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How an Avaya Predictive Dialling System (PDS) is Helping AMTD ...


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How an Avaya Predictive Dialling System (PDS) is Helping AMTD ...

  1. 1. IP Telephony Contact Centers Mobility Services CASE STUDY How an Avaya Predictive Dialling System (PDS) is Helping AMTD Improve Telemarketing Performance with an advanced Predictive Dialling an Avaya BusinessPartner, provided Challenge: System (PDS), which would improve pre-sale consultation, system Increase competitive advantage by deploying a the efficiency and accuracy of design, implementation, and API highly empowered call centre system to increase telemarketing productivity while simultaneously telemarketing sales. integration with CRM system decreasing labour and rental costs. The new system would be installed developed by AMTD. Solution: for 140 users, throughout the Replacement of traditional PBX system with an • Another factor is the Avaya PDS organization. Most of the call centre advanced, IP-ready Predictive Dialling System staff is responsible for telemarketing; ease of use. Users require only that screens out non-productive calls and provides reliability, flexibility and scalability. others handle inbound calls, as well one-day’s training to learn to use Value Created: as customer enquiries regarding it – ensuring AMTD could quickly financial products or services. benefit from their new system. • Faster linkage of people, processes and resources has increased productivity and effectiveness by 70%, and allows AMTD to Choosing the best Call “The Avaya solution is highly easily expand the call centre to multiple sites • More agile, secure and reliable operations Centre solution integrated,” says Alan Tsang, has reduced operational and maintenance Director and CEO of AMTD. “PDS costs Avaya was selected after rigorous support for open standards allows • Consistent, branded customer experience testing and evaluation of different has increased call rates by 50% us to easily integrate with our CRM vendors’ telephony features. There • Intelligent, personalized interactions with were several key factors behind the system, and add new applications customers allows call centre to handle at our own pace.” 40,000 calls per day decision: • AMTD had confidence in choosing • The IP-ready infrastructure is A Shift to an Advanced Avaya, because it has built a scalable, so can readily support Dialling System brand reputation for providing future expansion by AMTD, as leading edge telephony technology well as greatly reducing costs for Hong Kong, China – In late 2004, that consistently delivers networking with multiple, remote AMTD made a key decision: they superior performance and value. call centres. would expand their call centre, to boost the performance of Many multinational financial organizations are using Avaya’s Alan Tsang finds the system fully telemarketing. To maximize their solutions. meets the high expectations. “We are competitive advantage and fuel extremely impressed with the flexibility aggressive growth, the AMTD The Avaya solution is easy to and scalability of the Avaya PDS. This management team decided to replace implement. Once AMTD selected is an out-of-the box solution that is their call centre’s PBX dialling system easy to implement and use. After only Avaya, the project spanned just a few hours’ training, our telemarketers three to four months, and was can make full use of the enhanced completed in April 2005. ITApps, communication efficiency.”
  2. 2. avaya.com 2 The business benefits marketing programme. Our call centre Learn More has a team of 140 telemarketers, yet Enhanced telemarketing we need just two IT staff.” For more information on how Avaya effectiveness can take your enterprise from where Faster return on investment it is to where it needs to be, contact The PDS voice detection maximizes live your Avaya Client Executive or voice connects to telemarketing sales AMTD is enjoying a significant, solid Authorized Avaya BusinessPartner, or by eliminating up to 97.6% of busy return on CRM investment. “Because visit us at www.avaya.com signals, answering machines, voice we are making more successful mail, unanswered calls, pagers, faxes, calls, we are achieving significantly modems, and operator intercepts. This more sales of our financial products high efficiency is partly based on the and value added services,” says Avaya local expertise – as the company Alan Tsang. “We are also generating has gathered and analysed many Hong revenue more quickly as we launch Kong tone samples, then fine tuned sales campaigns faster. And as the PDS algorithm, to maximize the the new PDS is more reliable than accuracy of tone screening here. our previous system, we have cut maintenance costs.” There are significant benefits from maximizing live voice connects, The IP infrastructure allows AMTD to says Alan Tsang. “Avaya’s advanced explore the possibility of extending technology helps increase productivity. single site call centres to multiple Now, the centre can handle 40,000 sites or satellite call centres, as well calls per day, which is 70% more than as connecting call centres and the before. And, with our telemarketers back office to reduce costs. only handling calls that people Timothy Mak, Country Director, Avaya answer, our successful call rate has Hong Kong & Taiwan Region, believes increased by 50%.” many other companies can likewise benefit from the PDS. “The Avaya Easy to manage PDS delivers best in-class efficiency The call centre handles several and effectiveness to today’s contact marketing campaigns simultaneously. centre by optimally managing calls First, AMTD implements the customer to and from customers. We provide and telemarketer segmentation in unparalleled technology to meet our the CRM system. It is then easy and customers’ business demands in today’s easy to execute different call actions highly competitive Customer Economy.” through the PDS. AMTD is planning to further expand Marketing campaigns change every its telemarketing team with the help week. For each change, AMTD takes of Avaya’s solution for fixed and only around 15 minutes to alter the mobile convergence which gives campaign interface and execute new AMTD’s telemarketing sales the programmes through PDS. This is a freedom to be more productive from smooth, panic free transition notes anywhere and sales calls can then be Alan Tsang, who says the smooth made outside the physical call center. operation is a major benefit of adopting the Avaya solution. By providing enterprise-enabled mobility together with powerful “The PDS is very stable and easy intelligent communications to manage, with no downtime. This applications, Avaya gives businesses is crucial for a call centre, as the and workers increased agility through high reliability ensures optimum greater speed, responsiveness productivity by our telemarketers, to customers and control over helping lower the costs of running our communications.
  3. 3. COMMUNICATIONS AT THE HEART OF BUSINESS 3 ABOUT AMTD FINANCIAL PLANNING LIMITED ABOUT IT APPS LIMITED AMTD Financial Planning Limited (“AMTD”), is an affiliate Founded in 1992 and headquartered in Hong Kong, ITApps of Cheung Kong Group and Commonwealth Bank Group. Limited is a full-service IT solution provider focuses on AMTD is an independent financial planner that aims to business communication, automated business process work for the best interests of its clients. AMTD understands management and customer relationship management. our customers and offers our clients comprehensive professional solutions; our professional financial planners With offices in PRC, Taiwan, Malaysia, Singapore and are all professionally trained and able to identify the Thailand, ITApps Limited has served over 400 customers needs of our customers. Through cooperation with various in various industries in the Asia Pacific region including product/service providers, AMTD can help our customers those of the FORTUNE Global 500®, and has successfully in selecting the most appropriate financial products that established the communication infrastructure for more than best fit their distinctive financial objectives and needs. 1,000 call centers. . For more information, please visit the AMTD web site: With a long track record of enabling customers to www.amtd.com.hk enhance customer relationships via adoption of the latest technologies, ITApps Limited is recognized not only as one of the largest and most experienced solution providers but also as the most respectable and reliable service partner. Applications Systems Services • Avaya MultiVantage ® • Avaya S8700 Media Server • All services provided by Communications Applications • Avaya G650 Media Gateway Avaya BusinessPartner • Avaya Predictive Dialing System • Avaya 6400 Series Digital • Avaya BCMS (Basic Call Telephones Management System) • Avaya INTUITY® AUDIX® Voice Mailbox All statements in this Case Study were made by Alan Tsang, Director and CEO of AMTD and Timothy Mak, Country Director, Avaya Hong Kong & Taiwan Region.
  4. 4. avaya.com © 2006 Avaya Inc. All Rights Reserved. Avaya and the Avaya Logo are trademarks of Avaya Inc. and may be registered in certain jurisdictions. All trademarks identified by the ®, SM or TM are registered trademarks, service marks or trademarks, respectively, of Avaya Inc. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners. Printed in the U.S.A. COMMUNICATIONS 03/06 • GCC2890BP AT THE HEART OF BUSINESS