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  1. 1. Excellent Mortgage Leads Teleservices Provider Profile Corporate Contacts Company Name Telephone Number Street Address _ . Fax Number City Country Zip Web Site _________________ Company Type Corporation Limited Liability Corporation Sole Proprietorship Special Company Ownership Considerations: Is company formally classified as a Minority or Woman Owned Business? Yes No Is company formally classified as a Small/Disadvantaged Business? Yes No President Name Direct Dial Phone ______________ Cellular Phone Pager ( ) ____-______ Email Address __________________ Senior Manager Contact Home Title __________________________ Direct Dial Phone ______________ Pager ( ) ____-______ Email Address _____________________ Account Manager Contact____________ Home# ____________ Cellular Phone _________________ Direct Dial Phone _______________ Pager ( ) ____-______ Email Address _______________________ IT/MIS Contact _____________ Home# ______________ Cellular Phone __________________ Direct Dial Phone _____________ Pager ( ) ____-______ Email Address ____________________________ Corporate Overview (company background, mission, years in business, growth, etc.) Mission __________________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________ Background __________________________________________________________________________________________ •Founded ___________ • Operations___________ • Clients_____________ • Employees___________ • Certification___________ • Application in Progress_________ • #Clients______________ • Currently Growing At Approx ____% a year Differentiators •Call Center Agent Excellence • All College or University Degree Holders • Revolutionary Accent Neutralization Training Program • Multiple Language Capability • Extensive Agent Training (Twice the Average Of Other Philippine Call Centers)
  2. 2. • World-class turnover rate of 1%/month • Respectable absenteeism at 3% daily • Strong and Experienced American/Filipino Management Team • Over 70 years Of Business Experience • American Management Located On Site •Total Quality Management System Certified By ISO •Advanced Technology •Telecom Hardened Facility •Significant Internal Software Development Capability •Lower Cost Business Model •Customized Approach Services Provided (percentage of total business) __% Inbound Business Markets __% Outbound Business Markets __% Inbound Consumer Markets __% Outbound Consumer Markets Yes/No Product/Literature Fulfillment Yes/No Payment Processing (specify batch- mode Or real-time) Core Competencies (percent of total services provided) __% Inbound Catalog Fulfillment/Sales __% Outbound Consumer Telesales __% Inbound DRTV __% Outbound Consumer Teleservicing __% Inbound 800 Number Response __% Outbound Business Telesales __% Inbound Web-enabled/E-Care __% Outbound Business Teleservicing __% Inbound Interactive Voice Response (IVR) __% Outbound Market Research __% Inbound Telefundraising __% Outbound Telefundraising Outbound Automated Messaging Industries Serviced (as a percentage of total client base) __% Outbound Collections __% E-Commerce (.com companies) __% Political (grassroots mobilization/candidate) __% Financial Services (credit card acquisition/upsell) __% Product Sales __% Financial Services (home equity/mortgage) __% Publishing (magazine/newspaper subscriptions) __% Financial Services (insurance) __% Publishing (book continuity clubs) __% Fundraising __% Telecommunications Sales (cellular) __% Healthcare __% Telecommunications Sales (long distance) __% Membership __% Travel/Vacation __% Pharmaceutical __% Utility Regulation Other Industries Served: __% LOGISTICS, __% OTHER Pricing Models Accepted (percentage of total business) __% Per Hour __% Pay-Per Sale ____% Pay Per Performance ____% Per Contact __% Per Minute Site Locations (list all – use additional pages if required) # of Inbound # of Outbound # of IB/OB Blended Total Hours of City State Stations Stations Stations Stations Operation ________________ ____ ___________ _________ ______________ ______ ___________ ________________ ____ __________ ___________ ________________ _______ _____________ ________________ ____ __________ ___________ ________________ _______ _____________ ________________ ____ __________ ___________ ________________ _______ _____________ ________________ ____ __________ ___________ ________________ _______ _____________ ________________ ____ __________ ___________ ________________ _______ _____________
  3. 3. ________________ ____ __________ ___________ ________________ _______ _____________ ________________ ____ __________ ___________ ________________ _______ _____________ ________________ ____ __________ ___________ ________________ _______ _____________ ________________ ____ __________ ___________ ________________ _______ _____________ Call Center Systems Architecture (include manufacturer, models and software release where applicable) Outbound Predictive Dialer Manufacturer(s) ________________________________ Outbound Automated Messaging Equipment ________________________________ Do you offer Text to Voice ______ Do you have email handheld auto-message capabilities _______ Inbound ACD Manufacturer(s) (include switch) ____________________ Computer Telephony Integration (CTI) (inhouse or manufacturer) __________ Scripting Software __________ Does it allow real-time script/screen changes Yes / No Does it permit script branching? Yes / No How pages of branching does it support? ___________________________ Reporting Software __________________________________________________________________________ Does it allow real-time report generation Yes / No Does it permit customized reporting? Yes / No Order Verification Hardware Manufacturer? HP Methods Used Manual Audiotape Digital Archived on? Cassette CD-Rom/DVD .Wav File Dat tape Other Any monitoring software utilized (not included in dialer) I3 CLIENT AS PART OF PACKAGE Telecommunication Providers (long distance) AT&T MCI SPRINT GTE BELL SOUTH US WEST OTHER STARVOX Able to Call Transfer Externally? Yes / No To Long Distance Numbers? Yes / No To Toll-Free Numbers? Yes / No Web Enabled? Yes / No E-Solutions Software Provider? I3 OR VOICECON Live Interaction/Chat Technology? Yes / No Email Capabilities? Broadcast Consumer Response Both Live Browser Capabilities? Page Push Side-by-Side Both E-Form Capabilities?EFAX Live Automated Both Programming/Database Software Utilized (Informix, FoxPro) I3 INTERACTIVE SCRIPTOR Data Validation Methods Used Customized per project? Yes / No Credit Card Mod-10 Check? Yes / No Security Access to Data Storage Limited? Yes / No Data File Storage On-Site/Off-Site? On-Site Off-Site Both If off-site, is facility licensed/bonded? Yes / No Describe Backup and Security Procedures? __________________________________________________________________________ Criminal Background Checks on All Employees? Yes / No Staffing
  4. 4. MIS Staff Data Processing Staff (on site or centrally located) On-Site Centrally Located Program Set-up Time Required (on Average) __________________________________________________________________________ Available to Address issues 9:00 am to 6:00 pm est. Yes / No Staffed for After Shift (prior to 8 a.m. next day) data return? Yes / No Able to Receive Outside Email? Yes / No After-Hours Contact & Cell Phone or Pager Number Provided to Clients? Yes / No Account Management Staff Dedicated Account Managers Yes / No Average Number of Accounts Assigned to Each Manager Available to address issues 9:00 am to 7:00 PM est Yes / No Able to Receive Outside Email? Yes / No After-Hours Contact/Number Provided to Clients? Yes / No Call Center Manager/Supervisor Experience Dedicated Supervisors? Yes / No Supervisor/TSR(or CSR) ratio 1:10 Average Tenure? Able to Receive Outside Email? CSR/TSR Experience Salary Structure? Hourly Salary Commission Only Bonus Structure? __________________________________________________________________________ Number of CSRs/TSRs on staff? Average Tenure ? Foreign Language Capabilities? Quarterly CSR/TSR Turnover Percentage Briefly Describe Recruitment Methods Briefly Describe Employee Screening Process Training Separate Training Department Yes / No If Yes to Separate Training Department: Number of Trainers DedicateTrainers to Specific Industries Serviced? Yes / No Conduct Initial CSR/TSR Employment Training? Yes / No Conduct Program-Specific Only? Yes / No Conduct Follow-up Coaching? Yes / No If No to Separate Training Department: Who Conducts Initial CSR/TSR Employment Training? _________________________________________________________________________ Who Conducts Program-Specific Training? __________________________________________________________ Who Conducts Follow-up Coaching? __________________________________________________________ Quality Assurance Separate Quality Assurance Department? Yes / No Separate Order Verification Staff? Yes / No Advance Notice Required for Client Monitoring Sessions? Yes / No ____________ Hrs. Percentage of Calls Monitored? Yes / No How Often are CSRs/TSRs monitored internally? Is Remote Monitoring Available? (what methods – Conference call, web,etc.) Yes / No Is Shadow Monitoring Available? Yes / No Archived Sale Retrieval Turnaround Time? 24 hours or less 24-48 hours 48 hours or more
  5. 5. Compliance Has corporation met all telemarketing registration & bonding requirements? Yes / No (letter from Company’s telemarketing attorney verifying compliance required prior to commencing projects on behalf of ODI) Do-Not-Solicit Policy in Existence (will provide to ODI upon contract execution)? Yes / No Privacy Policy in Existence? (will provide to ODI upon contract execution)? Yes / No Are Subscriptions to DMA and individual state-managed lists maintained? Yes / No (letter from Company’s telemarketing attorney verifying compliance with DNC lists to include list of state subscriptions maintained prior to commencing projects on behalf of ODI) DNC Compliance Software (DNCSolution, Internal software, etc.) – please Specify. Are you a member of the Direct Marketing Association (DMA)? Yes / No Are you currently a member of the American Teleservices Association (ATA)? Yes / No Do CSRs/TSRs Sign Monitoring Release Form? Yes / No Do all Employees Sign a Confidentiality Agreement? Yes / No How are Do-Not-Solicit requests maintained internally? Does New Employee Training Include Telemarketing Laws (TPCA, etc.) Yes / No How are “No-Rebuttal” or “May I Continue” state laws managed? How are individual state call restrictions managed? Do you utilize any technological abilities to “call block” from caller id? Yes / No How long are employee records retained? How long are scripts, promotional materials, customer records, etc. retained? Expansion Plans (within next 12 months)? Additional Comments? (what are company’s strengths/weaknesses, what makes the company unique) Client References (a minimum of three): Company Name Contact Name/Title Telephone Number Email Services Performed TQG USE ONLY TQG Contact Expiration? / / Vendor Code __ Survey Received Date ______________ Began Relationship / / TQG Clients Served _________________________________________________________