It's Your Call


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It's Your Call

  1. 1. MAXIMIZING YOUR BUSINESS ASSETS FEBRUARY/MARCH 2007 A n E xe c u t i ve U p d a te f o r C u s to m e r s o f A z e r t y, A D i v i s i o n o f U n i te d S t a t i o n e r s S u p p l y C o. It’s Your Call Using telemarketing to connect with the marketplace Capital Ideas To find money for your business, you need to look in the right places The Perfect Match Selling compatibles fits perfectly into one dealer’s business model
  2. 2. Utilize the Best-in-Class Training Tools To Develop a Best-in-Class Sales Team Introducing Do you find it difficult to train your employees due to cost and downtime associated with on-site trainings? Do you find it challenging to keep up with the changing technology marketplace? Would you like product, marketplace, and selling skills training for yourself and others in your company without having to leave the comfort of your own office? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then UDT On Demand, a new e-learning solution, is for you. Coming soon, through Technology University and United Dealer Training, you will be able to log-on to this new e-learning portal for all of your training needs. Look for details as we unveil the new best in class training program from United Stationers and Azerty. Coming Soon from United Stationers and Azerty Learn more about UDT On Demand at Vision 2007. See inside back page for details!
  3. 3. WELCOME TO THE FEBRUARY/MARCH ISSUE OF TEN THIS YEAR CAN BE BETTER Welcome to 2007. Maybe we’re a little late, but we certainly won’t be the last to offer up some suggestions on how to make this a better year for your dealership. Find your greatness and run with it. Every dealership needs to figure out what it does best — possibly what it does better than any of its competitors — and then concentrate on that ability. You can’t get there without a roadmap. You need to have a plan and work it. It needs some detail, but more important is flexibility. You’ll want to make changes along the way, maybe even scrap some ideas and start over. e best plans help you stay focused and make the rest of your work easier. Hire — and retain — the best possible employees. Some rules never change. You always want to hire smart, passionate people to help drive your business. Keeping stellar employees is even rougher. You have to win business from your customers every day; the same goes for the loyalty of your employees. Be decisive — if you hesitate you may never get another chance. Uncertainty always exists, but opportunities pass quickly. If you’re decisive you may not always be right but you won’t regret chances not taken. Learning from mistakes is its own reward. Nothing takes the place of ethics and integrity. A culture of trust centers on authenticity. Don’t pretend to know all the answers and don’t make promises you can’t keep. ere is no amount of money worth jeopardizing your reputation over; if it sounds too good to be true; it probably is. Give customers what they really want. Don’t assume you know this already. Just because you think your products and services are great doesn’t mean customers agree. Do some market research; ask some tough questions, then modify your actions and offerings. ese actions won’t guarantee growth but they’ll certainly have you moving in the right direction. COVER STORY ............... 6 It’s hardly leading edge technology, but the telephone is one of the fastest, THE NEWS, INFORMATION AND PERSPECTIVES most effective and economical tools dealers have to connect with prospects. YOU’LL FIND IN THIS ISSUE OF TEN MARKETING NEWS.................................... 4 MONEY TALKS.......................................... 12 Offi ce Place Solutions can be free to those who act quickly. Capital planning is about making the most of the money you Plus, learn more about PaperRap! do have and finding sources for the money you don’t have. HOT PROGRAMS ........................................ 5 SUPPLIER FOCUS .................................... 14 A New Jersey dealer finds providing compatibles is beneficial e money-saving promotions and the hot products that to customers . . . and its bottom line. are generating consumer interest and incremental sales for independent dealers. BRAND MATTERS .................................... 10 What your brands and your customers can tell you about your business opportunities. ©2007, Azerty, A Divsion of United Stationers Supply Co.
  4. 4. MARKETING NEWS offICE plACE SoluTIoNS — foR fREE! Office Place Solutions is a powerful customer retention initiative introduced by United Stationers late last year — and it could be free to dealers who act quickly. At publication time, there were still opportunities available to take advantage of United’s introductory offer — the first three months of participation is free for the first 50 dealers to enroll. At maximum participation levels . . . that's a $20,000 value for free! Using a series of monthly themed, seasonal product offers, this integrated campaign includes printed flyers, e-mails, and a new Web site. All of these tools are branded with a dealer’s logo and contact information, and the Web site is customizable for each participating dealer. For more information about this exciting new program, visit to download a program brochure. Dealers can also visit to see a sample of the customizable Web site built for each participating dealer. ARE You fAmIlIAR wITH pApERRAp? PaperRap is an umbrella term for United’s collection of cut sheet paper marketing initiatives and dealer support tools. Created in 2004, PaperRap provides dealers with help and information about the ever-changing office paper industry. One component of the program is the Web site — an invaluable resource filled with useful tools for independent dealers. The site is your source for consumer price tracking and industry news, as well as a free sample library, monthly features, an educational Paper University, sales aids and a handy Paper Guide search engine. For 2007, we’ve made the site even better by posting a revised order form with prices on everything from pallets to full truckloads. This form is updated monthly . . . and includes some special promotional prices. For live help with paper sourcing, procurement and training, dealers can contact United’s dedicated Paper Specialists by calling 888-PAPER60 (888-727-3760) or by e-mail at 4
  5. 5. HOT PROGRAMS IT TAkES A vIllAgE To INCREASE mARgINS ANd REduCE CoSTS To CuSTomERS Rob Mallin and Jim Entwistle, owners of Village Office Supply, know an opportunity when they see one. So it’s no wonder the New Jersey-based company is one of the fastest growing dealers in the country. Or that they seized the opportunity to promote Innovera® OEM-compatible ink and toner cartridges to their customers. The benefits of promoting compatibles were immediately apparent to both Mallin and Entwistle. “We make more money and can lower costs to our customer,” said Mallin recently. “It’s a no-brainer.” Village called on the expertise of United to help create a program to convert their customers to Innovera-brand imaging products. United sales representatives Bob Ceta and Al Magid assisted Village, enabling a sub-menu prompt on their ordering system, developing an internal promotion, and presenting information and strategies to the company’s sales and customer service personnel. “It simply couldn’t be easier,” said Susie LeVan, customer service manager for Village. When customers call to order imaging supplies, the auto-sub option provides a prompt to the customer service reps. “We just have to ask for the order,” said LeVan. “We tell customers that we’ll sell them an OEM toner, but then we explain we offer an equiva- lent-quality, guaranteed toner called Innovera that is a lower priced alternative. “In just two months, we estimate we’ve converted more than 1,000 customers to Innovera products,” continued LeVan. “We make higher profits, customers save money and we’ve had no higher rate of returns than with the OEM sales. It’s a win for everyone.” According to Ceta, the success Village has had with Innovera is being replicated by dealers around the country. “Once dealers understand the Innovera option and they see the benefits it provides for their business and their customers, it doesn’t take long for the lightbulb to switch on. They want to start selling it right away.” DEALErS wIShINg fOr ASSISTANCE prOmOTINg ThE INNOVErA LINE ShOULD CONTACT ThEIr AzErTy SALES rEprESENTATIVE. 5
  6. 6. FEATURE STORY Should You Put Your Business On The Line? A few things to consider when you’re considering telemarketing It’s difficult to think of any Telemarketing has been around in some form for nearly as long as the telephone itself, and every business engages in it to some marketing activity that’s as degree. A salesperson who uses the phone to contact a customer or prospect is engaged in telemarketing. So is the customer service rep efficient, effective and profitable as who takes an order or provides product information over the phone. telemarketing. . .and almost impossible The extent of outbound telemarketing efforts that go beyond these day- to-day operations will vary widely based on the goals of the individual to identify a business practice that can businesses and the resources they’re willing to commit. For instance: alienate customers and prospects so easily. 4 One company may simply want to make productive use That’s why it’s important to consider the of employee downtime to qualify prospects for the sales staff. potential and limitations of telemarket- 4 Another may put on a full court press, and use telemarketing ing — along with the techniques and to contact thousands of prospects and set up hundreds of new business calls. practices that will ensure customers and Both are valid, intelligent uses of telemarketing that require very prospects regard your efforts as attentive different approaches. service instead of an ongoing annoyance. According to the Small Business Administration, one of the first points 6
  7. 7. to consider about telemarketing is whether to keep this function in-house or outsource it to professionals. There are numerous advantages and draw- Six Tips for Connecting backs to whichever decision you make. with Consumers Whether you’re creating your own script and training your kEEpINg IT IN HouSE employees or evaluating the services of a telemarketing vendor, Using your own employees for outbound telemarketing efforts offers huge here are just a few of the basic techniques you should know: benefits. First and foremost, the incremental costs are negligible and barely 4 Each call should have a primary objective, such as any upfront investment is required. Another advantage is that no out- scheduling a sales meeting — but there should also side vendor can possibly know your business and industry as well as your be secondary objectives, such as having the prospect own employees. So if a prospect asks if you carry a particular brand, your agree to look over sales literature you’ ll send or express- employee can do what an ing interest in receiving a future call. outsider can’t — give them 4 Find out immediately if you’re speaking to the decision Bear in mind that the a quick, accurate answer. maker and how vendor selection decisions are made. quality of the results According to Steve DeMarco of Midwest Office Supply, you’ll get will be directly 4 Asking questions of the prospect and adapting the another advantage of keep- presentation based on the prospect’s answers is far proportional to the ing telemarketing in-house more effective than a straightforward sales pitch. abilities of the caller. is the flexibility to change your presentation to ad- 4 Structure your questions in a way that results in a dress the specific needs positive response — the more often someone says “yes” to your preliminary questions, the more likely of individual customers. It also lets you adapt your approach based on they’ ll say “yes” when it comes time to close the sale. information obtained from interacting with customers and prospects. Bear in mind that the quality of the results you’ll get will be directly 4 Never criticize the prospect’s current supplier, it’s proportional to the abilities of the caller. That makes it essential to choose negative. . .and a criticism of a choice they’ve made. employees for the task who are intelligent, articulate and both comfortable on the phone and selling to prospects. 4 Ask for a commitment — whether it’s selling a product to a customer or setting an appointment with a prospect The major downside to in-house telemarketing is employee availabil- for a sales call, the success of a call depends on the ity — will employees have enough time to devote to telemarketing and recipient taking action. attend to their other responsibilities? If not, this approach could have an adverse and far-reaching effect throughout your business. THE INS ANd ouTS of ouTSouRCINg Telemarketers may not know your business as well as your employees, but they do know how to sell over the telephone. These professionals bring a set of skills with them that only comes with advanced training and extensive experience, among which are the abilities to: reach the decision maker; judge the interest of the prospect; address resistance effectively; set the pace of the call; make more calls; and close more sales. The biggest downside to outsourcing is cost: you’re not only paying for the time Telephone Sales Representatives (TSRs) are on the phone, they’re also on the clock when receiving training — and when it comes to your business, they’re most likely starting from ground zero. That can mean a considerable up-front investment when you’re engaging a number of TSRs; but for larger projects with tight deadlines, it can be worth the cost. Some of that cost can be amortized over a number of projects if you maintain a relationship with the TSRs and they’re available for your next telemarketing project. One important consideration to remember: when you outsource telemarketing, you turn over the stewardship of your brand. Telemarket- ers by nature tend to be more focused on the task at hand and want to
  8. 8. Consider using the Internet to research prospects — or making a preliminary phone call to find out more about the business and the decision maker before you make your call. Creating your script: Based on your business objectives and the information you have about prospects, develop Telemarketers by nature a telemarketing script that includes all the tend to be more focused points your representa- on the task at hand and tives should make to want to secure immediate the prospect. Have your salespeople collaborate results rather than build with your telemarket- the long-term image of ing vendor or a con- your business. sultant to create this script to take advan- tage of their sales and industry-specific expertise. Some industry professionals believe callers should present the information in the script word-for-word. Others view it as more of an outline of the secure immediate results rather than build the long-term image of your sales presentation that can be adapted to fit the style of the TSR. This business. provides the flexibility to address unforeseen responses from the prospect Should you decide to go outside your business for outbound telemarket- and leverage information obtained during the call. ing, stresses the importance of evaluating both the A word-for-word reading of the script may work well for a short, simple, vendor and the individual TSRs who will be representing your business. straightforward contact, for instance, one that merely presents an offer. If Be sure to meet with the people who will be assigned to your account, you want to introduce your brand, engage the prospect, learn about their ask to listen in on their calls and be sure you’re comfortable with their business, identify challenges and offer solutions, however, it’s best to give personalities, approaches and tactics. your representatives some leeway to engage in a dialogue with prospects. There are more than 5,000 telemarketing call centers in the U.S. Most It’s also a good idea to show some faith in their judgment and abilities. of these, however, are equipped and staffed for business-to-consumer Monitoring calls: The first calls made by each representative should be marketing. Most B2C call centers will gladly take your assignment, but monitored to ensure all the bases are covered in the script, as well as to you’ll probably pay a premium for the service. As a result, it’s wise to evaluate the performance of your representatives and make any necessary look for vendors that specialize in B2B sales. Steer clear of those that adjustments in the presentation. promote services and expertise your business won’t benefit from, such as high-volume technology or the lower costs they achieve through offshore call centers. A good alternative may be to find experienced professional freelancers who will work from your offices or even their own homes. You’ll need to spend a little more time interviewing them and scrupu- lously checking references and evaluating their capabilities, but you could save a lot of money. ESSENTIAlS of TElEmARkETINg Virtually all telemarketing professionals agree that whether you out- source the telemarketing function or keep it in-house, there are certain areas that you must address. These include, but are not limited to: Developing a call list: The more your representatives know about the prospect prior to the call, the better they’ll be able to tailor their sales pitch — and the better results you’ll achieve. At the minimum, find out the SIC code, number of employees, sales and location of the business. 8
  9. 9. Tracking and measuring: Develop a checklist for representatives to record the details of each call. ese may include: the interest level of the prospect, challenges their business faces, their current suppliers, the time of day the call was made, the duration of the call, dropped calls, Technology University provides call-backs, the results you and your employees product The telephone can be achieved and any fol- knowledge that is key to accomplishing technology sales goals. a powerful sales tool low-up activity that’s required. — and the better you Technology University is a comprehensive training program that offers a series of courses Analyzing the data understand the medium, can help you uncover to teach you and your sales reps all about the technology market. Armed with what you learn, you will be able to respond to competition, the more success you’ll patterns that influ- uncover new opportunities, anticipate consumer needs, and more have with it. ence results. You may easily sell technology products to customers and prospects. And find the success of that means greater profits for your dealership. your efforts varies by New “Event” Format factors such as the day of the week or time of day the call is placed, the e new “event” format provides you with a Technology University lists you use, or the individual making the call. You’ll also want to test class in the morning followed by a vendor table top in the afternoon. a number of different offers to ascertain which is the most effective in is new format allows you to: terms of cost and response. Finally, it’s a good idea to meet regularly • Learn about product and market information with the staff so that they can share their insights with each other • Be hands on with the new products about what works and what doesn’t. • Talk to the experts e telephone can be a powerful sales tool — and the better you un - Dates derstand the medium, the more success you’ll have with it. e issues April 10, 2007 Chicago Event - Multifunctions addressed here barely scratch the surface of the knowledge available on April 17, 2007 Baltimore TBD August 7, 2007 Dallas TBD the subject. If you already have a telemarketing program, hopefully, August 9, 2007 Tulsa TBD you’ve found some ideas to help you refine your operation. September 18, 2007 Los Angeles Event - Multifunctions If you have been — or are now — considering telemarketing, hopefully September 20, 2007 Phoenix Event - Multifunctions you’re inspired to investigate further online or at the library. Maybe We’re offering and adding classes all the time. For more information on you’ll want to pick up the phone and call a telemarketing consultant Technology University contact your Azerty sales rep. . . . or a prospect you’d like to do business with.
  10. 10. PROMOTING YOUR BUSINESS A LOOK AT THE BUYING DECISIONS OF YOUR CUSTOMERS Brands, in and of themselves, to pay a premium price for it. ose who purchase national brands exclusively tend to be risk averse, are pre-sold on brands they order, and convey a ton of information — are not good prospects for compatible products, no matter how much they might be able to save. about the product, the people who United Brands: Customers who purchase Universal or Innovera brands select them and the dealer who sells them. tend to be more open to new ideas than national brand buyers — and more value conscious. ey believe they can get the same high quality as To make the most of the brands you carry name brand and OEM products for significant savings. And with United requires that you use this information to Brands, they can. its full advantage. It’s more likely that a customer who purchases Innovera cartridges will be more open to trying other brands. And you’ll have a better opportu- As an Azerty dealer, you have three different branding options available: nity to sell them a lower-priced, higher-margin United Brands item. It’s a National Brands: Whether it’s HP, Avery, 3M or any other well-known good bet that they’ll appreciate your efforts to save them money — and brand, customers who choose these options demand quality and expect view your dealership as a valued partner. 10
  11. 11. It’s important to realize that consumers will be far more likely to purchase commodity items such as pens and paper that are not nationally branded than they are to purchase replacement items such as ink and toner. To overcome that hurdle, United and Azerty understand that it’s essential that our brands carry performance guarantees — and that dealers promote those guarantees to their customers. Private Label Brands: Having your own brand says a lot about your dealership. It elevates your business in the minds of customers and prospects . . . positions it as a viable independent supplier that can compete against national chains . . . and conveys that you have the purchasing power and leverage of a major player in the market. And when it comes time for customers to reorder, your private label tells them exactly what they need to restock and exactly where they can get it. Whether it’s developing offers, targeting advertising messages or maximizing margins, knowing how your customers respond to their brand choices can help you create a more profitable brand strategy. HP ANNOUNCES THE DISCONTINUATION OF LEGACY TONER CARTRIDGE Please alert your customers that HP has recently announced the discontinuation of the LaserJet C3900A black toner cartridge, effective Nov. 1, 2007. at makes it the ideal time to upgrade your customers to the newest, most advanced technology available. Your customers will benefit from improvements in capabilities performance and costs — and you can profit through this special HP upgrade incentive . . . How to get up to $250 cash back!* rough the HP Follow the Supplies program, your dealership can earn up to $250 cash back* when you upgrade your customer to a new HP LaserJet printer. And to help you take advantage of this opportunity, HP has a variety of marketing materials available to help you close the sale. If you’re not enrolled in Follow the Supplies, sign up today and start taking advantage of the numerous benefits this program has to offer. Visit or call 1-877-224-0439 for more information about these offers. *Subject to program terms and conditions. Your company must be enrolled in Follow the Supplies to be eligible for spiffs. 11
  12. 12. DEALER ISSUES ImpRovE THE STATE of YouR BuSINESS wITH CApITAl plANNINg D ay-to-day tasks are often piled so high that long term plan- ship, as it will offer you the most favorable terms. However, should the ning can become an afterthought. However, with some fore- bank not be able to assist you, or should you need a bit more than what sight, capital planning can help to provide financial comfort the bank is willing to provide, an SBA (Small Business Administration) and alleviate day-to-day stress. loan will improve your chances of obtaining what you need because 80% of this loan is guaranteed by the government, which reduces the risk to As defined by the US government, the goal of capital planning is the bank. to “make the best use of available funds to achieve strategic goals and objectives.” While saving for a rainy day is important, current issues — such When you need to look beyond your bank, other options do exist. Talk as hiring temporary help or outsourcing services — are of equal impor- to your creditors; they may help alleviate a cash flow problem by agreeing tance in a capital plan as they can help you to maximize all-around progress to extend your payment schedule. Also, you can try selling off property and make your business more productive and efficient. Capital planning and equipment that you can lease back, providing you with immediate can also help pay for ongoing operations, plan for the future investments cash in exchange for physical assets. required to stay competitive and maintain the flexibility needed to take ad- vantage of opportunities as they arise. TACklE THE TougH CHoICES For those who need them, more drastic options are available. You can BE SuRE To SEEk ouTSIdE AdvICE always take on a partner, be it an angel investor, local investor or even a To see that you make the most of your financial situation, you should competitor. SBIC (Small Business Investment Company) loans that are actively manage your capital on an ongoing basis. This will help you to co-sponsored by the SBA and venture capital are also available to you, anticipate the financial requirements of your business as well as earmark yet you will oftentimes be required to pay high interest rates, or provide funds for specific projects such as technology upgrades, facility improve- stock as additional compensation or both. These resources may be far ments and expansion projects. You will also be better equipped to handle more costly and require that you give up some degree of control over your unforeseen emergencies. business. However, these sources may also take care of some necessary duties that you have not, such as laying off personnel, selling assets and To make the most of your funds, you should invest capital based on eliminating business segments. Also, be sure to get the advice of both liquidity, risk and return, and do not hesitate to use a financial advisor to your lawyer and banker. help you navigate these tasks. If you haven’t already done so, be sure to establish a credit line with your bank and be sure to actively manage and Regardless of where you seek funds, you will need the documentation protect it. It is critical to evaluate your business expenditures as they are — a detailed business plan, cash flow projections and a balance sheet — being made. Will you get a high rate of return on them? Will it limit required to give lenders confidence that an investment in you is worthwhile. your flexibility to make better investments down the road? These are all Your banker and your lawyer are invaluable resources in securing funds; points to consider. they know the people, institutions, and resources available and will help While managing the assets you already have is crucial, at some time, you find those that are right for your situation. In addition, the Internet most businesses find themselves in a situation where they need to turn abounds with resources to help you with capital planning. Be sure to to an outside source for funding. Usually the first place to look is your take advantage of everything available to you so you can be on your way bank. It is the natural choice to take advantage of this existing relation- to a more fiscally sound operation. 12
  13. 13. SUPPLIER FOCUS HP PURCHASEDGE: DELIVERING BIG BENEFITS $100 SAYS YOUR CUSTOMERS WILL LOVE THIS DEAL TO YOUR CUSTOMERS AND YOUR BUSINESS ON THE INTELLIFAX 5750E PurchasEdge is a consumer e $100 mail-in rebate makes purchasing a loyalty program created Brother® intelliFAX® a real smart deal for your by HP that can also help customers seeking a powerful business tool. you build stronger, more e network-ready business-class commercial profitable relationships fax, telephone, copier combination is loaded with your customers. with high-end features — so be sure to alert When you offer this your customers to this special offer. Point them rewards program to your to before March 31, 2007 for customers, they’ll earn all the facts and figures about this impressive one point for every $4 machine and outstanding offer. in qualifying HP print supplies purchases they make. Points can be HERE’S A TANTALIZING OFFER redeemed for free HP FROM KENSINGTON® products including printers, digital cameras and more. With the purchase of $75 or more in qualifying Kensington products, your customers will It’s a powerful way to build receive a Tower of Yum from Pacific Cookie customer loyalty and incremental sales, and HP makes it easy by Company absolutely FREE! e cookies are providing you with the marketing and promotional materials you incredible, but this special offer is only good need to successfully launch this profitable program. until June 27, 2007 — be sure to check Rewards start at just 200 points, and every quarter HP gives your for qualifying products, customers additional exclusive chances to multiply their rewards with rebate form and offer details. special promotions and offers. You’ll find a complete list of the rewards available, a program HP VIVERA INK OFFERS demonstration and more information about the program at Or you can contact HP directly RICHER BLACKS . . . BRIGHTER, at the address below: MORE AMAZING COLORS . . . Hewlett-Packard AND $3 CASH BACK PurchasEdge Support Center Turn your customers on to a better ink P.O. Box 627 formulation . . . and an opportunity to cash Orchard Park, NY 14127-0627 in on this mail-in rebate offer from HP. Qualifying products included the HP57+ Phone: 1-800-879-6633 (CB278AN) and HP 78+ (CB277AN) inkjet print cartridges and must be purchased by April 1, 2007. See for the claim form and offer details. DIRECTORY OF ADVERTISERS United Stationers UDT On Demand .......................... page 2 TEN is published bi-monthly by Azerty for the benefit of independent dealers and manufacturers in the technology products industry, and the Hewlett Packard ...................................................... page 13 employees of Azerty. To obtain a complimentary subscription of TEN, United Stationers Vision .......................................... page 15 please visit e publisher reserves the right to deny Hewlett Packard ...................................................... page 16 subscriptions based solely on its own discretion. Advertisers may also contact the publisher at for rates and schedules. 14
  14. 14. IT’S NOT GOODBYE, IT’S A GOOD BUY Earn rebates on a range of HP printers—up to $1000 on the HP Color LaserJet 4730xs MFP Earn up to $1000 when you trade in your old laser printer and upgrade to a new model from HP. HP is offering a cash-back incentive that makes it easy and affordable to upgrade to better printer technology. Trade in your old model and receive a rebate on a range of new HP printers. HP’s “Make the Upgrade and Save” promotion, designed to help you sell more printers, is more appealing than ever. Now your customers can earn up to $1,000 cash back by mail when they upgrade to a new HP printer and trade in their old one. And because we’re committed to helping you compete head-to-head with the competition—it doesn’t even have to be an HP. Customers can trade in an old HP, Dell, Lexmark, Xerox, Epson, and more, and HP will even pay for the shipping on the recycled unit. To help you drive sales, we’ve created tools you can use to inform your customers about this HP Color LaserJet 4730xs MFP promotion. You’ll have access to a pre-designed postcard and flyer, as well as customizable content and images to create your own marketing materials, such as catalog materials, ads, » Print up to 175,000 pages per month and e-mails. » 320 MB memory » 1600-sheet input capacity Simply visit the “Make the Upgrade and Save” Spring ‘07 promotion portal at » Automatic duplexing to get started today. » Speeds up to 30 pages per minute Hurry! Promotion ends July 31, 2007. Get the details at © 2007 Hewlett-Packard Development Company, L.P. The information contained herein is subject to change without notice. The only warranties for HP products and services are set forth in the express warranty statements accompanying such products and services. Nothing herein should be construed as constituting an additional warranty. HP shall not be liable for technical or editorial errors or omissions contained herein.