Don't just hope for business to improve.


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Don't just hope for business to improve.

  1. 1. Don’t just hope for business to improve.
  2. 2. Is outbound telemarketing right for your business? Don’t just hope for a way to acquire Business owners and business development executives are often surprised at new customers: the impact outbound telemarketing can have on their company’s growth. In fact, outbound telemarketing may be one of the most efficient ways for you to generate DEMAND it! new prospects and reach out to current customers. Here are just a few of the many industries that have benefited from DEMAND’s services. Don’t just hope for greater retention • Accounting of existing customers: • Banking and Financial Services DEMAND it! • Business and Professional Services • Consulting Don’t just hope for greater ROI • Data Processing from your marketing efforts: • Healthcare and Medical Services DEMAND it! • Insurance • IT Services We named our company DEMAND Telemarketing for a very good reason. We create demand for our clients’ products and services. This is not something you • Manufacturing and Distribution should just “hope” for. You should demand it. You have a right to the very best and • Marketing Services we have an obligation to deliver it to you. • Security Systems and Services • Staffing Services
  3. 3. Outbound telemarketing tops response rate in B2B lead Excellence in telemarketing can be yours. generation, direct sales and ROI Index. DEMAND it! Year in and year out, outbound telemarketing remains at the top of the Direct As with any industry, you’ll find telemarketing companies with a wide range of Marketing Association’s Response Rate Report in the business-to-business technological and employee capabilities; from high-quality businesses to offshore category. It remains one of the most cost-effective channels for marketers to: operations that can do your brand more damage than good. At DEMAND, we • Generate leads focus exclusively on business-to-business marketing and draw on our decades • Set appointments of experience to constantly place DEMAND among the most professional organizations in our industry. • Update/verify customer information In this brochure, we’ll give you an overview of professional values you should • Conduct research and surveys demand in an outbound telemarketing partner. We’ll also explain how we deliver • Inform customers of critical product or service updates those values – perhaps better than our competitors. We suggest that you look at four key elements that lead to superior results: DMA 2009 Response Rate Report • Agent quality • Agent training and management • Technological sophistication • Cost and value Finally, because we firmly believe in accountability, you should know how your telemarketing programs are monitored and evaluated to assure those superior results.
  4. 4. Making Demand part of our team. Agent performance is crucial. DEMAND it! The quality results of Demand Telemarketing’s services have become so Your telemarketing campaign is only as good as your agents. Call center agents instrumental in our process that we consider Demand a part of our team. represent you and your company to those they call on your behalf. A poor We selected Demand after researching over 100 call centers, issuing 15 Requests for impression by an agent during a call can easily transform into a poor impression Proposal, and conducting a trial run of Demand’s services. of your company. This is why our agents are carefully screened, receive extensive Demand’s Outbound Call Center provides us with intelligent, thoughtful calling training and are thoroughly tested before they are allowed to work for DEMAND. associates that build initial relationships with sophisticated Major Institutional In addition we have some of the lowest agent turnover rates in our industry. You Investors with assets under management from $150 million to $10 billion+. benefit because this kind of continuity results in continuous improvement in agent performance and customer care. Demand provides consistent and timely reporting, and often goes beyond the call of duty to help callers deliver results. You’ll benefit from 21st century call center technology. Demian C. Peterson Senior Partner RCA Major Institutional Investor Group DEMAND it! As a business-to-business marketer, you’ll benefit from state-of-the-art technology in every DEMAND call center. Our T-1s, voice lines, predictive dialers, lead management systems, and agent productivity software are constantly upgraded to insure the highest level of quality from your calling program. In addition, every call made from our facilities is digitally recorded. You will have access to the call recordings made on your program. If you ever have a question regarding the quality or accuracy of a lead, an appointment or information collected, the call recording can easily be retrieved and reviewed. This capability not only allows you to listen to the call yourself but also allows our managers to closely monitor the quality and performance of our agents. By being able to review specific calls with our agents, managers can emphasize the positive aspects of their performance and make corrections in areas where necessary. It’s an outstanding training tool.
  5. 5. DMA study: Telemarketing leader in lead gen. Attention to details is crucial. According to a study recently published by the Direct Marketing Association, the best response rates when it comes to generating leads come from telephone DEMAND it! (5.53 percent response rate), dimensional mail (5.28 percent), and e-mail (3.39 As with any business, there are a multitude of details that can make the difference percent), according to the DMA’s report on direct marketing response rates, B to B. between “acceptable” and “excellent” in a telemarketing campaign. Here are Telephone also led response rates for direct-order purchases, at 5.78 percent. some examples: The research looked at 570 campaigns in 21 industries and 19 direct response THE lIST – We often work from our clients’ lists but we can also recommend lists for channels, including direct mail, e-mail, search marketing, and outbound you. It’s important to know that we do not own or manage any list properties. So telemarketing. we can make our recommendations solely on a supplier’s ability to deliver superior results and meet our clients’ objectives. THE SCRIPT – An effective script will have considerable influence on the results of your telemarketing campaign. As with lists, we often work with client-supplied scripts that have been refined over a period of time. However, if needed, we can supply copywriters highly experienced in developing effective telemarketing presentations. REPORTING AND ANAlYSIS – As previously indicated, our open database design infrastructure allows us to work with practically any database applications you may use. Our reporting capabilities allow you to monitor and evaluate programs, so you can implement continuous improvement practices, maximizing your campaign ROI.
  6. 6. Exceeding expectations. In this economy, value-oriented pricing is essential. Our experience with Demand Telemarketing has been very positive since the inception of our relationship nearly four years ago. We work exclusively with DEMAND it! financial institutions – banks and credit unions. They are extremely sensitive to the While we have never been the cheapest in the business, we understand the level of professionalism projected by a possible vendor. We have never had a importance of delivering the highest possible value for your investment. We single issue. In fact we have received consistently positive comments in that regard. believe in “no-surprises” pricing so our quotes include all call center agent/labor costs, phone cost, agent supervision, project management, training, IT support and They have consistently exceeded our expectations in the quality of appointments campaign reporting. The works. set. The prospects they deliver are highly qualified and interested in what we offer. We have never had to “re-sell” an appointment. Demand Telemarketing has Our standard pricing for outbound call center services is based on a flat hourly rate delivered the opportunities we need to grow our client base and revenue. Do we as low as $20 for calls made within the continental United States. For campaigns still use Demand? Absolutely. We have actually changed our selling strategies to a reaching out to Alaska, Hawaii or Canada, our hourly rate will be determined by the far more efficient and effective model based on the results we continue to achieve scope of the project. But, again, there will be no surprises. with their help. Greg Golnick President Generations Gold, Inc. Need responsiveness? DEMAND it! We’re sure you will have questions based on your unique needs. To learn more about ways we can create demand for your business, contact: William Patterson 313.823.8598 ext. 114
  7. 7. 313.823.8598