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  2. 2. CUSTOMER ACQUISITION, CUSTOMER RETENTION & ® CUSTOMER CARE... IS OUR BUSINESS F inding an outbound telemarketing center that specializes Features of in sales is a difficult task. Effective telemarketing sales IDT Global’s require a combination of strategy, technical support, Outbound implementation, and sales culture to produce profitable results. Telemarketing: As a business process outsourcing organization with a focus on client acquisition and retention, IDT Global Services • Dedicated outbound provides its clients with sales, up–sell, and cross–sell techniques telemarketing team that will not only meet but exceed an aggressive sales and including a client services retention objective. manager, project manager and senior supervisor IDT Global’s contact centers are happy to provide your business with the unmatched performance and skill not found • Real–time reporting of in most outbound telemarketing centers. In addition to IDT outbound telemarketing Global’s many sales and service features, our business savvy services – reports available and educated team of superior agents are highly skilled at to preferred clients 24/7 via offering customer acquisition and customer win–backs, while secure internet login still providing your customers with the high quality service that they expect. • Call monitoring, supervised or blind. All calls are recorded • The ability to communicate directly to customer services representatives while monitoring outbound telemarketing activities • Full access to all outbound telemarketing staff and all data at all times • State–of–the–art equipment, technology, and OUTBOUND TELEMARKETING software IDT Global knows how important it is for an outbound • Sophisticated technical telemarketing call center to provide a positive experience for programming, CRM, data our client’s customers. We understand that we are an extension warehousing for outbound of their company and ensure that our agents are selling their telemarketing projects products as if they were our own. Our efficient project management and process flow allows IDT Global to commence projects on time, meet goals, avoid technical complications, and complete projects in the designated time frame and on budget – resulting in profitable outbound telemarketing campaigns and optimum client satisfaction.
  3. 3. OUR PEOPLE OUTBOUND SERVICES Within the contact center market, IDT Global enjoys several INCLUDE: significant advantages over the rest of the industry. • Direct Sales IDT Global is the only contact services provider in the • Business–to–Business marketplace that can build teams comprised of agents who are native to our clients North American and European markets. • Business–to–Consumer • Acquisition • Launch • Lead generation • Surveys • Market research • Verification No language issues or cultural disconnects – When choosing an • Win–backs outsourcing contact center partner, there is often the option of high quality local agents or less expensive offshore alternatives. • Up–sale However, the offshore cost savings is more often than not • Cross–sale reflected in a lower level of service. IDT Global renders this choice irrelevant by providing onshore quality and noticeable • New services & products cost savings. • to existing customers • Custom order processing IDT Global offers call center agents who are native–born, native–speakers to North American and major European • Customized reports markets. Our agents are better able to relate to customers • Quality Assurance without any language barriers or cultural disconnects. • E–mail follow–up In addition, IDT Global has the capability to handle calls in more than 15 different languages. There is no other call center in the world that can provide this cultural mix and language capability all under the one roof of U.S. management. Superior agent qualifications: While the diversity of our agents is impressive, it is their high level of education and professional expertise that distinguishes IDT Global from any other on or offshore facility. OUR TECHNOLOGY ADVANTAGE As a subsidiary of IDT Corporation, our global network–of– centers are built upon IDT Corporation’s proprietary broadband network which eliminates the ‘middle–man’ and provides greater reliability. This network also provides enhanced features that maximize efficiency and results. Our contact center technology includes predictive dialing; automated call distribution; data gathering; Nortel Symposium System and Telephony@Work software.
  4. 4. ABOUT IDT GLOBAL SERVICES IDT Global Services is a leading provider of outsourced contact service solutions. We provide quality, multilingual, turn–key contact management services, offering around–the–clock inbound/ outbound, multimedia, legal and financial services. With facilities in Jerusalem – Israel, Newark – New Jersey, Puerto Rico and Ireland our multi–channel services are delivered over the IDT Corporation broadband network, providing optimal reliability, performance and security. IDT Global helps maximize the value of our clients’ customer relationships by communicating effectively with their customers, resulting in enhanced and meaningful business interactions and increased profits. With IDT Global, there are no language issues and no cultural disconnects. IDT Global is a seamless extension of our customers’ activities, strengthening their performance Headquarters EMEA IDT Global Services IDT Global Services with above industry standard 520 Broad Street, Suite 101 1 Golda Meir Boulevard, POB 45211 service at below industry standard Newark, NJ 07102 USA Jerusalem 91450 Israel cost. At IDT Global, we believe in building Latin/South America UK Sales Office long term relationships between El Paraiso Industrial Park Princes House Ganges Plaza, Suite A–1 95 Gresham Street you and your customers. 108 Ganges Street London, EC2V 7NA UK Rio Piedras, 00926 Puerto Rico Netherlands Sales Office Van Volenhovenstraat 3 3016 BE Rotterdam The Netherlands For more information about IDT Global Services: Call: 1.888.438.8843 ® Visit: www.idtglobal.com Or e–mail us at: info@idtglobal.com Copyright© 2005 IDT Global Services. All rights reserved. IDT® is a registered trademark of IDT Corporation. All brand and product names mentioned are trademarks of their respective owners.