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Professor Schwartz CV.doc

  1. 1. CURRICULUM VITAE E.A. Schwartz California State University, San Marcos, San Marcos, California 92096 760-752-4152 (department), 760-744-8363 (home) Education • Ph.D. in history, August 1991, University of Missouri-Columbia. • M.A. in history, December 1988, University of Missouri-Columbia. • B.A. with concentrations in history and political science, September 1985, Regents College, University of the State of New York. Recent Experience • Associate Professor, History Department, California State University, San Marcos, August 1991- present, teaching American Indian history, history of the American Frontier, and U.S. surveys. • Graduate Instructor, History Department, University of Missouri-Columbia, January 1991-August 1991, teaching American Indian history. • Teaching Assistant, History Department, University of Missouri-Columbia, August 1988-January 1991, teaching discussion sections of U.S. history surveys. • Teaching Assistant, English Department, University of Missouri-Columbia, August 1987-April 1988, teaching basic composition. • Correspondent, Statesman-Journal, Salem, Ore., October 1984-May 1987. • News Director, KCYX-AM, McMinnville, Ore., February-October 1984. • Manager, Print Production Center, Portland, Ore., October 1979-February 1984. • Publications Director, Multnomah Athletic Club, Portland, Ore., October 1978-October 1979. • Editor, Canby Herald, Canby, Ore., November 1975-October 1978. • Photo Editor, The Associated Press, New York, August 1973-November 1975. • News Writer, The Associated Press, Portland, Ore., January 1971-August 1973. Writing Book • The Rogue River Indian War and Its Aftermath, 1850-1980 (Norman: University of Oklahoma Press, 1997) (See brief description of subject.) Articles • "The Lynching of Robert Prager, the United Mine Workers, and the Problems of Patriotism in 1918," Journal of the Illinois State Historical Society 95:4, Winter 2002-2003, . • "Red Atlantis Revisited: Community and Culture in the Writings of John Collier," American Indian Quarterly 18 (Fall 1994), 507-31.
  2. 2. • "Sick Hearts: Indian Removal on the Oregon Coast, 1875-1881," Oregon Historical Quarterly 92 (Fall 1991), 228-64. • "Turning Red Land White: What Allotment Means in Native American History," QWERTY 6 (October 1996), 321-33. (QWERTY, subtitled "Arts, Littératures & Civilisations du Monde Anglophone," is published by the University of Pau in France.) Dissertation • "Blood Money: The Rogue River Indian War and Its Aftermath, 1850-1986," University of Missouri- Columbia, 1991. Thesis • "Polaklie Illahee (The Dark Land): The Siletz Reservation and U.S. Indian Policy, 1855-1925," University of Missouri-Columbia, 1988. Conference Papers • "The War within a War: Know Nothings, Democrats, and the Rogue River Indian War," annual meeting of the Pacific branch of the American Historical Association, San Francisco, August 1996. • "Rejection and Acceptance of the Indian Reorganization Act in Western Oregon," American Historical Association annual meeting, Chicago, January 1995. • "Allotment, Water, and the 1891 Act for the Relief of the Mission Indians," with Patricia Nelson, former chairperson of Pala Band of Luiseño Indians, California Indian Conference, Berkeley, October 1992. • "Indians, Homesteaders, and the Myth of the Garden," American Geographers Association convention, San Diego, April 1992. • "The Lynching of Robert Prager, the United Mine Workers and the Problem of Patriotism in 1918," Mid-America Conference on History, Springfield, Mo., September 1991. • "A New Look at the `Failure' of Indian Agriculture After Allotment," American Geographers Association convention, Toronto, Ont., April 1990. • "Henry F. Dobyns and His Critics," Missouri Archeological Association annual meeting, Columbia, Mo., April 1989. • "Nativists, Immigrants, and the 1852 and 1854 St. Louis Election Riots," Missouri History Conference, Lake Ozark, Mo., March 1989. Reviews • Lawney L. Reyes, White Grizzly Bear's Legacy: Learning to Be Indian (Seattle: University of Washington Press, 2002), and Henry Mihesuah, First to Fight, Devon Abbot Mihesuah, ed. (Lincoln: University of Nebraska Press, 2002), Western Historical Quarterly 35, Spring 2004, 86. • Edward McAndrews, American Indian Photo Post Card Book (Los Angeles: Big Heart Publishing Press, 2002), Journal of the West 43 (Spring 2004), 102. • Drawing the Western Frontier: The James E. Taylor Album, National Museum of Natural History, Smithsonian Institution, National Anthropological Archives, on-line exhibit at, H-Survey (August 2003), http://www.h- • Edward S. Curtis's North American Indian Photographic Images, Library of Congress, American Memory Project, and Northwestern University Library, on-line exhibit at, H-Survey (December 2001), http://
  3. 3. • Nancy Bonvillain, The Mohawk (New York: Chelsea House Publishers, 1992), and Clifford E. Trafzer, The Chinook (New York: Chelsea House Publishers, 1990), American Indian Quarterly 18 (Summer 1994), 414-15. • Harmen Meyndertsz van den Bogaert, A Journey into Mohawk and Oneida Country, 1634-1635, Charles T. Gehring and William A. Starna, eds. (Syracuse: Syracuse University Press, 1988), American Indian Quarterly 18 (Winter 1994), 119. • Patricia Nelson Limerick, Clyde A. Milner II and Charles Rankin, eds., Trails: Toward a New Western History (Lawrence: University Press of Kansas, 1991), American Indian Quarterly 17 (Winter 1993), 115-17. • Willard H. Rollings, The Osage: An Ethnohistorical Study of Hegemony on the Prairie-Plains (Columbia: University of Missouri Press, 1992), Arkansas Historical Quarterly 52 (Winter 1993), 468-70. • Virginia Culin Roberts, With Their Own Blood: A Saga of Southwestern Pioneers (Fort Worth: Texas Christian University Press, 1992), Western Historical Quarterly 23 (November 1992), 509-10. • Terence O'Donnell, An Arrow in the Earth: General Joel Palmer and the Indians of Oregon (Portland: Oregon Historical Society Press, 1991), American Indian Quarterly 17 (Summer 1993), 413. Miscellaneous Publications • Transcription from microfilm, introduction, and notes for "Steele's Modoc Question" by Elisha Steele, concerning the Modoc War, published as "found literature" in The Missouri Review 12, No. 3, 1989, 7-34. • Survey of American History to 1865 (a college-level correspondence course), Center for Independent Studies, University of Missouri Extension Service, September 1990. Presentations • "Presenting Antonio Garra: An Idea for Teaching through Interactive Drama," October 10, 2002, California Indian Conference, Palomar College, San Marcos, California. • "The Native American Documents Project," California Indian Conference, October 16, 1993, Santa Barbara, California. • "The Native American Documents Project," California Council for the Promotion of Public History annual meeting, October 23, 1992, Ontario, California • "The Invention of the American Indian," University of California, Irvine, Humanities Research Institute conference "Telemarketing a Cross-Dressed Columbus," October 30, 1992. • "Columbus Did Not Discover America," panel discussion sponsored by Native American Student Alliance, University of California, San Diego, May 5, 1992. • "Columbus Didn't Discover America: Native Perspectives on the Quincentenary," panel discussion sponsored by Cal State San Marcos, December 6, 1991. Service • Coordinator, Native Studies Minor, May 2003-present. • Member, Tribal Communities Initiative Task Force, Fall 2004-present. • Member, Search Committee for University Financial Aid Director, Fall 2004-present. • Member, College of Arts of Sciences Budget Committee, 2003-present.
  4. 4. • Member, Academic Senate, 1993-1996, spring 2001, 2002-present. • Faculty Advisor, Native American Student Alliance, 1999-present. • Member, Cal State San Marcos Tukwut Powwow Committee, 1991-2003. • Chair for a symposium titled "Off the Reservation" which was part of a conference, "Pacific Northwest Contours: Complicating and Questioning Notions about Region and Regional History," November 23, 2002, University of Washington, Seattke, held by the Pacific Northwest Historians Guild and the Center for the Study of the Pacific Northwest. • Member, History Department Portfolio Commttee, 2000-2003. • Chair, University Academic Policy Committee, 2002-2003. • Member, Search Committee for Dean of Instructional and Information Technology, 2002-2003. • Member, University Computing and Telecommunications Committee, 2000-2001. • Member, Search Committee for Dean of Extended Studies, 2000-2001. • Director, University Honors Program, October 1995-June 1998. • Co-Chair, Faculty Affairs Committee, 1993-95. • Chair, History Program Latin American Search Committee, 1995-96. • Organizer, session on "American Indians Persistence in the Pacific States in the 20th Century," the sole session on American Indian history at the American Historical Association annual meeting, Chicago, January 1995. • Acting Director, History Program, August-October 1993. • Co-Chair, History Program Latin American Search Committee, 1992-93. • Organizer, American Indian video series, March and April 1992, Cal State San Marcos. • Member, University Affirmative Action Officer Search Committee, Fall 1993. • Secretary, University of Missouri-Columbia Native American Student Association, September 1987-April 1990. • Member, City of Canby Zoning Commission, Canby, Ore., 1978-79. Grants and Awards • California State University Faculty Development Grant, 1993-94, for Native American Documents Project). • Cal State San Marcos Multicultural Studies Center Grant, 1992-93 (for Native American Documents Project). • University of Missouri Outstanding Graduate Teaching Award for 1990-91. • Trenholme Research Scholarship, Summer 1990. • Viles Research Scholarship, Winter 1989.