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  • As many of you know, Justine and I have been involved with electronic government information for a long time, much of it outside the traditional framework of the Federal Depository Library Program. It has been our position that government information in electronic format should be cataloged and added to online library catalogs to enhance public access. When I first came to the Branigan Library in Las Cruces, it had few Federal government publications, and apparently there had never been a plan or procedure for collecting such materials. We are an EPA Region 6 Repository, but not a Federal Depository Library. As a personal initiative, I began adding a few records for US Government documents in electronic format, and soon after that I began looking specifically for Spanish-language items to add.
  • We serve a large county in addition to the City of Las Cruces. The space in our library is severely limited, with no plans for significant expansion in the near future. So, since electronic materials make a lot of sense here, I took on the tasks of selecting, cataloging, and promoting Federal government information. As of the census of 2000 , there are 174,682 people, 59,556 households, and 42,939 families residing in the county. The population density is 18/km² (46/mi²). There are 65,210 housing units at an average density of 7/km² (17/mi²). The racial makeup of the county is 67.82% White, 1.56% African American , 1.48% Native American , 0.76% Asian , 0.07% Pacific Islander, 24.74% from other races, and 3.58% from two or more races. 63.35% of the population are Hispanic or Latino of any race.
  • Since we are a public library, much of our focus in this area has been on consumer-type publications. On the border, we have a lot of health issues and water resources issues, and these have been areas of particular interest for us. And then the other big consideration for us is that we have a large Hispanic population in Las Cruces, with an even higher percentage of Hispanics in Do ña Ana County. In some of the Colonias, Spanish is spoken in nearly 100% of the homes. This is not a political issue for us. It is a library issue. We have a large Spanish-reading population and we want to serve them well. We do not have many patrons who do not read English at all, but we have many who have a much higher comfort level with Spanish-level materials.
  • Each year we attend the International Book Fair in Guadalajara, and we have recently made substantial purchases, but it is often difficult to find the types of information that we often find in U.S. Government publications in any language. I’m sure that at FIL there are books on, say, West Nile Virus or xeriscaping, but they’re few and far between, at best.
  • We had begun by selecting English-language publications appropriate to our patrons and then adding the Spanish-language equivalents when they were readily apparent. When we checked the New Mexico State Library catalog, we were finding records for the English version but not for the Spanish version. We know that there can be delays, so when we did not find a record at NMSL we checked OCLC – with the same results! We thought that perhaps we were seeing a pattern emerging – that English-language publications were making it into the FDLP but Spanish-language versions weren’t. We speculated that there was either an acquisitions problem or a cataloging problem at GPO in respect to Spanish language items. That is not precisely the case, for while we’re finding many Spanish-language publications that are not in the Depository Library Program, in many cases their English-language counterparts are not in the system, either. This list represents some of the variations we have been finding. And here some examples of some of these types.
  • Listado de precauciones contra los incendios. We did not find this 6-page 2002 document from the US Fire Administration at the New Mexico State Library. We did, however, find the English-language equivalent, Fire safety checklist for older adults – but only for the paper version and with no URL. OCLC#: 70235905
  • Su dinero y futuro economico: una guia para ahorrar We did not find a record for this 29-page booklet revised in September 2005. And the only record we could find at the New Mexico State Library was for the 1999 version of the English-language title: Savings fitness: a guide to your money and your financial futute, OCLC#: 70235955
  • Ahorra de energ ía: consejos para ahorrar energía y dinero en el hogar This is another title that we did not find in Spanish in any format. The English-language online version of this publication, Energy savers: tips on saving energy and money at home, is dated 2005; the newest version of this title from this agency at the New Mexico State Library is for paper only, and is dated 1978. OCLC#: 70236026
  • Una boca saludable para su beb é Again, we did not find a record for this title in any format. However, we did find a record for a 2000 English-language paper version that was cataloged and apparently distributed by GPO. The online Spanish version is dated 2004. OCLC#: 70236310
  • Inocuidad alimentaria y seguridad alimentaria: lo que deben saber los consumidores This title we did not find in either English or Spanish at the New Mexico State Library. It’s neither very old or very new, having been published in August 2003, and it’s a fairly substantial booklet at 15 pages. OCLC#: 70236072
  • Now, a very good place to start looking for Spanish-language material is FirstGOV en Espa ñol, You might even want to include this link on your Library homepage.
  • You might want to include this one, too, or add it to your kids’ page if you have one.
  • Sometimes we’ll just go to the list of agencies at LSU, pick an agency, and look for the publications page, hoping to find a publications page that will lead us to Spanish-language documents. At other times, when we’ve got a topic in mind, like West Nile Virus, we’ll Google that phrase, limit the language to Spanish, and usually further limit the search to .gov domains and to PDF files. This is of course too limiting, but there seems to be so much to deal with that this at least gives us a start. And in some cases this strategy is actually not limiting enough, with more and more state and local governments now using .gov domains. When we do not find a title in OCLC, we catalog it and add it to our local OPAC. We then submit the record number to the New Mexico State Library to harvest for the OCLC Digital Archiving Project. And finally we feature the item on the WebJunction New Mexico Community Center tab. But more about some of these processes later.
  • First we’re going to show you some of our favorite Spanish-language publications that appear to be missing from the Federal Depository Library Program. This colorful 8-page booklet on diet for a healthy heart is an excellent publication. The most recent edition of this booklet distributed to Depositories seems to be 1997, and that one does not have the URL in the bibliographic record. This is the 2000 version. We did not find the 2000 version of the English title in depositories either, though. OCLC#: 64221709 TBL
  • Beneficios federales para los veteranos y sus dependientes With so many active and retired military families in our area, this is an example of a publication that is particularly appropriate to our patrons. We did not find a record for this title in either paper or electronic format at the New Mexico State Library. This 2005 edition has 145 pdf pages. OCLC#: 61155329 TBL Not in paper at NMSL in any format.
  • Una historia personal sobre el trastorno bipolar This is a very good 20 page publication on bipolar disorder that was published in August of 2003. The English version of this publication was distributed to Depositories, but this Spanish-language version apparently was not. OCLC#: 63759329 TBL
  • Recognition and Management of Pesticide Poisonings= Reconocimiento y Manejo de los Envenenamientos por Pesticidas This is the 5 th edition (1999) of this work, and we consider it to be a very valuable resource since there is a lot of farming and ranching in our area. The individual chapters of this 243-page document are available in PDF format. The edition of the English-language version at the NMSL is 1990. They have a microform copy of the 4 th edition of Spanish-language version (which has a slightly different title). Neither has a link to an online version. OCLC#: 63789171 TBL
  • La buena salud de los ni ños Children’s health is an important topic in almost any library, and it’s especially important for public libraries on the border. This 28-page document about children’s health from the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality is available in both PDF and HTML formats. The date of this 49 page publication is June 2004. OCLC#: 63928777 TBL
  • La gu ía para mantenerse saludable después de los 50 We also have a large number of retirees in our area, so this 70-page publication, also published in March 2004, about health for people 50 years old and older is also important. This title was also not found at the NMSL. OCLC#: 63929809 TBL
  • We haven’t found a lot of bi-lingual publications, and this set of 8 booklets on cardiovascular health is one of our favorites. They’re from the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute. We didn’t find any of these titles at the NMSL – in either English or Spanish – in any format. These are from 1998, and they still contain valuable information in a style that makes them very accessible to all our patrons. Proteja su coraz ón OCLC#: 64241432 TBL Concozca su nivel de colesterol OCLC#: 64243946 TBL Reduzca la grasa, no el sabor OCLC#: 64244345 TBL Cuide su peso OCLC#: 64244713 TBL Póngase en acción, prevenga la alta presión OCLC#: 64245040 TBL Como menos sal y sodio OCLC#: 64245399 TBL Manténgase activo y siéntase bien OCLC#: 64245790 TBL Rompa con el hábito de fumar OCLC#: 64246080 TBL
  • These are straightforward and easy to read. Each is booklet is 8 pages in length. They are available in both PDF and straight text files, and they are available to order in print from the website.
  • As you know, the Federal Trade Communication has many valuable consumer publications. An author search at the New Mexico State Library returned 120 hits, but none of them for Spanish-language documents. Tome control. Identity theft is a very popular topic in most libraries, and this 56-page publication is a valuable resource. OCLC#: 63790080 TBL
  • Fraudes de trabajo en el hogar It seems like it’s difficult to turn on the TV without seeing ads for getting rich by working from home. Here’s a helpful 4-page guide to this subject from the Federal Trade Commission—again, with no record at the New Mexico State Library for either paper or electronic versions. OCLC#: 63790299 TBL
  • And at the risk of over-doing it with FCT publications, we wanted to add this 6-page publication about the dangers of telemarketing schemes that can be useful to almost anyone. OCLC#: 63790203 TBL
  • C ómo crear riqueza. We’re not planning to get into a discussion today about whether or not publications from Federal Reserve Banks are really government documents, but we think this item from the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas is excellent and we could not find a record for either the English or Spanish-language title. OCLC#: 60640194 TBL
  • The Small Business Administration offers a number of fine resources that can be useful to patrons throughout our state. This is their list of Spanish-language publications, and we have begun working with this list.
  • El plan de negocios Every business needs a business plan, and people wishing to start a new business can often use help in creating one. Many businesses in our city and county are Hispanic owned so this SBA publication could be a good starting place for many of our patrons. OCLC#: 63791166 TBL
  • Está considerando iniciar su propio negocio? And for patrons just thinking about starting a new business, this brochure could prove very beneficial. OCLC#: 63791254 TBL
  • The National Cancer Institute has a variety of publications available in Spanish. Some are simply news bulletins that may not have long-term value in most libraries, but a number of them could definitely be valuable additions to almost any collection.
  • No lo deje para manana, deje de fumar hoy guia para dejar de fumar The Federal government has lots of publications about the health consequences of smoking, and this 34-page booklet from the National Cancer Institute is a very good example. OCLC#: 55907607 TBL
  • The US Department of Education is one of the better agencies for providing Spanish-language versions of its publications, but, again, we are not finding many of these titles in OCLC.
  • Gu í a de recursos para las familias Hispanas . This a 17-page publication in the “No Child Left Behind” initiative that parents may find interesting. OCLC#: 63894591 TBL
  • C ómo ayudar a su hijo con la tarea escolar. This is a 28-page booklet in the same series that can help parents learn how to help their children with homework. OCLC#: 63893516 TBL
  • La importancia de la leche Nutrition, especially for children is a good topic for us so this booklet from the National Institute of Child Health and Human Development, published in 2001, is a useful addition to our collection. OCLC#: 64176260 TBL
  • The National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases provides a number of very useful publications for the general public, many of them in Spanish.
  • Diccionario de la diabetes This interactive dictionary of diabetes terms is extremely useful. It gives the English-language equivalent of the terms it defines, which makes it very useful for patients visiting their medical providers. OCLC#: 64202978 TBL
  • C ómo alimentarse y mantenerse activo durante todo la vida This is another popular topic, and it is presented in a useful 35-page publication. OCLC#: 63761540 TBL
  • This is a very nice 7-volume series about various diabetes complications, also from NIDDK. Titles in this series are: Controle de diabetes OCLC#: 64226913 TBL Mantenga los dientes y enc ías sanos OCLC#: 64226913 TBL Mangenga los ojos sanos OCLC#: 64231974 TBL Mantenga los pies y la peil sanos OCLC#: 64232131 TBL Mantenga los riñones sanos OCLC#: 64232504 Mantenga sano el sistema nervioso OCLC#: 64232607 Mangenga sanos el coraz ón y los vasos sanguineos OCLC#: 64232325
  • The National Institute on Aging has a lot of great publications in both English and Spanish, with ordering information for free copies of the paper publications.
  • El ejercicio y su salud The National Institute on Aging has this excellent 107-page publication about exercise and health for seniors, but it can be useful for anyone. OCLC#: 64223085 TBL
  • This is the publications page for the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism that has much useful information for the general public.
  • Haga la diferencia Alcohol abuse is a serious issue in New Mexico, and this is just one of several significant publications from the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism that may be of interest to the public. It is 24 pages long. OCLC#: 64223918 TBL
  • You can find online Spanish-language publications from the National Institute of Dental and Craniofacial Research on their publications order page.
  • Una Boca Saludable Para Su Beb é This 8-page publication from NICDR can be very helpful to parents. This publication was not found in the New Mexico State Library in English in Spanish, with a record for either paper or electronic format.
  • The National Institute on Drug Abuse has a number of fine publications that can be helpful in our communities.
  • Cómo Prevenir el Uso de Drogas en los Niños y los Adolescentes How to prevent drug use by children and teenagers is the focus of this 49-page publication from the National Institute on Drug Abuse. OCLC#: 64222810 TBL
  • La Marihuana: lo que los padres deben saber . NIDA has a couple of very popular publications that have been around for a long time. This one is for parents… OCLC#: 63789494 TBL
  • La Marihuana: información para los adolescentes . And this one is for teenagers. But we could not find a record for the current Spanish-language edition of either title. OCLC#: 63789382 TBL
  • ¿Qué es el Tratamiento para el Abuso de Sustancias? Un Folleto para las Familias. This 44-page publication from the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration is excellent. OCLC#: 63790775 TBL
  • And they have several other very fine publications in their Multi-Language Initiative.
  • S alud de los huesos y osteoporosis The reports of the Surgeon General of the United States often get good press coverage. This is the 24-page report on osteoporosis, and we had really expected to find a record for this one. But we didn’t. OCLC:# 64222530 TBL
  • Usted puede dejar de fumar We keep looking for this one, thinking surely we will find it, because this 12-page guide can be very helpful to people who want to quit smoking. OCLC#: 62206551 TBL
  • Glosario del VIH/SIDA This is another item we had really expected to find this item in depository libraries, but we didn’t, and we didn’t even find a record for it in OCLC. Now in a 4 th edition, this 80-page publication from AIDSinfo (NIH) can be a very valuable resource for some of our patrons and their friends and families. OCLC#: 63790942 TBL
  • The USDA’s Food Safety and Inspection Service has a number of very good publications about food safety for the home and for eating establishments. This 16-page booklet is one of their best. xNMSL
  • Use un term ómetre para alimentos. This valuable little brochure is part of the USDA Food Safety and Inspection Service’s Thermy Program. OCLC#: 70077981
  • La conquista de la tierra durante 7,000 a ños. We were really excited to find this 24-page history of agriculture. Originally written in 1953, this is still a valuable addition to nearly any library collection. It is available on the website of the Natural Resources Conservation Service. OCLC#: 64202537 TBL
  • ¿Deberían usar el cinturón de seguridad las mujeres embarazadas? We don’t have a lot to show you from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, but this little 2-page brochure contains valuable information about seatbelt use. OCLC#: 63919284 TBL
  • And, of course, this 66-page booklet is a very handy publication to have in many of our libraries, and the URL goes to the most recent version. This is the 2002 version, and the latest version we could find in Depository Libraries was a paper version from 2000. OCLC#: 63789759 TBL
  • As we find and catalog items, we post them and other Spanish-language government documents on the Community Center tab of WebJunction New Mexico. We send the OCLC numbers for the items we have cataloged for this feature to the New Mexico State Library. They are then harvesting these items for the OCLC Digital Archive, and you will probably hear more about this project at this conference. The list we are providing her features items from this presentation, as well as others we have recently worked on. If you are a member of WebJunction, check the WebJunction New Mexico Community Center tab to see more of the sorts of Spanish-language materials you have seen here today. We try to add one item a week, but sometimes we are able to add more. If you’re not a member, you are invited to join. Membership is free, so sign up as soon as you get home!
  • We are hoping that our work will be a valuable contribution to our State as plan to move toward a state-wide group catalog. The nature of the items we are selecting could conceivably be valuable in helping, especially, small public libraries in New Mexico that have significantly large Spanish-reading populations. Beyond this, we are excited about making a contribution to saving some electronic items and increasing the chances that heretofore un-cataloged Spanish-language government publications in electronic format will turn up in catalogs everywhere. And we feel some urgency here. We already finding items that we have selected have disappeared before we can get around to working on them. We have no idea of the scope of what’s out there or how fast items are becoming unavailable, but we think it’s a lot. While the records we are creating may not meet the standards for your library, we think that it’s usually easier to edit an existing record than to find and catalog items from scratch. We would be just real happy to see GPO grab out records and enhance them for you. In the meantime, feel free to get in touch with us at any time. We always enjoy talking about these issues. Thanks! Jim Veatch: Justine Veatch:
  • Presentation

    1. 1. US Government Documents: Los Fugitivos <ul><li>Jim Veatch,Senior Librarian for Technical Services, Thomas Branigan Memorial Library </li></ul><ul><li>Justine Veatch, JINM Library Consultant </li></ul>
    2. 2. US Government Documents: Los Fugitivos Five-State Government Documents Conference August 2-4, 2006 Boulder, Colorado
    3. 3. Branigan Library
    4. 4. Dona Ana County
    5. 5. Bookmobile
    6. 6. FIL
    7. 7. Patterns <ul><li>Title not found at NMSL or OCLC </li></ul><ul><li>Title found for earlier edition </li></ul><ul><li>Title found for paper only, but no 856 </li></ul><ul><li>Title found for paper only, with 856 </li></ul><ul><li>Title found for microfiche only </li></ul><ul><li>Item found in English only </li></ul><ul><li>Item found in Spanish only </li></ul>
    8. 8. Listado de precauciones contra los incendios
    9. 9. Su dinero y futuro economico: una guia para ahorrar
    10. 10. Ahorra de energ ía: consejos para ahorrar energía y dinero en el hogar
    11. 11. Una boca saludable para su beb é
    12. 12. Inocuidad alimentaria y seguridad alimentaria: lo que deben saber los consumidores
    13. 13. FirstGOV en Espa ñol
    14. 14. FirstGOV en Espa ñol para niños y jóvenes
    15. 15. LSU
    16. 16. Dieta Para un Corazón Saludable
    17. 17. Beneficios federales para los veteranos y sus dependientes
    18. 18. Una historia personal sobre el trastorno bipolar
    19. 19. EPA -- Pesticides
    20. 20. La buena salud de los ni ños
    21. 21. La gu ía para mantenerse saludable después de los 50
    22. 22. NHLBI Bi-Lingual Booklets on Cardiovascular Health Resources
    23. 23. Lower Your Blood Cholesterol
    24. 24. FTC – Identity Theft
    25. 25. FTC – Work-at-Home Schemes
    26. 26. FTC -- Telemarketing
    27. 27. Dallas Fed – C ómo Crear Riqueza
    28. 28. SBA Publications
    29. 29. SBA – Business Plans
    30. 30. SBA – New Business Brochure
    31. 31. NCI Publications
    32. 32. NCI – Smoking
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    37. 37. NIDDK Publications
    38. 38. NIDDK Diabetes Dictionary
    39. 39. NIDDK -- Pregnancy
    40. 40. Evite los problemas de la diabetes
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    43. 43. NIAAA Publications
    44. 44. NIAAA -- Alcohol
    45. 45. NIDCR Publications
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    60. 60. Una Gu ía para la Naturalización
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    62. 62. US Government Documents: Los Fugitivos <ul><li>Jim Veatch, Senior Librarian for Technical Services, Thomas Branigan Memorial Library </li></ul><ul><li>Justine Veatch, JINM Library Consultant </li></ul>