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  1. 1. ASPECT® PRODUCT OVERVIEW Aspect® Performance Management™ Aspect Performance Management enables a structured process through which a company manages and improves its overall performance against certain key metrics. The ultimate goal is to align everyone in the organization towards the same set of goals so the company has a much greater likelihood of achieving those goals. Aspect Performance Management helps align operational performance to corporate strategic goals. Benefits This helps ensure that contact center employees are focused on the Key Performance Indicators – Ensures that all levels of the (KPIs) that help drive strategic success across business processes. organization are focused on KPIs that will drive strategic Performance Management is the process of improving operating results using key metrics, goals success. setting, personalized dashboards and task automation. It is a practice increasingly adopted among – Uncovering reasons for leading contact center operations and related functional environments to improve the effectiveness performance shortfalls and of customer service, collections and telemarketing business processes. taking action to effect behavior. In the contact center, the starting point is integrating data from disparate data sources into a – Promoting continuous common repository. Aspect Performance Management automatically pulls data from call center process improvement and providing the tools for self systems and other data sources and integrates it into a common platform for reporting and taking improvement. action. From this platform, Aspect Software delivers personalized dashboards for everyone in the operation, complete management reporting, alerting, and task automation to improve processes. Aspect Performance Management improves performance and productivity, enabling the optimization of staffing without compromising quality. Agents are able to see their own production stats allowing for self correction. It empowers employees to manage their own performance against targets that have been clearly defined to drive effective behaviours. Supervisors are able to easily and efficiently manage, track, and identify root causes for performance shortfalls and take timely corrective action as needed. Aspect Performance Management delivers metrics to all roles, with clear goals and rewards for attainment. It creates a performance culture in which supervisors are coaching for continuous process improvement as it creates workflows to initiate and track coaching sessions and their results. It can help design and track progress of performance improvement plans that truly move the needle on contact center performance.
  2. 2. Improve Customer Service Collections and margin per transaction, complex balanced scorecard Telemarketing Performance scores, number of account saves per objection Key Benefits Aspect® Performance Management™ is designed to handling, training hours, and promise kept turn customer contact centers into high-performing, percentage calculations based on agent tenure and – Increase revenue opportunities and customer data-driven operations. Today, common contact training. satisfaction. center processes using historical data include: agent Operations can also track supervisor level activities – Improve strategic and fact- scheduling to meet predetermined service levels, real- based decision-making. to identify which supervisors are most effective at time skills-based routing to ensure the best available developing agents and managing their time. And – Enhance agent productivity agent receives a call, and account information with personalized finally, with immediate access to enterprise-wide consolidation with computer telephony integration dashboards and goals data, executives and managers can gain a complete (CTI) technologies to reduce average handle time showing an accurate view of view of performance for the first time – allowing performance. (AHT) and increase customer satisfaction. While them to react more rapidly and effectively to each of these techniques increase productivity and emerging customer and operational trends. quality of service, by applying information to a highly specific process, their ability to improve productivity Consolidate and Analyze Data from Multiple beyond the targeted function is constrained. Sites, Channels and Platforms Aspect Performance Management provides Contact center managers are demanding more by powerful, data-rich analysis and reporting of using data in new, innovative ways. historical data gathered across multiple sites and Operations are utilizing a broader array of metrics channels. It consists of software components that that truly measure performance and increase allows contact centers to easily collect, store, operational efficiency, rather than relying on the organize and manage data. traditional metric set. Aspect Performance Management provides pre- For example, by combining information from multiple built contributors to common contact center systems (e.g., automatic call distributor (ACD), IVR, applications including: workforce management, quality management, • ACDs: Aspect® CallCenter® ACD, Avaya™ predictive dialers, back office, legacy, etc.) with CMS, and Nortel® Symposium process data (e.g., coaching frequency and duration, • Email management systems: Kana Response number of incident reports, degree of competency, • Workforce management systems: Aspect® Aspect Performance Management etc.) in a performance management application, a eWorkforce Management™ offers flexible tools to analyze KPI contact center can develop new metrics to assess metric trends and coaching results to • Interactive Voice Response (IVR): Aspect® performance effectiveness. Metrics such as: cost impact performance. Customer Self Service™ These pre-built and integrated data contributors transmit data from the respective source system to Aspect Performance Management. The information can then be made available for near real-time analysis. Pre-built contributors can also be supplemented with custom contributors to tailor the data to specific business requirements. Aspect Performance Management Features Aspect Performance Management supports functionality to enable contact center’s targeted performance projects across customer service, collections and telemarketing business processes. Fully Customized Dashboards Dashboards show at-a-glance summaries of a set of key reports with similar themes. Application developers can customize dashboards using built-in authoring tools and can be restricted by user roles. Common dashboards include: • KPI daily • Executive summary • Bonus and incentive summary 2 Aspect® Performance Management™
  3. 3. • Stack rank performance reports • Goal performance dashboard • Site performance dashboard • Enterprise level performance and reporting Fully Customized OLAP Reports and Query Reports enable customers to view online analytical processing (OLAP) data for specific metrics along specific dimensions. Reports are rendered in table and/or chart format. Users can manipulate reports to view data along different axes, change the aggregation levels (drill down or roll up along particular axes), pivot information, as well as sort and filter the data. Reports are authored using report authoring tool described below. Advanced Temporality Aspect® Performance Management™ has the built- in capability to store and track data that changes over time. This is important in call center Alerts are system generated notifications about Aspect Performance Management environments as changes to business structure certain condition occurrence, for example, an alert offers dashboards so that all levels of drive reports and analysis. Without proper the organization to be aligned can be fired when an agent’s AHT is higher than the temporality, all metrics will be inaccurate. Temporal against overall corporate goals. set threshold value. Messages are user-generated tracking applies to proper accounting for changes in notifications, and a Task is a request to complete a organization hierarchy (who reports to whom and set of actions. Aspect Performance Management for what time) and other person/group attributes workflow elements operate based on underlying that account for proper temporal metrics, goals, online transaction processing (OLTP) and OLAP filters, data restrictions, etc. monitors. These monitors can be configured for a For example, the contact center pulls a report specific table or report and to monitor for specific looking at 4-months worth of data for an agent that conditions. was part-time for the first two months and full-time Aspect Performance Management Architecture for the latter two months. A filter can be applied to The Aspect Performance Management architecture the report – called “exclude part-time employees”. is enterprise-class, open standards-based, and As a result only the second two months of data will designed for flexibility (easy to deploy and show for person A. All attributes are now recorded changeable by business users). It consists of the historically in the OLAP data mart. As a result, following components: complex goals and incentive calculations, which often rely attributes, such as tenure, employee Data Integration and Cleansing Engine – status, department, will be more historically automatically extracts, cleanses and transforms data accurate. from call center systems, custom enterprise data sources, spreadsheets and flat files. Fully Customized Forms Aspect Performance Management Forms enable Data Mart – consisting of data staging & cleansing customers to enter process data directly into the tables as well as a ROLAP database for use by end- data mart. Form data can be integrated with the rest user modules. Infrastructure - provides of the system to create reports, dashboards, or administration tools, metadata repository, workflow tasks. Forms are typically used to replace personalization and access control and configuration paper-based processes, such as performance management review, recording of coaching session or recording of End-user modules – Reports, Dashboards, Forms, performance improvement plan for new employees. and Task Automation (Alerts, Messages and Tasks). Forms are fully customizable using metadata Aspect Performance Management is compatible configuration files. with existing corporate infrastructures and will accommodate future enhancements. An open Fully Customized Workflows and Alerts and Tasks standards-based solution, Aspect Performance Aspect Performance Management workflows Management can be integrated with a wide range of consists of alerts, messages and tasks elements. platforms and applications. Aspect® Performance Management™ 3
  4. 4. ASPECT® PRODUCT OVERVIEW Aspect® Performance Management™ is part of the Aspect Contact Center Performance Optimization product line that includes a complete suite of key contact center performance System Requirements applications–quality management, workforce management, performance management, and – Database: Oracle or SQL campaign management, synchronizing people, processes and applications for increased performance Server and alignment with overall business goals. – Application Server Operating System: Aspect Performance Management supports integration with leading suppliers of ACDs and predictive Microsoft® Windows® 2003 dialers, reducing complexity and operational costs. It also can be used in conjunction with several of the industry leading solutions in the Aspect Software portfolio to increase your contact center – Browser: Internet Explorer 6 performance including: and 7 – Web Server: Apache 2 – Aspect® EnsemblePro™ for inbound, outbound and blended multichannel contact. – Aspect® CallCenter® ACD for a mission-critical contact center platform. – Aspect® Spectrum® ACD for a mission-critical contact center platform. – Aspect® Conversations™ Predictive Dialer for outbound and blended call management. – Aspect® Unison® Predictive Dialer for outbound and blended call management. – Aspect® eWorkforce Management™ for planning, managing and optimizing the performance of staffing resources. – Aspect® Quality Management™ for recording, reviewing and evaluating agent voice and screen interactions. About Aspect Software Aspect Software, Inc. founded the contact center industry and is now the world’s largest company solely focused on Internet Protocol (IP) and traditional voice-based products and services for customer service, collections, and sales and telemarketing business processes. Each day, Aspect Software powers more than 125 million customer-company interactions at thousands of in-house and outsourced contact centers around the globe. Its trusted Signature product line offers automatic call distributors (ACDs), dialers, voice portals and computer telephony integration (CTI). The company’s leading Contact Center Performance Optimization product line provides workforce management, quality management, performance management and campaign management applications. And, its pioneering Unified IP Contact Center product line delivers a comprehensive, multichannel solution. Headquartered in Chelmsford, Mass., Aspect Software has operations across the Americas, Europe, Africa, the Middle East and Asia Pacific. For more information, visit Aspect Software Corporate Headquarters 300 Apollo Drive Chelmsford, MA 01824 978 250 7900 978 244 7420 fax ©2007 Aspect Software Inc. All rights reserved. 3026US-B 5/07