or Analyst Paper. However, before customers receive the download prompt, they will be required to submit their contact information. This will allow the sales force or the telemarketing team to follow-up with these customers after they have visited the site. All registrants and participants will be contacted and named accounts will be flagged. As a tertiary call to action, the solution team could offer a “free assessment” or “opportunity to discuss how the solution can benefit the customers’ organization”. Overview of “Call to Action” Options Option Description Expected Demand Response Generation Effectiveness Analyst Papers Participants can sign up for an High Low interesting, related analyst or white paper Web-based self Offering a web-based self assessment Medium Medium assessment -> reusing ROI tools where available One-day assessment Offer “free” assessment/ workshop Low High session (see previous CTP JumpSmart offerings) Proposed approach: Combining options (where possible) Step 1: Presenters introduce ‘Call to Action” offering in the final section of the Web Seminar, offering:  Analyst Paper  Web based self assessment/ ROI tool Step 2: Upon completion of the web cast(s), a telemarketing team will follow-up with each attendee (as well as those customers that visit the external website without attending the web cast). The purpose of the follow-up call is to qualify customers into A, B, or C leads Step 3: Screening of all leads and responses to “call to action”. Definition of lead follow-up action per lead applying the following criteria:  Hot lead: hand over to responsible sales manager  Good lead within target accounts: campaign offering one-day assessment (via personalized, mailed letter)/ workshop - or try to get a sales call – follow-up with solution trained telemarketing  Lower quality leads: action to be defined – possible approach: follow-up letter with collateral Step 4: Execute one-day assessments where possible Step 5: After ~3 months: follow-up mail to all Web Seminar participants? January 4, 2001 l Confidential 8
  9. 9. LEADS PROCESSING SCHEME Telemarketing follow-up by the ISR team to those Web Seminar customers that attended the web cast. Call-to-action: customer visits web site to download ROI Tool and analyst paper. Lead Qualification Thank you Mail (with Customer submits contact & Follow-up Allocation Collateral ?) for low quality information via web site leads. Handover of leads to demand organization and/ or practice team Practice team and account representative offer “free assessment” via personalized letter. Telemarketing or Account Rep follow-up with customer Arrange for Sales call Novell Solution Marketing is responsible for customer leads until they are sent to the field. Once leads are sent to the field representatives, it will be the responsibility of the assigned managers and the account executives to jointly approach customers about the Novell solution opportunities. Call to Action Materials per Solution IPP RTR SPP AIP BPM Paper Status: Ok Status: Ok Status: TBD Status: TBD Status: ? Title: Directory, Title: Title: TBD Title: Start Title: xxx Security, and Quantifying the Using Web Provisioning Benefits of Services Now, Services: Directory- Forrester Foundation for Based Desktop eBusiness, Management, Gartner IDC Web Self ROI Tool: ROI Tool: N/A ROI Tool- Tbd Assessment ROI Now Tool eDirectory and Employee Portal ZENworks (Internal Tool Only) One day Reuse “Jump- Reuse “Jump- Reuse “Jump- Reuse “Jump- Reuse “Jump- Assessment Smart” Smart” Smart” Smart” Smart” Concept? Concept? Concept? Concept? Concept? Confidential January 4, 2001 9
  10. 10. PREPARATION TIMELINE 7 Weeks Prior to Event Deadline Commitment from presenter Initial planning stages Send formal appointment to presenter for actual event dates 7 weeks Schedule drops of DM & HTML with necessary teams & or vendors 7+ weeks Outline of presentation 7+ weeks Meet w/ PlaceWare to coordinate registration page 6 weeks Order special URL if applicable for registration page 6 weeks Make selection & order spiff 6 weeks 5 Weeks Prior to Event Deadline DM printing 5 weeks Send registration page information to PlaceWare 5 weeks Send pre-registration questions to PlaceWare 5 weeks 1st draft of presentation due 5 weeks Begin to work with writer on copy for landing page 5 weeks Get picture of spiff for DM & HTML 5 weeks Description of spiff & chance to win in DM, HTML, and Reg page 5 weeks 4 Weeks Prior to Event Deadline DM drop 4 weeks Test pre-registration questions by registering for event 4 weeks Compile list of collateral and tools to be included on site 4+ weeks Submit request with internal web team to begin building page 4 weeks Get login instructions for presenters from PlaceWare 4 weeks Make sure that presenters have headsets to present 4 weeks 2nd draft of presentation due 4 weeks 3 Weeks Prior to Event Deadline Resend presenter appointment with login instructions 3 weeks Schedule PlaceWare training with all those involved in seminar 3 weeks 3rd draft of presentation due 3 weeks HTMLinvite:1st drop 3 weeks Send email to Sales/Consulting contact 3 weeks Work with web team to have landing page created with correct layout- 3 weeks Create post event survey to be posted on landing page (optional) 3 weeks 2 Weeks Prior to Event Deadline 2nd drop HTML drop (w/o names of those who have registered) 2 weeks Schedule dry run for presenters on PlaceWare 2 weeks Send draft of presentation to PlaceWare for scheduled dry run 2 weeks One Week Prior to Event Deadline 3rd HTML drop (w/o names of those who have registered) 1 week Send To PlaceWare: Text- “Sorry you could not attend” email 1week Text- “Thanks for attending email” 1week Landing page to go live 1 week Have spiff delivered to Novell 1 week Schedule dress rehearsal with presenters on PlaceWare 2 days Send current draft of presentation to PlaceWare -dress rehearsal 2 days Include final presentations on landing page 2 days Send final presentation to PlaceWare for event 1day January 4, 2001 l Confidential 10
  11. 11. Post Event Deadline Select event recording for archive same day post event Send email to winners of giveaways verifying information 1day post event Write letter to winners to include with giveaway 2 days post event (Include call to action with landing page url . . . etc) Request registration reports from PlaceWare 1 day post event Confirm that Thank you email has been sent to attendee’s 1 day post event Send attendee lead information to ISR team for followup once reports are received Send email with overview of event metrics to applicable parties 1 week post event Send giveaways to winner’s 1 week post event Send Thank You to presenters for their participation 1-2 weeks post event Post event archive on landing page for attendees to access 1-2 weeks post event Provide attendee & registrant information to database team for future follow-up once reports are received COLLATERAL LIST Invitations: 4 Direct Mailers (one for each Seminar) HTML Emails WEB Solution web pages on Seminar Landing Page Web Registration Page ( Post event web survey from attendees DELIVERABLE Executive Spiff CONTACTS NET SOLUTIONS MARKETING TEAM Eric-Jan Schmidt Director, Net Solutions Marketing 617-914-8427 Marcel Hatt Director, Net Solutions Marketing 415-591-6658 Chase Jones Manager, Net Solutions Marketing 801-861-5592 Julie Whipple Manager, Net Solutions Marketing 801-861-2882 Confidential January 4, 2001 11