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Microsoft PowerPoint - The Call Centre New Era-Radu

  1. 1. The Call Centre New Era!
  2. 2. a location special equipped to manage a big number of telephone calls (especially telephone orders, Customer Support services, Infoline, Help-Desk and so on) a location in which are developing telemarketing activities (inbound and / or outbound meaning pick up or ring up calls) First of all … what is a Call Centre?
  3. 3. Most employees in a Call Center are students, young people who want to support themselves There are people who want a clean working environment, a place where performance is recognized and rewarded directly There are people who sell products or provide information not only in Romanian but also in English, French, Italian, German or Spanish. Others are good at Hungarian, Bulgarian or Russian. Who is working in a Call Centre?
  4. 4. All companies, whatever the industry they represent it, who want to have a DIRECT contact with all clients or potential clients. There are telemarketing services available for anyone who wants a more effective direct marketing. In most of cases, the result of the telemarketing calls is even less expensive than that obtained through traditional advertising or other modern channels of direct marketing. Telemarketing is perhaps the only personal way that can help you to reach clients or prospects. What kind of companies are using telemarketing services?
  5. 5. when you want to launche a new product or service, or want to promote an event when you want to sell to a big number of clients products or services when you want to establish into a short period of time as many business meetings when you want to keep informed the existing customers or the future ones about your products or services when you want to identify new customers or business opportunities when you want to develop market researchs When to use telemarketing activities?
  6. 6. A Call Center with experience can achieve these standards: Minimum 10,000 daily inbound calls and 15,000 outbound (locally) 80% conversion rate for inbound calls (calculated as a percentage of the number of orders) 30% value of additional sales (Cross Sales Value) 90% of inbound calls answered within the first 20 seconds of one call 5% abandon call rate in average 23 dialed calls and 14 real calls/ Hour/ Agent for Outbound calls (and up to 45% more for automated calls) in average 30 spoken minutes per hour for Outbound calls and 45 minutes per hour for Inbound calls (guaranteed productivity per hour for minimum 50%) Why to use telemarketing instead of…
  7. 7. A good reason to use telemarketing activities is to come into direct contact with a large number of people in a short time. It's better to comunicate with someone by e-mail, but speaking on the phone with him is perfect. When you spend just 5 minutes with someone on the phone, this person will understand that we invested time and efforts to help and thus you will get his the trust and respect. Most companies that use telemarketing services outsource this activity. It is more convenient for someone else to make tons of telemarketing calls which are time and budget consuming. It's even cheaper to hire a professional company to perform these tasks. Why to use telemarketing instead of…
  8. 8. When a company is deveoping, telemarketing activities may be the fastest way to get to who should, when it’s needed. Even when we launch a new product and we want to know exactly what customers or potential customers think about it, through telephone calls we have a precise feedback. We started this presentation speaking about Inbound activities …………….. But why to use telemarketing instead of…
  9. 9. Inbound activities are recommended for those who expect a lot of calls from customers or potential customers. These may be: Calls for information (eg. The new conditions to take a loan for personal needs), Complaints (eg. invoicing an amount considered inadequate), Info-line calls (eg. When will land the the plane?) or help desk (eg. I receive an error message while I’m editing this document. What should I do?) and so on But why to use telemarketing instead of…
  10. 10. Outbound calls are in most cases oriented for sales: Outbound B2B (Business to business) –when calls are made between companies (business-business, business-distributors) Outbound B2C (Business to consumer / client) –when we made calls directly to end customers or potential customers (prospects) There are also outbound calls for information purposes, to keep updated information about customers or potential customers. Thus mailing, e-mailing or SMS campaigns will always arrive at suitable recipients at the right time. But why to use telemarketing instead of…
  11. 11. OK, but which is “the Call Centre New Era”? You can always initiate or receive a phone call from a "robot with human voice" that will interact with you according to a phone script You can always get an SMS right from your phone number You can always receive or send a personalized SMS with your name or your company’s name that you represent it.
  12. 12. QUESTIONS? Radu Schmitzer