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  1. 1. SAP Customer Success Story Consumer Products – Beverages “With the help of mySAP CRM, the time it takes to conduct our sales processes is greatly reduced.” Istvan Nemeth, SAP Manager, Dreher Breweries Ltd. AT A GLANCE Summary Why SAP Solutions DREHER BREWERIES Budapest-based Dreher Because Dreher Breweries has Breweries Ltd., a 150-year-old had a long relationship with SAP – Leading Hungarian Brewer Adopts mySAP™ Hungarian brewing company, and uses SAP R/3® software Customer Relationship Management to Improve is one of the country’s top (functionality now found in Its Marketing Effort and Customer Service 100 companies in terms of the mySAP ERP solution) – revenue and produces over mySAP CRM is cost-effective 2 million hectoliters (about 51 to implement and use. The efforts of Dreher Breweries Ltd. to improve customer service million gallons) of beer annually. The company implemented the Implementation Highlights started in 2002 when the company – a renowned brewer and one of mySAP™ Customer Relationship • 6-month implementation Hungary’s largest companies – studied how a customer interaction Management (mySAP CRM) • IBM Consulting trained company employees to use mySAP CRM center would enhance sales processes. The study revealed that a solution to automate sales processes and take customer Key Benefits customer relationship management (CRM) system would make sales service to a higher level. •Increased efficiency because manual processes are now interactions more efficient and effective. In addition, using such a Web Site www.dreherrt.hu automated with mySAP CRM system would allow the company to conduct a thorough, ongoing Key Challenges •Time required to conduct sales process reduced analysis of customers and their needs. “Dreher Breweries wants to do •Improve effectiveness of sales and customer service processes •Increased customer satisfaction and fewer complaints because everything possible to satisfy its customers,” says Istvan Nemeth, SAP manager at Dreher Breweries, “so we decided to improve customer •Increase customer satisfaction by serving customers faster and customer service representa- tives are more efficient service by implementing a CRM system.” SAP® solutions helped the resolving problems effectively •Improved decision making company meet its goals. •Improve decision making by giving managers timely business because managers have instant access to important business information in an easily data In 1870 Anton Dreher Jr. took over the four Dreher family breweries accessible form •Improved employee morale because mySAP CRM makes in Hungary and began developing the business. His efforts started the Project Objectives their jobs easier • Automate sales and customer service processes Implementation Partner company on a prosperous path that led to today’s highly successful Dreher brewery. Now based in Budapest, Dreher Breweries is a sub- • Serve customers faster and more efficiently IBM Consulting sidiary of South African brewery giant SABMiller and produces more Existing Environment • Conduct ongoing reporting and analysis of customer interactions SAP R/3 software than 2 million hectoliters (about 51 million gallons) of beer annually. • Reduce time required to complete sales process Database The company’s many customers include multinational retail store Oracle chains, wholesalers, and pubs that buy directly from the factory. Solutions and Services Hardware Dreher Breweries has built a reputation for outstanding customer •mySAP CRM Hewlett-Packard service, but it recently revamped its technology to take customer •SAP® Business Information Warehouse and SAP Operating System Microsoft Windows 2000 service to an even higher level. NetWeaver® Portal components
  2. 2. The Right Choice: SAP Solutions Replacing Cumbersome Manual Processes The company didn’t take long to decide which brand of CRM Dreher Breweries began implementing mySAP CRM in February system to implement – Dreher’s long, productive relationship 2004. The implementation was completed six months later, and the with SAP made the choice an easy one. “Since we’ve been SAP solution went live in September. Dreher’s implementation partner, customers since 1998 – our parent company, SABMiller, has SAP IBM Consulting, customized and programmed mySAP CRM, and licenses all over the world – staying with SAP was very cost-effective they tested the solution after it was installed. After the system went for us,” says Nemeth. “We chose the mySAP Customer Relationship live, the IBM team spent one month on-site – training Dreher Management solution.” Breweries employees how to use mySAP CRM. Before mySAP™ Customer Relationship Management (mySAP As a result, 25 Dreher Breweries telemarketing representatives, CRM), the company’s telemarketers were burdened with slow, sales managers, and customer service representatives now use cumbersome manual processes. “Before we had mySAP CRM, mySAP CRM for telemarketing and order taking, customer service, and handling complaints. Dreher’s sales team interacts “The work is now better and faster with customers by taking their telephone calls, contacting them by phone, and taking orders sent by fax. Sales representatives who because our people look at only one have mobile access transmit orders from the field. All orders are computer screen to conduct these processed by mySAP CRM. transactions. With mySAP CRM, these sales processes are done automatically Faster Workflow and More Effective Telemarketing According to Nemeth, mySAP CRM has solved the old problems as opposed to manually as it was effectively: “With mySAP CRM, these processes are different now. before, and this includes delivery and Our telemarketing representatives use a telephone system with a invoicing processes as well.” call list loaded into mySAP CRM that gives them all the important customer information they need on their computer screen – they Istvan Nemeth, SAP Manager, Dreher Breweries Ltd. don’t have to search for it manually like before. This makes their telemarketing much more efficient. we used our standard IT system and entered data for customers and prospects – names, addresses, and phone numbers – into the system “When a customer calls us, we use another capability of mySAP manually,” explains Nemeth. “When our telemarketers wanted CRM that has also improved our telemarketing. When the call information on a customer, they would have to look for it manually comes in, the solution recognizes the customer’s telephone using a match code.” number and automatically displays the customer information on our representative’s computer screen. mySAP CRM also Customer service representatives that handle complaints had a provides a fax capability. When we receive a fax with a customer’s similar problem. “For complaints, we created a list using many order, the information about the order and customer is displayed Microsoft Excel spreadsheets and had to look up information by instantly on the telemarketer’s screen. reviewing the spreadsheets,” adds Nemeth. “When these represen- tatives had to fax a document, they had to fax it manually. Doing “The work is now better and faster because our people look at only all of these things manually was time-consuming and inefficient.” one computer screen to conduct these transactions. With mySAP CRM, these sales processes are done automatically as opposed to manually as it was before, and this includes delivery and invoicing processes as well.”
  3. 3. Analyzing Customer Data are more satisfied. “With the help of mySAP CRM, the time Another essential part of the sales process for Dreher Breweries it takes to conduct our sales processes is greatly reduced,” says is getting feedback by analyzing customer data. To accomplish Nemeth. “Our telemarketing people have analyzed how long it this, mySAP CRM interfaces with the SAP Business Information takes to complete a sales call and the time required now is much Warehouse (SAP BW) component (part of the SAP NetWeaver® less. From our point of view, customer satisfaction is better because Business Intelligence component), which compiles customer data of mySAP CRM – the number of complaints is less than it was before.” “Before mySAP CRM and SAP BW, Further Enhancement of Marketing Efforts Planned compiling and analyzing data was a much mySAP CRM will become an even bigger part of the company’s slower process. Now our CEO and all of sales efforts in the future. It’s expected that about 95% of customer- our managers get all of the relevant data related functions at Dreher Breweries will soon be integrated into instantly from mySAP CRM through the the mySAP CRM system and the company plans to use the solution to enhance its marketing efforts. SAP NetWeaver Portal component. Everyone can log into the portal and the Dreher’s customers aren’t the only people who are satisfied sales information and reports they need because of mySAP CRM – the company’s employees are pleased are there.” with the solution as well. “Our employees like using mySAP CRM,” says Nemeth. “They don’t want to go back to the way things were.” Istvan Nemeth, SAP Manager, Dreher Breweries Ltd. directly from the information on telemarketers’ screens. The data serves as the basis for customer and market analyses by SAP BW, which uses the information to deliver comprehensive, insightful reports and monitor the company’s overall sales efforts. “Data about orders and complaints has to be compiled so we can analyze it,” says Nemeth. “Before mySAP CRM and SAP BW, com- piling and analyzing data was a much slower process. Now our CEO and our managers get all the relevant data instantly from mySAP CRM through the SAP NetWeaver Portal component. Everyone can log into the portal and the sales information and reports they need are there. This method is easier, faster, and better.” Increased Efficiency, Satisfied Customers Easier, faster, and better will surely add up to business benefits for Dreher Breweries – the company will calculate quantitative benefits after the solution has been used for one year. But Dreher Breweries doesn’t need numbers to show the benefits it has already realized by using mySAP CRM: time saved, efficiency increased, and customers
  4. 4. www.sap.com /contactsap 50077786 (06/01) © 2005 by SAP AG. All rights their respectiveR/3, mySAP, mySAP.com, registered trademarks of SAP AG in Germanyproductsseveral other mentioned herein as well as reserved. SAP, logos are trademarks or xApps, xApp, SAP NetWeaver, and other SAP and in and services countries all over the world. All other product and service names mentioned are the trademarks of their respective companies. Data contained in this document serves informational purposes only. National product specifications may vary. Printed on environmentally friendly paper. These materials are subject to change without notice. These materials are provided by SAP AG and its affiliated companies (“SAP Group”) for informational purposes only, without representation or warranty of any kind, and SAP Group shall not be liable for errors or omissions with respect to the materials. The only warranties for SAP Group products and services are those that are set forth in the express warranty state- ments accompanying such products and services, if any. Nothing herein should be construed as constituting an additional warranty.