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More Sales Through Telemarketing


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More Sales Through Telemarketing

  1. 1. More Sales Through Telemarketing This publication is brought to you by Aaron Wallis Sales Recruitment. If you would like to contact us you will find our details on the last page.
  2. 2. More Sales Through Telemarketing Table of Contents 2. Introduction 2. What is Telemarketing? 3. Effective Telemarketing Scripts 4. Types of Telemarketing 4. Regulations 5. Telemarketing Contacts 6. Recommended Reading 6. Further Information 1
  3. 3. More Sales Through Telemarketing Introduction Telemarketing is a great way for your business to advertise your products and offer One of the best ways to generate leads, set your services. It will involve professional appointments and close more sales is through telemarketers or call centres making telemarketing. Except for sales over the telephone calls to potential customers on Internet, most sales are made as the result of your behalf. Telemarketing allows you to talk “Business-to- a personal sales presentation at some point of with a prospect or customer without actually time. It makes sense that the more business and having to see them. With an expected rise in presentations that a salesperson makes, the business-to- the use of video-conferencing in the next few more likely it is that the sales he or she will years, “teleconferencing” (telemarketing via consumer generate will increase. A telephone call is the the use of video-conferencing) may mean the telemarketing equivalent of a "one-on-one" sales call, and end of all face-to-face selling as we know it can be an considering that nearly all sales prospects today. important part have a telephone, they are only a call away. of your Business-to-business and business-to- marketing The systematic use of the telephone is one of consumer telemarketing can be an important mix, but only the fastest growing sales and marketing part of your marketing mix, but only if you if you realise it strategies used in today’s fast moving and realise it is a sophisticated technique that is a competitive world. This rapid growth of must be carefully planned and executed. sophisticated telemarketing, sometimes called “telephone technique that selling” has meant that marketeers from The telemarketing process involves six steps: must be businesses of all sizes have looked at the carefully possible application of it in their Identify/qualify prospects planned and organisation. For example, many and plan the campaign executed.” products/services are regularly sold over the telephone, without previously having been seen – examples are pest-control services, Call prospects and arrange magazine and other subscriptions, credit card appointments memberships (particularly for a second account holder), energy switching (electricity and gas), health club memberships, double glazing and timeshare (linked with a “you’ve Meet prospects won a free holiday” message approach). What is Handle objections and answer questions Telemarketing? Telemarketing can be defined as “marketing Make the sale by telephone”. It means using the telephone as the primary way to communicate with prospective customers. One of the most inexpensive ways to do business when compared to direct mail and personal sales Follow up visits, it offers a significant advantage over these other two methods of marketing. The objectives of telemarketing may be boiled Telemarketing facilitates one-to-one down to four main ones: relationship marketing on a scale unrivalled by any other medium. Computer systems and Creating an awareness of a product or specific software programs which are service. available to support telemarketing initiatives, Order-taking via the telephone call – make the process of contacting prospective either at the time or shortly customers both fast and cost-effective. afterwards. Advances in information technology in the last few years, means that research analyses Conducting research into new or that previously might have taken weeks to existing products or services – via what is called “marketing research”. complete can now be achieved in a fraction of that time and usually provide a Setting up an appointment for a sales competitive advantage. visit. 2
  4. 4. More Sales Through Telemarketing Telemarketing personnel are skilled and It is particularly appropriate for: experienced professionals who employ Straightforward repeat order taking planned time scheduling and tracking from existing customers. systems for outgoing telephone calls requiring callbacks from customers or Accounts which are too small to prospects. Whilst each market will vary, in justify a personal sales visit. general the best time for making business-to- In situations where a business is business telemarketing calls are after 10am unable to recruit and retain face-to- and between 2 and 5pm except for Mondays face sales personnel of sufficient and Friday afternoons which are regarded as calibre. bad times to try to make contact. For any telemarketing/inside sales initiative Remember that people do business with to be successful, a number of ingredients are people they know, trust and like. One of the needed. The most successful programmes are biggest challenges that a telemarketer faces is those that incorporate a number of marketing establishing a rapport with a prospect. This is tools – telemarketing works best when it is much more difficult when you don't have the used with other media. Telemarketing, like benefit of being face-to-face with your direct mail, is most effective when used with prospect. a well-defined target list. Unlike direct mail, the script used over the telephone should be Telemarketing firms charge a variety of short. different ways, per hour, per contact, flat fee, and sometimes even a percentage of sales. Remember that your aim in using the telephone is to gain a commitment from your Telemarketing has many uses and is a prospect or customer. powerful tool in most successful businesses – for example, it can be used for: There is one downside - the reputation of telemarketing has been somewhat tarnished Customer surveys by the unethical sales practices of some Product launch invitations companies – particularly those that misleadingly suggest a market survey is New product announcements being conducted rather than selling anything. Consumer solutions Marketing research Sales campaigns Effective Seminar promotion and reservations Telemarketing Database cleansing and updating Scripts Telemarketing can be an effective way to Support for products and services introduce new products, conduct market Mailing and advertising research, obtain appointments to make a presentation, and to sell products. When you Account management plan these types of calls, consider using a Customer care and retention written script. Use scripts to: Lead generation Help callers plan and control the progress and contents of their calls Appointment setting Guarantee consistency of results and Increasing your Internet business the delivery of a standard message Trade Show follow up Facilitate training and testing Post Sale follow up Encourage focus Reader Response Card follow up Without a script, you risk repetition, Although telemarketing is a terrific way to omissions, inconsistencies and poor quality. increase sales, very few salespeople have In this article, we will present the types of learned how to use it to their best advantage. scripts companies may want to develop and some basic guidelines for script writing. 3
  5. 5. More Sales Through Telemarketing There are four basic types of scripts. The promotion or to obtain further information. complexity of the sales message determines Inbound telemarketing involves marketing which type will best fit your needs: your product or service in some other media. verbatim, outline, guided or call-plan. It offers the convenience of ordering or finding out more simply by telephoning a For details visit the Incredible English number published in that media – for website at example, in a newspaper advert or on screen in a TV commercial. Inbound telemarketing Whatever script you use, be sure to clearly has four requirements: tell the customer up front who you are, what your product or service will do for them, and The publication of a telephone why they should buy from you and not your number for the customer to call. competitors. Ease of calling – 0800 or other freephone numbers. Script-Writing Guidelines Availability of relevant and complete Think visually information for the caller. Encourage dialogue with the customer An expectation that you will be Listen to the caller’s script available when the customer calls – suggestions irrespective of the time of day or night. Often, inbound calls are taken Continue to test and revise your by a call centre. script Answer the first question in your Outbound customer’s mind, “What’s in it for Outbound telemarketing involves either you me?” or someone from your company or a telemarketing firm calling the potential Use short sentences client, usually with a prepared script for the Build empathy. (Ask with sincerity, telemarketer to follow. Not all products or “How are you doing?”) services can be sold over by telephone – some require a demonstration, or a personal At the end of a call, always confirm the order, or repeat the customer sales call. Telemarketers can set commitment appointments, or qualify prospects for follow-up by the sales team. Show concern for the customer first, then position the sale Provide pauses in the script Regulations Use motivating language United Kingdom Script all warranties, payments, In 1999, UK regulations came into force guarantees, liability and regulatory legally requiring companies not to call information individuals whose numbers were listed on the Use the four Cs: clear, concise, UK Telephone Preference Service. conversational, convincing Regulations for calling businesses followed. First, from 11 December 2003, businesses Verify the customer’s name and are given an enforceable right to opt-out of address twice (at the beginning and receiving unsolicited marketing calls - “cold end of the conversation) calls” - which they can exercise by asking the caller to cease making further marketing calls to a particular number or numbers. Secondly, Types of and with effect from 25 June 2004, Telemarketing businesses are extended the right to prevent unwanted marketing calls by registering with Inbound the corporate Telephone Preference Service Inbound telemarketing is where you advertise (TPS). The procedure to register for the your product or service and have a number Telephone Preference Service is to call 0845 for interested persons to call – for example, 070 0707. (All calls are charged at a local to place an order, to register an interest in a rate). Or visit to register online. 4
  6. 6. More Sales Through Telemarketing Following the adoption of the The Telemarketing Sales Rule - This is Telecommunications Data Protection enforced by the Federal Trade Directive by the European Parliament in Commission (FTC). This laws deals 1997, the Department of Trade & Industry mainly with fraud. Consumers must (DTI) and the Office of Telecommunications convince the FTC or their state (OFTEL) entered into a public consultation attorney general. Consumers cannot period resulting in The Telecommunications take action themselves unless more than $50,000 is lost due to fraud. (Data Protection and Privacy) Regulations Also see a list of consumer education 1999 which affect all telemarketers in the UK pamphlets. and came into force in May 1999. The Directive and Regulations are wide-ranging Telemarketing in their scope and should be studied carefully, in their entirety, by UK telemarketers. The Privacy and Electronic Communications Regulations that came into Contacts force on 11 December 2003 extended some The Direct Marketing Association is of these regulations to businesses. For more the trade organisation for companies details see our publication IP679 – Cold in direct marketing in the UK. Calling. The Telephone Preference Service, set The Regulations: up by the Direct Marketing Association (UK) Limited (DMA), was Provide a ban on sending unwanted originally formed in 1995 as a "junk" faxes to individuals; voluntary self-regulatory mechanism Enable people to opt-out of receiving to enable consumers to opt-out of unwanted direct marketing phone- receiving unsolicited sales and calls by registering, free of charge, marketing calls. OFTEL awarded the their name with a centralised list; contract to the DMA to run the Telephone Preference Service (TPS) Enable companies to sign up to a and Fax Preference Service (FPS). similar scheme to avoid receiving "junk" faxes; Junkbusters – an organisation Require marketers to offer a contact providing worldwide information on address or freephone number so that unwanted privacy intrusion and people can contact them to ask to be whose mission is “is to free the world removed from their databases. from junk communications”. Companies and individuals who do not wish The Office of Fair Trading - a UK to receive unsolicited direct marketing faxes, Government Department with or unsolicited direct marketing phone calls, responsibilities for consumer are able to register with opt-out schemes, run protection. by the Direct Marketing Association UK Data Protection Registrar - a UK ("DMA") appointed by OFTEL. Government Department with responsibilities for data protection. Stiff penalties may be levied against marketers who fail to comply with the tm regulations. The Call Centre Association (CCA) is the professional body for the call and USA contact centre industry in the UK. There are several US state laws which vary depending on the state. The US has two major federal telemarketing laws: The Telephone Consumer Protection Act of 1991 - This is enforced by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC). This law allows consumers to sue telemarketers directly for up to $1,500 per violation if the conditions of the law are met. 5
  7. 7. More Sales Through Telemarketing Important Recommended Selling by Phone: How to Reach and Notice © Copyright 2001- Reading Sell to Customers, by Linda Richardson, published 1995 by 2007, Bizezia Limited. All Rights Reserved. McGraw-Hill Companies, Inc.; ISBN: Secrets of Successful Telephone This publication is 0070523762. Selling: How to Generate More Leads, published on our behalf Sales, Repeat Business, and Referrals Stephan Schiffman's Telemarketing, by Bizezia Limited. It by Phone, by Robert W. Bly, is protected by by Stephan Schiffman, published published 1997 by Owl Books; ISBN: copyright law and 1992 by Adams Publishing; ISBN: reproduction in whole 0805040986. 1558501304. or in part without the publisher’s written Easy Step by Step Guide to Better Business by Phone: A Guide to permission is strictly Telemarketing, Cold Calling & Effective Telebusiness, by Valerie prohibited. The Appointment Making, by Pauline O'Dea, published 1999 by Purdue publisher may be Rowson, published 2000 by University Press; ISBN: 1557531552. contacted at Summersdale Publishers; ISBN: 0953298752. (telephone 0870 389 1420). Friendly Persuasion: Dynamic Telephone Sales Training and Further Articles and information contained herein are Information Techniques for the 21st Century, by published without Dan Coen, Dan H. Coen, Marie responsibility by us, the Burkenheim, published 1997 by DCD This guide is for general interest - it is always publisher or any Publishing; ISBN: 0966043618. contributing author for essential to take advice on specific issues. We any loss howsoever Successful Telemarketing, by Bob believe that the facts are correct as at the date occurring as a Stone, John Wyman, published 1993 of publication, but there may be certain errors consequence of any by NTC/Contemporary Publishing action which you take, and omissions for which we cannot be or action which you Company; ISBN: 0844232963. choose not to take, as responsible. a result of this Handbook of Telemarketing, by publication or any view Michael Stevens, published 1999 by We have a publication on how UK legislation expressed herein. Kogan Page; ISBN: 0749418486. affects telemarketing – please ask for Whilst it is believed that the information Teleselling: A Self-Teaching Guide, by publication number 320. contained in this James D. Porterfield, published 1996 publication is correct at by John Wiley & Sons; ISBN: If you would like to receive further the time of publication, 0471115673. it is not a substitute for information about this subject or other obtaining specific publications, please call us – see our contact professional advice and details on the next page. no representation or warranty, expressed or implied, is made as to its accuracy or completeness. The information is relevant within the United Kingdom. These disclaimers and exclusions are governed by and construed in accordance with English Law. Publication issued or updated on: 14 December 2004 Ref: 533 6
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