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  1. 1. Caribbean UPDATE September 2008 1 Caribbean UPDATE, 116 Myrtle Ave., Name_____________________________________ Millburn NJ 07041 USA ____________________CU9 08 Tel: 973 376 2314. Company/Organization_____________________ _____________________ Website: Dear Reader: Address______________________________Offic Because of your interest in the Caribbean e/Suite No._________ & Latin America, I am pleased to enclose this complimentary issue of Caribbean UPDATE. City________________________________State:_ ___________________ If you are not already a subscriber to Caribbean UPDATE, I think you will see, upon Zip:___________ reading it, why it is regarded as the best single Country__________________________________ source of information on business and economic _____ opportunities in the Caribbean and Central America. Our subscribers include leading Phone:________________________Fax: executives in many fields (manufacturing, import/ ___________________________ export, tourism, banking & finance, real estate, agribusiness, transportation) as well as top Email government policy makers, journalists and address:_______________________________ scholars. ___Check enclosed Each month, since February 1985, ___ Bill me Charge my __ Amex ___ Caribbean UPDATE has provided reliable, MasterCard ___ ISA __ Discover incisive, comprehensive coverage. Our slogan: "we provide you with information that you can act Card upon, by phone, fax, E-mail, or packing your #____________________________________Expir bags." To subscribe, please contact us via phone, e date:________ regular mail or Email (since we travel so much, we don’t use fax!). Our guarantee: if at any time Caribbean UPDATE does not meet your needs, simply contact us and we will refund the unused Caribbean portion of your subscription. If you prefer your subscription sent to you via Email, please specify. Otherwise, we will send only the hard copy via Air UPDATE Mail. Including Central Sincerely, America K.W. Kal Wagenheim, Editor-Publisher Editor/Publisher: Kal Wagenheim, Please process my one-year subscription to 116 Myrtle Ave., Millburn NJ 07041 Caribbean UPDATE, at US$281 for 12 monthly Tel: 973-376-2314. issues. Reduced rate of US$142 available to Email: individual scholars, and for additional orders to Website: the same organization. Vol. 24, No. 8 Copyright 2008 I prefer: _ traditional hard copy via Air Mail __ September 2008 Email edition TABLE OF CONTENTS
  2. 2. Caribbean UPDATE September 2008 2 Blum claimed. When banks and brokerage firms ask 1 The Region about the control of the corporation for anti-money- 2 Country-by-country reports in alphabetical laundering purposes, the person opening the order account furnishes the passport photos of the 22 Calendar nominee shareholders, officers and directors. The 23 Data Base same twenty people are the nominees for thousands of corporations. They have no knowledge of, or Caribbean UPDATE (ISSN 8756-324x) is fiduciary responsibility for the corporation’s published monthly by Caribbean UPDATE Inc., business, he added; 116 Myrtle Ave., Millburn NJ 07041. "We strive to provide you with information that you can act upon, The BVI is not the only jurisdiction that has by phone, fax, e-mail or packing your bags." legalized “sham” trusts, Blum said. In Belize, he Subscriptions: $281 per year (12 issues either via said, you can be the grantor, the trustee, and the regular mail or Email); $141 special price to beneficiary, and have the trust considered valid. academics, and for additional subscriptions to the You can include provisions allowing you to redraw same organization. Bulk quantities also available the trust instrument and add a flee clause which (inquire). To order, see back page, or call 973 allows a change in situs in case of criminal or tax 376-2314. E-mail: investigation; THE REGION Frank Ng, Internal Revenue Service (IRS) Commissioner of Large and Mid-Sized Businesses, TAX HAVENS UNDER ATTACK. Caribbean said the attraction provided by Cayman Islands is tax havens came under attack in the US Senate based on a number of legitimate business reasons. during a hearing by the Finance Committee on “The difficulty we generally face in obtaining offshore tax issues, reports Caribbean Net News information in jurisdictions such as the Cayman (July 24, 2008): Islands is our inability to identify with specificity the individual and activities to establish the basis for Senators and witnesses had much to say about an information request.” tax avoidance and evasion by US individuals and corporations using offshore financial centers. A great deal of wealth appears to be at stake with Chairman of the Senate Finance Committee, Sen. some offshore accounts reportedly reaching US$25 Max Baucus, referred to Ugland House in the million, reports Caribbean Net News (July 26, Cayman Islands, a five-story building that has some 2008). “Many of these clients have accounts from 18,857 tenants. “Today, we’ll examine whether ‘old money’ sources. Some are even survivors of many of those tenants are feasting at American the Holocaust and were unaware of reporting taxpayers’ expense,” Baucus said; obligations,” said James Mastracchio, an attorney at Caplin & Drysdale, a Washington DC law firm. Jack Blum, a Washington DC attorney, referred “We are now counseling them to take advantage of to three Caribbean jurisdictions: the British Virgin the IRS Voluntary Disclosure Policy. The IRS has Islands (BVI), Nevis and Belize. The BVI is the recommended US taxpayers in this situation come place to go for quick, cheap, anonymous forward, and many are doing so, often with incorporation, as evidenced by its “more than interesting stories to tell. “We advise our clients that 500,000 shell companies,” Blum said. The BVI has they stand a better chance to qualify for voluntary also developed a new trust “product” that allows a disclosure and even avoid potential criminal “trust” to own a a corporation without the trustee prosecution, if they come forward sooner rather having any knowledge about the operation of the than later,” he said; corporation. “Under US law this is not a trust,” Blum said; “Whoever is the next president of the US, I expect that we will see legislation that will make it Nevis is home to “tens of thousands of increasingly difficult and expensive for US corporations,” all of which have boards of directors, individuals and corporations to legitimately use
  3. 3. Caribbean UPDATE September 2008 3 structures domiciled in places like the Cayman Web: Islands,” said Tim Ridley, a Cayman attorney at law and outgoing chairman of the Cayman Islands Monetary Authority (CIMA). *** CARIBBEAN FOOD & DRINK REPORT. *** Research & Markets (based in Dublin, Ireland) on CONCERNS RAISED ABOUT CARICOM- July 23 announced the addition of the "Caribbean EPA ACCORD. Caribbean Community Food and Drink Report Q3 2008" report to its (CARICOM) Chairman Baldwin Spencer (Prime offering. It provides forecasts and intelligence on Minister of Antigua & Barbuda) said that the Caribbean's food and drink industry, which has CARICOM countries will sign the Economic been affected by the spiraling costs of agricultural Partnership Agreement (EPA) with Europe on Sept. commodities. The region imports around US$3 2 as planned, despite the reservations of at least two billion of food a year and is exposed to global price countries (Guyana and Grenada) and several trade movements and rising commodity prices. The and commercial experts, reports Caribbean Net reports includes data on specific companies. News (Aug. 13, 2008). Former chief negotiator for Details: Laura Wood. Senior Mgr. Email: the region, Sir Shridath Ramphal, said the Europeans themselves were not examining the flaws Fax:646-607-1907 and : +353-1-481-1716. Web: in the trade deal. www. researchandmarkets. com/ research 2fef94/caribbean_food_and *** RESORT GROWTH IN CENTRAL US FOREIGN TRAVEL STILL POPULAR. AMERICA. The Concord Group on July 16 said The weak U.S. dollar has not dissuaded Americans international wealth is driving the development of from planning trips abroad, but they may be luxury resorts and hotel-branded residences in a heading to destinations closer to home, says a growing number of Central American nations: survey by Visa Inc, reports AP (July 24, 2008). In mid-May, Visa surveyed 1,000 credit or debit card Luxury brands, such as the Ritz-Carlton and holders who live in the US and have traveled Four Seasons, are bringing resorts and residences to outside the US. in the past three years. Canada was Central America, it said. While development has the most popular destination, followed closely by been focused on the mature markets of Costa Rica Mexico. Great Britain, Italy, France, the Bahamas and Mexico, there are also developments in and the US Virgin Islands rounded out the top emerging markets such as Panama and Belize; destinations. ``While travel close to home remains strong, Western Europe and the Caribbean are still Hotel-branded developments have reached popular,'' said Visa’s Paul Wilke. In the first quarter US$1,000 per square foot (PSF). Non-branded of 2008, U.S. Visa cardholders spent US$3.4 billion luxury residences, which do not receive hotel visiting the top 25 destinations abroad, vs. more services and amenities, average US$300 to US$600 than US$15 billion in all of 2007. Mexico was the PSF. Major hotel-branded residences in Costa Rica top first-quarter destination, followed by Canada, include the Four Seasons at Peninsula Papagayo and Great Britain, Puerto Rico and Germany. the St. Regis in Puntarenas. Additional hotel brands with current or planned partnerships include *** Mandarin Oriental, Ritz-Carlton, Trump and INVESTMENT FRAUD CASE. Financial Rosewood. Major branded hotel residences include newsletter Offshore Alert said Grenada has again the Ritz-Carlton and Trump at Cap Cana in the been implicated in an investment fraud case in the Dominican Republic and Mandarin Oriental at US, this time also involving St Vincent & the Christophe Harbour in St. Kitts. The Concord Grenadines, reports Caribbean Net News (Aug. 11, Group is a real estate consultancy with offices in 2008): Newport Beach, CA; San Francisco, CA; and Boston, MA. Details: Ellis Strategies, Inc.Matt Verlin Swartzendruber, 66, aka Joseph Severin Ellis, 978-887-6561. Email: is the latest person suspected of perpetrating an
  4. 4. Caribbean UPDATE September 2008 4 investment fraud through a Grenada-domiciled between Atlanta and St. Thomas effective Dec. 18, company and was arrested in Texas on June 26, said Miguel Lopez, regional director of Sales for 2008. He is expected to appear before in US court Central America and the Caribbean for Delta. on Sept.2, 2008, to answer to allegations that he Details: fraudulently obtained between US$12 million and US$16 million from 500 investors. Swartzendruber JETBLUE ADDS PR-DR FLIGHTS. JetBlue was indicted on Nov. 14, 2006 on six counts of wire Airways on Aug. 7 announced plans to launch its fraud, three counts of money laundering, one count first intra-Caribbean service with daily nonstop of conspiracy to commit money laundering and one service between San Juan, Puerto Rico and Santo count of conspiracy to defraud the US; Domingo, Dominican Republic beginning Dec. 18, 2008, said route planning mgr. Jim Fuoco. Details: Other alleged accomplices include his son, (718) 709-3089. Email: CorporateCommunications Byron Don Swartzendruber, 30, and Frederick Web: Keiser, currently serving a 12-year prison sentence imposed on Nov. 7, 2007 after a jury found him CARGO CONTRACT. Transportation guilty of wire fraud, money laundering, conspiracy Consultants, Inc. said Aug. 4 it opened a new to defraud the US and conspiracy to commit money terminal in Jacksonville, Fla. to provide customers laundering. Swartzendruber was allegedly involved with trucking and warehousing services in the U.S. in “fraudulent investments schemes that involved East Coast and Gulf South regions. TCI's decision activities occurring from North Dakota to St to open the office and warehouse facility was Vincent and Grenada, and then to Switzerland and finalized after successfully negotiating a 3-year Spain”; contract with Caribbean firms for cargo consolidating and warehousing services, said He served as the head of Preferred Group Ltd., Christian Jensen, President of TCI, based in New with offices in St Vincent and Grenada. Their Orleans, LA. Details: Matt Hester, Email: activities were described as a “prime bank” scheme, or (904) 236-6012. And: which solicits investors and claims that their funds Nick Bousquet. Email: will be used to buy and trade "prime bank" financial Web: instruments on clandestine overseas markets in order to generate huge profits in which the investor will share. Offshore Alert said from Jan. 2000 to UREA FOR FARMERS. Venezuela will sell the Jan. 2001, Keiser allegedly received nearly DR and other Caribbean nations 100,000 tons of US$950,000 in bonuses from investors’ funds, urea, a major fertilizer used for agriculture, reports while “the vast majority” of those who invested in DR1 Daily News (July 14, 2008). The urea will be that time “received nothing”. sold at a 40% discount and with easy re-payment conditions, as the crops come in. President Hugo *** Chavez, the host of the V Extraordinary Summit of DELTA ADDS FLIGHTS. Delta Air Lines on the PetroCaribe Nations, made the announcement as Aug. 5 announced the addition of seasonal part of what he calls the "PetroFood" plan which frequencies to its current schedule to seven will put US$480 million to promote agriculture in Caribbean destinations to satisfy the rising demand Caribbean countries. for warm destinations during the winter season. Starting Dec. 20, Delta will add nonstop service *** from Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta Intl Airport to each HILTON, DOUBLETREE EXPAND. Hilton of the following destinations where it already offers and Doubletree Hotels continue growing in the service: Aruba (2d daily flight); George Town, Caribbean and Latin America, with new properties Cayman Islands (2d Sat. flight); Montego Bay, and major renovations at existing hotels, it was Jamaica (3rd daily flight); Providenciales; Turks & reported July 23: Caicos (2d Sat. flight); Punta Cana, Dominican Republic (2d daily flight); and St. Maarten (2d Sat. . In 2009, Hilton will open new properties in flight). Delta also will add four weekly flights Ushuaia, the world’s southernmost city, and
  5. 5. Caribbean UPDATE September 2008 5 Bogota. Hilton kicked off 2008 with the opening of believes RootGel will sustain the agricultural and three managed properties in Costa Rica (the 202- horticultural industry through dry conditions and room Hilton Papagayo Resort in Guanacaste, the can help reduce water consumption. Its products are 315-room Doubletree by Hilton in Puntarenas, and designed for use as a soil conditioner for water and the 222-Doubletree Cariari by Hilton in San Jose); nutrient retention in landscaping, golf courses, horticulture and agriculture, said GelTech President Major renovations are being unveiled at Hilton Joe Ingarra. Details: or family hotels in Buenos Aires, Cartagena, Curaçao, 800-924-4874. Jose Torres, FlowTek, Inc. at Lima, Quito, Ponce and Trinidad. Hilton said it has 561-459-0849. Gerald Kieft or Ryan Audin. Wall entered into a franchise accord for the 144-room Street Resources, Inc. Phone: 772-219-7525. Hilton Bonaire, expected to debut in 2010. Email: Web: Doubletree announced renovation of the 184-room Hotel Pierre at Gallery Plaza, expected for completion later this year, at which time the TV RIGHTS FOR SERIE DEL CARIBE. Doubletree Hotel by Hilton San Juan will open its ESPN and Cultiva Entertainment said July 28 they doors. Details: Melissa Braverman I Quinn & Co. have reached an agreement that makes ESPN T: 212.868.1900 x225. F: 212.465.0849. Email: Deportes the exclusive Spanish-language home in Web: the U.S. to the Serie del Caribe tournament (Carib Series) through 2011. ESPN Deportes solidifies its *** position as "La Casa del Beibsol Invernal" (The OUTSOURCING TALENT REPORT. Zagada Home of Winter Baseball), showcasing exclusive Institute on July 24 announced publication of its coverage of all the leagues in the confederation: the Caribbean Contact Center & BPO Report Dominican Republic, Mexico and Venezuela, said 2008-2010: "A Care Process Analysis, Eric Conrad, director of programming and which finds that the region's agent and business acquisitions. The 2009 Serie del Caribe will run process outsourcing (BPO) talent base has grown by from Feb. 2-6. Details: 284% since 2005 to almost 65,000, and will exceed 101,000 by 2010. The numbers of call centers and TELECOM REPORT. Research & Markets on BPO companies have also grown from 85 to 135. July 29 announced the addition of the "Latin The economic impact has almost tripled from America: Telecoms Mobile & Broadband Overview US$500 million in 2005 to just under US$1.5 & Analysis 2008" report to its offering. While Latin billion. The study offers details on costs, America's fixed lines stagnate at 18% teledensity, demographics and service suppliers to corporate mobile subscribers have overtaken fixed-line buyers and sourcing execs for comparing and counterparts in every country except Cuba. evaluating the leading service suppliers and each of Paraguay leads the the 12 English and Spanish markets. Case studies trend, with 12 mobile phones for every fixed line in on e-Services Group International, KM2 and service. Mobile penetration in Latin America and Contact Center International are featured to lend the Caribbean was over 66% in early 2008, well operational context to Jamaica, the Eastern above the world average (around 46%). Details: Caribbean and the Dominican Republic. Companies Laura Wood. Email: press@ may purchase the report at www. ZagadaStore. Web: www. com. Details: Email: Tel: researchandmarkets. 786-348-7531 or 305-529-9028. Email: com/research/756614/latin_america_te LIAT ADDS FLIGHTS. Antigua-based LIAT ROOTGEL EXPANDS. GelTech Solutions, Inc. airline on July 25, in anticipation of the reduction of on July 29 said it is expanding sales of RootGel to flights by American Eagle, announced direct service Puerto Rico, The Bahamas, Dominican Republic to Puerto Rico leaving St Kitts daily at 1:15 pm and and the Caribbean Region. To handle demand, it has arriving in PR at 2:25 pm. LIAT also operates a signed an agreement with Caribbean-based morning flight from PR to St Kitts via St Maarten distributor, FlowTek, Inc. GelTech Solutions said it leaving San Juan at 10:50 am and arriving in St
  6. 6. Caribbean UPDATE September 2008 6 Kitts and 12:40 pm. A flight from PR to St Kitts via and Charles Rawl, on July 2, who are reportedly Antigua has the carrier leaving San Juan at 2:30 pm suing Stanford Group Co. for damages for unfair and arriving in St Kitts at 5:00 pm, said Marketing dismissal. Plaintiffs said they were given a Manager Derrick Frederick. “’Hobson’s Choice’ of either participating in illegal conduct, or resign to avoid potential criminal TOURISM SCHOLARSHIPS. More than a prosecution and/or penalties as a willing participant dozen Caribbean nationals will receive funding with Stanford”. The Stanford Group on July 3 from the Caribbean Tourism Organization (CTO), denied knowledge of the investigation. A Stanford to further their knowledge and skills in source said Tidwell and Rawl were “disgruntled tourism/hospitality, it was reported July 18. The employees”, adding that their allegations were CTO Foundation, is granting scholarships worth “totally without merit”. This is the second offshore US$31,000 to six Caribbean students pursuing bank controlled by Stanford that has been Masters level studies. The CTO Foundation also investigated by regulators in the past 19 years. provided study grants of US$2000 each to seven nationals from Antigua, The Dominican Republic, AA FLIGHTS FROM MIAMI. American Jamaica, St. Kitts, St. Lucia and Trinidad & Airlines on July 19 said it will begin daily nonstop Tobago. Three Caribbean nationals also received a service from Miami to Antigua on Nov. 2, using total of US$10,000 to participate in Management of Boeing 737-800 aircraft. The new service Coastal Recreational Tourism at the Cave Hill complements existing flights to Antigua from San Campus of the University of the West Indies. The Juan, Puerto Rico, offered by American and its total in scholarships and grants is US$55,000. regional affiliate, American Eagle, said Harold Details: Email: Lovell, Antigua’s Minister of Tourism and Civil ctobarbados@ caribtourism. com and Aviation. Details: BAHAMAS SHORT MESSAGING SERVICES. MIO (based in Ft. Lauderdale, Fla), a provider of mobile MEDICAL SCHOOL BRANCH. Ross communication services in the Dutch, French and University (based in North Brunswick NJ), a British Caribbean, on July 15 announced the launch division of DeVry Inc. on July 28 said it will open of International Short Messaging Services (SMS) in a branch of its medical school in Freeport, Grand the Dutch Caribbean. The new service allows MIO Bahama, in Jan. 2009, to accommodate the growing subscribers in the Aruba, Bonaire and Curacao demand from new students who wish to attend Ross Islands to send messages around the world. MIO University, which has a medical school campus in Subscribers can now send SMS text messages by Dominica and a veterinary school campus in St. simply addressing a recipient's wireless phone Kitts. Students will be housed and taught in number, said Barbara Sullivan -- Roaming Product temporary space in Grand Bahama with Ross's new Manager at the MIO Group. 60,000-80,000 sq ft campus scheduled to open in 2010. Students will begin training in Dominica, ANTIGUA & BARBUDA with a portion of third and forth semester students transferring to Freeport, said Ross U. president Dr. OFFSHORE BANK UNDER Thomas Shepherd, who added that the new campus INVESTIGATION. The US Securities & will initially have 18 - 25 faculty members, and will Exchange Commission (SEC) is investigating be equipped for further growth as demand increases. Antigua-licensed Stanford International Bank (SIB) Details: And: and its parent, Texas-based Stanford Group, DeVry Inc .Joan Bates. Tel: 630-574-1949. Email: regarding the sale of certificates of deposit issued by SIB and mutual fund wrap programs, reports Bloomberg News (Aug. 9, 2008). The bank is RITZ-CARLTON EXPANDS. Ritz-Carlton on controlled by Texas billionaire Allen Stanford and Aug. 13 announced its expansion at The Abaco the SEC reportedly issued subpoenas to two former Club on Winding Bay, a Ritz-Carlton Managed Stanford Group financial advisors, Mark Tidwell Club, a secluded residential development and
  7. 7. Caribbean UPDATE September 2008 7 sporting retreat. With initial membership pricing identified bio-diesel as a US$20 billion emerging starting at US$110,000, members receive points market. Details: Amelot Holdings, Inc. John annually for use toward their vacations in Abaco, Gernannt. 478-254-4138. Email: said Peter J. Watzka, Exec VP and CEO for The Web: Ritz- Carlton Development Co. Details: COMPANY MAY MOVE TO TRINIDAD. BACARDI OPENS FIRST STORE. The High energy prices may lead Roberts Bacardi Store, highlighting the world's top selling Manufacturing Co. Ltd. to move to Trinidad & premium rum, on July 31 opened its retail store on Tobago, reports The Barbados Nation (Aug. 5, Bay St in downtown Nassau, near the cruise ship 2008). New managing director David Foster said port and the Nassau Straw Market. The first-of-its- Roberts, which manufactures animal feeds and kind Bacardi concept store is owned and operated margarine products, is taking a beating due to high by the Bacardi Nassau-based distributor Bristol energy and input prices. Roberts is wholly owned Group of Companies Ld. Also available are by Trinidadian conglomerates and energy is 13 premium spirits and branded items from the Bacardi times cheaper in the twin-island republic. "In portfolio including Grey Goose vodka, Bombay Trinidad, energy cost is about $0.05 a kWh, Sapphire gin, Dewar's Scotch whisky and whereas ours is about $0.65," he said. Neal & Cazadores tequila. Bacardi Corp. is based in Puerto Massy Holdings has a 50.5% stake in Roberts while Rico, where it operates the world's largest premium Ansa McAl owns 49.5%. Foster believes that rum distillery. Details: Amy Federman and Abril higher energy costs in Barbados are "going to make Barba, Burson-Marsteller for Bacardi, (305) it very difficult to compete against Trinidadian 347-4300. Email: and products". Patricia M. Neal, for Bacardi, (305) 573-8511. REMITTANCES HELP ECONOMY. BARBADOS Barbadians, who “swapped” the warm tropical sunshine for the chill of North America and Europe, OFFSHORE OIL CONTROVERSY. have come in for high praise from Minister of Venezuela's energy minister Rafael Ramirez has Community Development and Culture Steven complained to Barbados that a recent offshore oil Blackett. Post office records from as early as 1905 bidding round violates the maritime border with reveal that foreign currency sent by Barbadian Venezuela, reports Reuters (July 31, 2008). migrants living in Panama and British Guiana were Barbados last year launched an exploration bid for the main source of income for many families across 70,000 square km of offshore area, a move a Barbados, and the funds from fellow Barbadians defended as consistent with international law by abroad continues to boost the economy, he said in Chris Sinckler, Minister of Foreign Affairs, Foreign an address before the National Association of Trade & International Business, who said the bid Barbados Organizations (NABO), the umbrella does not infringe on the rights of any other state. body for Barbadian organizations across the US, Venezuela wants to know if Barbados plans to grant founded in Atlanta GA in 1993 by Ken Knight. licenses for drilling within Caribbean waters it BELIZE claims, reports AP (July 30, 2008). Barbados has not joined Venezuela's Petrocaribe program, which TELEMARKETING SCHEME. Two supplies cheap fuel to Caribbean nations. Canadians face up to 10 years in federal prison after admitting their participation in a telemarketing scam AMELOT OIL REGISTERED. Amelot authorities say raked in nearly US$10.5 million Holdings, Inc. on July 29 said its subsidiary, from some 37,000 U.S. consumers, reports AP Amelot Oil Barbados Ltd., now registered here, is (Aug. 7, 2008). Steven Winter, 38, and Sean finalizing its proposal for the St. Thomas Parish McVicar, 34, both of Toronto, pleaded guilty in US Ambassador's Program, said Handel Callender, District Court to conspiracy to commit mail and General Manager, Barbados. Amelot Holdings, wire fraud. Sentencing was set for Nov. 2. A 2007 Inc., a publicly traded company, said it has indictment portrays Winter as the mastermind who
  8. 8. Caribbean UPDATE September 2008 8 set up and controlled the telemarketing operations said the FSC. "For every new investor acquired by in Belize, Canada and the U.S. under various the selling of distributorship, that investor is paid a corporate names, including HTC Holdings percentage or fixed sum of the money initially (acronym for ``Hide the Cash'') and BBC Corp. invested. Essentially the plan can go on without (which stood for ``Billionaire Boys Club"). The anyone being hurt and everyone still makes money, U.S. govt. said that since 1999 companies headed however, the number of investors needed to keep by Winter and employing McVicar used high- the scheme afloat can easily exceed population pressure tactics in duping consumers into paying figures, making the scheme go bust, the FSC said. fees of US$149 to US$400 for items such as supposed credit-card protection services. *** BERMUDA CAYMAN ISLANDS TOXIC MATERIAL SHIPMENT ERROR. 10,037 INVESTMENT FUNDS. The Cayman Bermuda is investigating why two containers filled Islands Monetary Authority (CIMA) on July 2008 with asbestos and radioactive material were said that at the end of June 2008 there were 10,037 accidentally shipped to New Jersey, reports AP investment funds on its register, vs. 9,681 at the end (Aug. 8, 2008). US authorities sent back the items, of the previous quarter and 8,972 at the mid point of said Robert Horton, permanent secretary to the 2007. The current annual growth rate of 12% in net Ministry of Works & Engineering. The mix-up new hedge funds, which takes cancellations into occurred while workers demolished a former Club account, is particularly striking in the context of the Med site in the island's eastern region that has been deterioration in global markets following the sub- abandoned for more than 20 years, he said. The prime meltdown and associated credit crunch, said asbestos container should have been sent to a Mark Lewis, senior investment funds partner at government quarry, but workers thought it Walkers: contained scrap metal destined for New Jersey. The second container had a boiler that was intended to "Business remains active and the volatility reach the Jersey shore, but it tested positive for low which has impacted world markets as a result of the levels of radioactive material and was returned, he credit crisis, and the relatively weak valuations of said. Representatives of Building Block, the many securities, has provided hedge fund managers contracting company that removed asbestos at the with great opportunities to create alpha after a Club Med site, could not be reached for comment. number of years of relatively flat returns", Lewis Final demolition of the former Club Med site was added. "Hedge funds have also provided the market scheduled for Aug. 25 to make way for a new hotel with much needed liquidity, which has been and golf course. especially beneficial amid the current tight lending conditions." BRITISH VIRGIN I. Among the new funds established in the Cayman INVESTMENT SCHEME WARNING. The Islands, strategies such as distressed debt and BVI Financial Services Commission (FSC) warned special opportunities presented by the widespread residents to be on the lookout for an investment markdown in asset prices have continued to feature program, masked as an approved financial scheme, strongly. Walkers has offices in the Cayman reports Caribbean Net News (July 28, 2008). It said Islands, the British Virgin Islands, Dubai, Hong a potential pyramid scheme, NewNetQuest, was Kong, Jersey, London, and Tokyo. Details: Tel: offering residents the opportunity to buy 345-949-0100 (Cayman Islands). Email: investment packages, with a high return on Web: investment and/or a shared percentage of net advertising revenue. “It typically works by *** promoter ‘A’ offering ‘B’ and ‘C’ opportunities to HIGH SALARIES OFFERED. British job purchase distributorships for a proposed start up seekers who might be considering a move to company at a fixed starting price, (usually $1,000)," London to benefit from high salaries are being
  9. 9. Caribbean UPDATE September 2008 9 encouraged to try the Cayman Islands, said CML reports The Tico Times (Aug. 13, 2008). Amazon Offshore Recruitment (Aug. 5, 2005). Research by said the center, its ninth around the world and first shows that London salaries in Costa Rica, would create 300 jobs over two are £11,000 higher than the average in the rest of years, with another 400 jobs for the year-end the UK. But jobs in Grand Cayman and jobs in holiday season. However, business leaders Bermuda can top that, says CML. Employers there complained last year of a shortage of English offer some of the highest salaries in the world -- and speakers in the rapidly growing services sector. The they are completely tax free -- mostly accounting Costa Rican Investment Board (CINDE) said the jobs in the Cayman Islands. CML chief executive service industry would need another 7,000 English Steve McIntosh said: "Salaries in Grand Cayman speakers by this year. A recent report found that and Bermuda are extremely competitive and the fact 40% of the nation's English teachers working for that little or no tax deductions puts net salaries far in the Education Ministry are unqualified to teach the excess of what can be expected in London. In fact, language. Amazon's call center, scheduled to open legal jobs in the Cayman Islands prove to be the in November, will provide mostly telephone support most lucrative.” CML, founded in 2003, offers and some e-mail support for the company's Web Legal, Accounting, Administrative and IT Jobs in site, said Brent Jaye, director of Amazon's North Bermuda, the Cayman Islands, the BVI, and several America Customer Service. countries in Europe and Asia. Details: Colin Doylend. Tel: (345) 949-1345 ext. 127. Web: NEW RESIDENTIAL RESORT. Jim and Gina Correll and partners Julian and Karen Rembert on Aug. 3 said they are developing Coco Bay Estates BANKRUPT HEDGE FUND LIQUIDATORS on 139 acres of forested mountainside looking out SUE. Financial newsletter Offshore Alert said a on the Pacific Ocean. CRDG Development, their 4- civil suit has been filed at the US District Court for year old company, is reportedly on target to the Southern District of New York against four complete the first phase: 100 home sites, 54 condos individuals and companies here, reports Caribbean and a tennis and aquatic center in early 2009. Net News (Aug. 8, 2008). The suit, filed on June CRDG says to date it has sold more than 60% of the 30, is an amended complaint to the original filed on condo homes. Details: April 4, in which the new liquidators of two Cayman-registered hedge funds sponsored by US Pharmaceutical products are sought by the financial giant Bear Stearns are seeking to recover Government, through the Costa Rican Social Health US$1.5 billion in losses. Walkers Fund Services Institution, Caja Costarricense del Seguro Social, Ltd; two of its officers, Canadian national Scott which has published an extensive list of products Lennon and US national, Michelle Wilson-Clarke; that do not have any supplier and a list of products and Deloitte & Touche (Cayman) were named in that have just one supplier. It invites companies to the amended complaint. Walkers was accused of contact them. Details: Licda. Ericka Fonseca, Area aiding and abetting fraud, breach of fiduciary duty, Gestion de Medicamentos. Phone: 506-2295-2815. and aiding and abetting breach of fiduciary duty. Email: Web: The causes of action against Deloitte & Touche (Cayman) include violation of the Securities and Equipment for Oil Refinery: One Auto- Exchange Act, fraud, professional malpractice, Transportable Crane (200 Tons capacity), One gross negligence, breach of contract, aiding and Auto-Transportable Crane (100 Tons capacity), One abetting fraud, and aiding and abetting breach of Auto-Transportable Crane (8 Tons capacity) and fiduciary duty. One Aerial Tube Bundle Extractor are sought by a company here. Details: Refinadora Costarricense COSTA RICA de Petroleo -RECOPE. Jose Tiffer Reyes. Maintenance Chief. Phone: 506-2279-2242. Fax: AMAZON CALL CENTER., the 506-2797-3100 Email: U.S.-based online vendor of books and a million Web: other things, announced plans to open a customer service center in Heredia, just north of San José,
  10. 10. Caribbean UPDATE September 2008 10 Epoxic electrostatic paint for powder coatings arbitrary detentions of political dissidents have for ovens is sought by a company here. US$2,000 taken place so far this year vs. "at least 325 short- per product. Spanish preferred. Details: Max term detentions" in 2007. Government opponents Alberto. Hornos con Tecnologia Oventec. Quesada have accused authorities of stepping up harassment Blanco. Phone: 506 2271-4646. Fax: 506 by taking them into custody for short periods of 2272-3623. Email: Web: http:// time. *** Garbage & Linen chutes (300,000) for 200 MORE FARM LAND IN PRIVATE HANDS. condominiums are sought by Riverside Developers. Moving to reduce dependence on costly food Also curtain, tracks, hand drawn baton, cornice, imports, President Raul Castro has authorized curtain, design & processing (100,000). US putting vacant farmland in private hands, reports company must offer entire package. Manufacturers AFP (July 19, 2008). "The maximum to be handed only. Details: Daniar Sancho. Import Mgr. over to individuals who do not hold land is 13.42 Phone: 506-2208-6161. Fax: 506-228-2772. Email: hectares (33 acres), and for those who hold lands, as Web: owners or designated workers, the amount can rise as high as 40.26 hectares (99 acres)," said the Communist daily Granma: CUBA Previously, the only private landholdings EMBARGO OUTDATED: JAMAICA PM. allowed were small family plots held prior to 1959. Jamaica's Prime Minister Bruce Golding says the The government will make new land grants for 10 US embargo against Cuba has no usefulness and years, which can be renewed. Government agencies stands in stark contrast to how other countries are and cooperatives also may get 25-year grants, which treated, reports Caribbean Net News (July 26, cannot be transferred or sold to third parties. "There 2008). Golding's spoke at a forum hosted by the is a considerable percentage of state land sitting Caribbean Policy Research Institute (CaPRI) under vacant, so it must be handed over to individuals or the theme "Cuba and its Neighbours: The groups as owners or users, in an effort to increase Challenges of Change." "My hope is that within a production of food and reduce imports," the decree short time we can see an end to the isolation of reads. Officials say the fallow land is as much as Cuba," Golding said, adding it was his expectation half the country's farmland, despite food needs of that its relations within Latin America will shortly the population of more than 11 million and of the be fully normalized. He said a window of tourism industry, a major hard-currency earner; opportunity now exists with increasing interaction between Cuba and US Congressmen and the Raul Castro told Cubans food production is a expressed willingness by a presidential candidate to national security priority. "We can't avoid some engage Cuba. He said the pace at which Cuba is impact on certain (basic) products and services," he transforming should be determined by the Cuban said, adding that the same amount of food imported people themselves and that the international in 2007 will cost US$1.1 billion more this year. He community should help to encourage them in that also implemented reforms that give farmers better transformation in a non-intrusive way. pay and more flexibility to buy farming equipment. Last week Cuba said it would allow private GRIM PICTURE ON HUMAN RIGHTS. The contractors such as taxi drivers back into Cuba's Cuban Commission on Human Rights said the transport sector; number of known political prisoners had fallen by 15 to 219 in the first half of 2008, but that short- The government said in June it was scrapping term detentions of dissidents had increased salary caps long meant to underscore egalitarianism dramatically, reports Reuters (Aug. 13, 2008). but which the administration says hurt productivity. Elizardo Sanchez, president of the Cuban Human As Cuba eyes a shrinking population and worker Rights and National Reconciliation Commission, base, lawmakers plan to delay the retirement age and a former political prisoner, said at least 640 from 60 to 65 for men, and from 55 to 60 for
  11. 11. Caribbean UPDATE September 2008 11 women. A week earlier, Raul Castro approved a deliberations by the new 18-member Advisory plan to hire retired teachers to counter a shortage. Committee to the UN's Human Rights Council. Members of the committee, which provides *** expertise to the 47-nation Council, are nominated VENEZUELA-CUBA TIES GROW. Oil-rich by their governments but are expected Venezuela is investing billions of dollars in Cuba in to work independently. The Council was set up two increasingly complex ventures, reports Reuters years ago to replace the UN's discredited old (July 22, 2008). Human Rights Commission. Critics say the Council has become a battleground between blocs of They have an oil-for-services deal in which countries in which Islamic nations, usually Venezuela ships 92,000 barrels a day in exchange supported by Russia, China and Cuba, scrap with for the services of thousands of Cuban doctors and the West over competing visions of human rights. other technical assistance. They also reported more than 300 cooperation projects in 2007 and ANIMALS FOR OIL. : Venezuela sends oil to Venezuelan banks are financing 58 Cuban Cuba and now Cuba will ship zoo animals to manufacturing programs and a dozen agricultural Venezuela, reports Reuters (Aug. 12, 2008). development schemes; Officials at the Havana National Zoological Park are preparing to transport animals to Venezuela to Benefiting from high oil prices, Venezuela is replenish its zoos, depleted by years of neglect. Just buying new rice harvesters and irrigation systems in as Cuba sends doctors to Venezuela in a barter for central Cuba, upgrading fertilizer manufacturing 92,000 barrels a day of oil, Venezuela will give and building new factories in the eastern city of medical equipment to Cuba in exchange for the Santiago. The two countries have also signed 30 animals, said Havana zoo director Tomas Escobar. joint ventures. A US$5 billion petrochemical Among the animals expected to go are a giraffe complex under construction around a renovated oil named "Evo" for Bolivia's leftist leader Evo refinery in Cienfuegos, 150 miles (250 km) Morales, a lion, a pygmy hippopotamus, two southeast of Havana, represents more direct hyenas, an antelope and an ankoli African cow. investment than hundreds of Western businesses put About 400 zebras and 300 lions have been born in into Cuba between 1995 and 2000; captivity on its 840 acres on the outskirts of Havana, and many have been sent to zoos in other A nickel plant in eastern Holguin province, countries, Escobar said. getting a US$700 million upgrade, will ship product to Venezuela to be processed into stainless steel by LOCOMOTIVES FROM CHINA. Deputy a joint venture in which Cuba has a 49% stake. Minister of Transportation Antonio Puente said 11 New ventures are also underway in more of the 100 Chinese locomotives set to revamp telecommunications, fishing, agriculture, boat the country's railway system would be up and building, railways and cement. Most joint energy running within a week, pulling cars loaded with projects aim to serve Venezuela’s PetroCaribe, fuel, cement, containers, food and other cargo, which provides preferentially financed oil to 15 reports Granma newspaper (July 24, 2008). The Caribbean and Central American countries. new locomotives are the same as the first 12 acquired from China in Jan. 2006; another 40 will *** arrive in the coming months and the order will be UN NAMES CUBAN HUMAN RIGHTS completed in 2009. Twenty-eight Russian CHAIRMAN. A United Nations human rights locomotives are also expected to arrive this year. body appointed as its chairman for the next three The government last December announced the years a Cuban law professor who has been a senior signing of contracts worth over US$2 billion, for a diplomat for the Havana government and five year term. China has become the main vehicle spokesman for its foreign ministry, reports Reuters supplier to Cuba, sending Yutong passenger buses (Aug. 6, 2008). Miguel Alfonso Martinez, 73, and cars, along with the locomotives. China is Cuba acting president of the Cuban Society for ´s second largest trade partner after Venezuela. International Law, was elected to preside over its Trade with China ascended in 2007 to US$ 2.653
  12. 12. Caribbean UPDATE September 2008 12 billion, up 17% vs. 2006, according to official plan to sell excess power to Martinique and figures. Guadeloupe. Drilling is planned to begin the first quarter of 2009 and electricity production is HIGHWAY CONSTRUCTION RESUMES. planned for the last quarter of 2010. After nearly two decades, Cuba is ready to resume construction of the national highway with plans to US$20 MILLION LOAN. Dominica plans to use complete three lanes in a 60 km stretch between the US$20 million from the Bolivarian Alternative for provinces of Villa Clara and Sancti Spiritus by next the Americas to improve housing, education and year, reports ACN (July 29, 2008). Ernesto Capdet health services, reports AP (July 20, 2008). Prime Wert, director of Villa Clara's Highway Minister Roosevelt Skerrit says US$6 million will Administration Center, said authorities are go to repair, build and finance homes. The evaluating the state of the unfinished road located remainder will be used to build schools and repair between kms 260 and 320 of the highway. roads and hospitals. Political opponents have Construction was halted in the late 1980s because of criticized the government for becoming a member the severe economic crises as a result of the of the regional trade alliance, whose members strengthening of the US economic, commercial and include Cuba, Iran, Bolivia and Nicaragua. financial blockade against Cuba. Minister of Construction Fidel Figueroa said that to build one DOMINICAN REPUBLIC km of highway costs 1 million Cuban pesos, a cost he said could increase due to the skyrocketing price 11% OF GDP FROM TOURISM. The DR has of oil. Latin America's highest tourism receipts per GDP, according to the Latin Business Chronicle (LBC) SILKWORM RAISING EXPERIMENT. Cuba (July 17, 2008). It says 11.1% of the country's GDP has begun raising silkworms for the production and comes from tourism. Costa Rica with 7.5% and sale of silk, cocoons and other derivatives, reports Panama with 6.0% are two other countries with ACN (July 25, 2008). This experiment, at the Indio high tourism revenues. The LBC report reveals that Hatuey Pasture and Forage Experimental Station in Panama experienced the largest increase in tourist central Matanzas province, constitutes a baseline visitors while Uruguay had the largest increase in study still in the evaluation phase, said project tourism revenues. The report says Latin America engineer Roberto Carlos Fiallo, adding that they received a record 68.6 million international arrivals have already raised generations of worms and have last year, an increase of 2.9% since 2006. tested this process for two years. Fiallo explained that cocoons are used in cosmetology for growing 18 NEW FTZS. The National Free Trade Zone hair, are useful in fighting hyperglycaemic human Council (CNZFE) approved 18 new businesses, a processes and could be used to feed chickens and possible investment of RD$3.9 billion, that will rabbits due to their high protein value. begin operating soon, reports DR1 Daily News (July 24, 2008). The companies could generate an DOMINICA estimated US$25.4 million in revenue and create 2,282 new jobs, said Industry & Commerce GEOTHERMAL ENERGY INVESTMENT. Minister Melanio Paredes, adding that the private Dominica has signed an agreement with West sector will invest RD$629 million in building two Indies Power Holdings to explore geothermal new free trade parks. The parks could generate energy, reports AP (July 27, 2008). Company US$1 billion in revenue and will create an officials say it will take 18 months and cost US$4 additional 4,765 new jobs. The announcements million to dig wells up to 6,000 feet deep south of come at a time when the Dominican Free Zone the island. They hope to find hot water and convert Association is urging government to maintain it to steam so it can be used to generate electricity. subsidies, support revision of labor laws, enforce The second phase includes construction of a 15- free transport of cargo, in order to rescue the sector megawatt plant that will cost US$45 million, and that has seen the loss of thousands of jobs due to take more than one year to build. Former acting competition from China. Attorney General Bernard Wiltshire said officials
  13. 13. Caribbean UPDATE September 2008 13 FREE ZONE DIVERSIFICATION. Exports of will include one to generate gases such as hydrogen apparel manufactured or assembled in the DR fell and methane, another that will put out 100 12.7% in volume and 25.5% in value exports for the megawatts of electricity and a third to produce first six months of 2008, reports DR1 Daily News animal feed, Batista said, adding that the project's (Aug. 13, 2008). The fall reflects some of the first phase will be done by 2010 and create more diversification taking place in the industrial free than 3,000 jobs. Note: Hoy newspaper identified zones nationwide. From 60% apparel years back, the company as RJS Group, and said it was “of apparel companies now only comprise 32% of free mixed Dominican and American capital.” It added zone companies. Others are health products that the company says it will reinvest 10% of its (18.4%), electric products (16.6%), jewelry (14.5%) profits in regional social programs and that the and services at (13.1%). Tobacco products plant will also produce 100 MW of sugar cane (primarily cigars), footwear and marketing services biofuel. make up the rest. According to the Major Shippers Report, the DR exported 180.7 million square BRAZILIAN ETHANOL. Brazilian meters of apparel to the US during the first half of Ambassador Ronaldo Dunlop said a Brazilian the year, down 12.7% from a year ago. (Costa Rica company will install a plant to mix ethanol with also registered a loss of 21.7%). The report also local gasoline and obtain a cheaper fuel for use in states that on a worldwide level there was a 3.84% the nation's vehicles, reports DR1 Daily News (July fall in volume and a 4% drop is value in the textile 28, 2008). Ethanol will be imported from Brazil, but trade. Of the countries associated with the DR- later Brazilian technology will be used to produce CAFTA agreement, only Honduras, El Salvador and ethanol here, he added. Nicaragua increased their textile exports. The report states that China faced increasing workers' demands MONEY LAUNDERING BROTHERS. The for higher wages, and saw itsr volume and value Benitez brothers, accused in a US court of a million fall, although by only 7% and 6% respectively. dollar scam against the US Medicare system, escaped from the DR where they had invested US$20 MILLION LOAN FOR AQUEDUCT. millions of dollars, most in tourism-related The Executive Branch sent to the Senate a bill to businesses and real estate that has been confiscated approve a US$20 million loan from the Deutsche by the local authorities, reports DR1 Daily News Bank Sociedad Anonima Espanola, a Spanish (Aug. 5, 2008). German Miranda Villalona, director commercial bank, reports Hoy (July 31, 2008). of the MoneyLaundering Unit, says they don't know Funds would be used to finish the Oriental (Barrera how Carlos, Jose and Luis Benitez could have de Salinidad) Aqueduct project that feeds off escaped or where they are, and that Interpol would Ozama River waters and supplies water to eastern continue to be on the lookout for them. More than Santo Domingo. The Fernandez administration 60 people have been connected to the scam, signed the agreement for construction with officials said. Consorcio Acueducto Oriental (Impregilio S.P.A., and Sinercon, S.A.) on Aug. 16, 2007. The start of MORE IT JOBS. Microsoft Dominicana says the construction of the aqueduct dates back to 1999. informatics sector will create 4,000 new jobs and The construction should have been completed in generate close to a RD$1 billion in taxes in the next 2004. four years, reports Listin Diario (Aug. 7, 2008). This year Microsoft says it looks to generate ENERGY CO. TO BUILD 4 PLANTS. RSG RD$900 million through the businesses that carry Group, a renewable energy company here, plans to their products. The IT industry employs 13,000 build a commercial ethanol-production plant and workers, including 7,000 with Microsoft. The DR's three facilities operating on biofuels, says its IT market is dominated by hardware, 74% and president, Francisco Batista, reports AP (July 31, software 11%, and less than 0.6% of GDP is 2008). The projects (cost US$340 million), will be dedicated towards IT development vs. the world built in the northwest, he said, adding that the average of 2.5%. ethanol plant will produce 100 million gallons (380 million liters) a year. The biofuel-powered plants
  14. 14. Caribbean UPDATE September 2008 14 CACAO BOOM. Agriculture Minister Salvador anyone who can prove having income and a Jimenez says this year the DR will export US$90 verifiable home address, said general manager million worth of cacao, equivalent to 40,000 metrics Gabriel Rouadi, adding that it seeks to reach out to tons, reports DR1 Daily News (July 29, 2008). In the 70% of the local population that does not have a the first six months of the year the DR exported credit card. 24,000 metric tons of cacao, and each ton is sold for as much as US$4,000, he said . The world's GAS PIPELINE TO HAITI. Construction of a leading producer, the DR's 41,000 farmers produce 10-inch, 300-km gas pipeline from the DR to Haiti 15 metric tons of organic cacao per year. Jimenez was approved at the IV Ministerial Meeting of the spoke during the Choco Caribe conference, at the PetroCaribe ministers, reports Hoy (July 14, 2008). Hotel Jaragua, which seeks to strengthen relations The decision could turn the DR into a fuel between Latin American cacao producers and distribution center for the Caribbean, said one European consumers. Gustavo Arteta said 30% of expert. The system would import, gasify and store Dominican chocolate is exported to Europe and the gas while the pipeline was being built, and 15% of that chocolate is exported to Italy. would handle liquid Natural Gas as well as Compressed Natural Gas. It is expected to enter SHELL REFINERY SOLD. The DR govt service within two or three years. Hacienda Minister concluded the buyout of Royal Dutch Shell Plc's Vicente Bengoa said the DR could supply 50% stake in a refinery for US$110 million, reports Venezuela with surplus foods and tourist services as Reuters (Aug. 7, 2008). The purchase of the half part of repayments for the oil it receives from share the govt did not already own in the refinery, Venezuela. known by its Spanish language acronym as REFIDOMSA, was sealed in a brief ceremony in HELIPORT INAUGURATED. Jose Tomas the offices of Finance Minister Vicente Bengoa. Perez, director of the Civil Aviation Institute, The refinery has been co-owned by Shell and the attended the inauguration of the Santo Domingo DR since it started operating in the mid-1970s. By Ecological Heliport, on the 30 de Mayo Highway, taking on full ownership the govt was increasing its with capacity for 40 helicopters, reports DR1 Daily control over gasoline distribution and could take News (July 19, 2008). This is the first heliport for greater advantage of the deal with Venezuela under tourists or businesspeople in Santo Domingo. the Petrocaribe initiative, Bengoa said. Shell will also sell its chain of service stations and other NEW METS TRAINING CAMP. The New businesses here, reports Diario Libre (Aug. 6, York Mets unveiled a new training academy here in 2008). an effort to develop more of the talent-rich country's baseball prospects, reports AP (July 29, 2008). The TUNNELING MACHINES. The Oficina para el US$8 million facility in Boca Chica, a beach resort Reordenamiento del Transporte (OPRET), as part of east of Santo Domingo, includes two playing fields. a Pilot Project for Rapid Mass Transit, is interested One copies the dimensions and wall height of Citi in receiving proposals from companies with Field, the ballpark the Mets will move into next experience in manufacture or sale of 2 tunneling season. DR President Leonel Fernandez, a former machines (máquinas tuneladoras). Deadline: Sept. New Yorker, joined team execs at a ribbon-cutting 29, 2008. Refer to Licitación No. OPRET 023/08. ceremony at the 37-acre academy, which will serve Details: Oficina para Reordenamiento del as the hub for the Mets’Latin American baseball Transporte. Antigua cementera. Av. Máximo Gómez operations. It includes dormitories, two bunting Esq. Paseo de los Reyes Católicos. Santo Domingo, fields, two batting tunnels, four covered pitching República Dominicana. Fax: (809-565-2893) . E- mounds, and weight and training rooms, said Jeff mail: Wilpon, the club's chief operating officer. It replaces the franchise's previous facility in the NEW CREDIT CARD. Banco Leon has united southern province of San Cristobal. The Mets, who with Argentina’s Tarjeta Naranja S.A. to launch the have six Dominican players on their roster, hope to Naranja (orange) credit card, reports DR1 Daily develop more of its share of the talent regularly News (Aug. 6, 2008). It will issue the card to produced by the country of 9.2 million people.
  15. 15. Caribbean UPDATE September 2008 15 Domingo, República Dominicana. Tel: (809) EARLY EDUCATION PROJECT. A World 688-9700 Ext. 2378 y 2397. Notice GN93-733/08 Bank loan is for an Early Education Project ( ID: P054937; Préstamo No. 7144-DOM; TF 25609). TAIWAN SCHOLARSHIPS. Taiwanese Part of the funds are for procurement of equipment. Ambassador to the DR, Isaac Tsai donated US$1 Deadline: Sept. 11, 2008. LPI 03-2008.Details: million to the Ministry of Higher Education Secretaria Estado de Educación. Oficina (SEESCYT) to help local students, as part of their Cooperación Internacional. Depto Licitaciones y Mandarin Language and International Scholarship Adquisiciones. Proyecto Educación Inicial. Ave. Fund Program, reports DR1 Daily News (July 22, Máximo Gómez esq. Ave. Bolívar, Primer Piso, 2008). Gazcue. Santo Domingo, República Dominicana. Tel. (809) 685-3615/688-9700 Ext. 7005. Fax. LIBRARY BOOKS. A World Bank loan is for (809) 685-3790., an Early Education Project (Project Id: P054937; Loan No. 7144-DOM). Part of the funds are for CONTRABAND GARLIC HURTS LOCAL procurement of library books for the CRECE CROP. The Constanza Valley Garlic Growers project. Deadline: Sept. 4, 2008. Refer to: LPI Association is complaining that members are about 05-2008. Details: Secretaria de Estado de to lose more than 50,000 quintals of garlic from this Educacion. Oficina Cooperación Internacional. year's crop, due to the enormous amount of garlic Depto Licitaciones y Adquisiciones. Proyecto de that is crossing the border from Haiti, reports DR1 Educación Inicial. Préstamo BIRF 7144-DO. Ave. Daily New (July 23, 2008). This garlic is imported Máximo Gómez esq. Ave. Bolívar, Primer Piso, from China for eventual distribution in the DR. So Gazcue,. Sto Domingo, República Dominicana. Tel. far, the authorities have not located the masterminds (809) 685-3615/688-9700 Ext. 7005 Fax. (809) behind the scheme. 685-3790. E-mail:, ILLEGAL PHARMACEUTICALS. The Customs Dept (DGA) seized 200 sacks of illegal EL SALVADOR pharmaceuticals worth about RD$40 million during five raids in Santo Domingo, reports DR1 Daily HOSPITAL PROJECT. A World Bank loan is News (Aug. 12, 2008). Customs director Miguel for An Emergency Earthquake Reconstruction and Cocco says the DGA has seized more than RD$150 Health Services Extension Project ( No. 7084-ES; million worth of illegal pharmaceuticals so far this Proyecto No. P067986). Part of the funds are for year. Reconstruction, Design and Rehab of Vital Lines of the National Maternity Hospital. Deadline: Sept. 16, LIGHT BULB PROGRAM. President Leonel 2008. Refer to: LPI-43/2008. Also procurement of Fernandez attended a ceremony marking the start of hospital beds, cribs and other equipment. Deadline: the low consumption light bulb program (PSB), Sept. 22, 2008. LPI-121-208. Details: Ministerio which will replace 10 million high-consumption Salud Pública y Asistencia Social, Unidad. bulbs with 10 million low-consumption bulbs, Coordinadora del Proyecto RHESSA. Dr. José reports Hoy (July 22, 2008). The Cuban- Guillermo Maza Brizuela. Calle Arce y 19 Avda manufactured bulbs were purchased for US$18.5 Sur Nº 1045 San Salvador. El Salvador, C.A. Fax: million, but according to State-run Electricity Co. (503) 2249-9683, (503) 2249-9684, (CDEEE) VP Radhames Segura, the investment (503)2249-9685, (503)2249-9686. E-mail: will be recouped in five months. LAB EQUIPMENT. Bids are invited (by Sept. 8, DECONTAMINATION PROGRAM. A loan 2008) for laboratory equipment and materials that from the Inter-American Development Bank is for will be used at the Instituto Politécnico de Haina Decontamination of Critical Areas Program ( No. (IPHA). Refer to: LPI-001-8. Details: Secretaría de 1209/OC-ES). Part of the funds are for Selection of Estado de Educación. Depto de Compras, 2do Company for Works That Complement Sanitary nivel. Av. Máximo Gómez esq. Santiago. Sto Landfill of San Miguel. Deadline: Sept. 12, 2008.
  16. 16. Caribbean UPDATE September 2008 16 Refer to: LPI No. 1/2008-MARN871-6-FISDL. from Miami to Grenada on Nov. 2. The new Details: Fondo de Inversión Social para el service complements existing flights to Grenada Desarrollo Local. Depto Adquisiciones y from San Juan, Puerto Rico, offered by American Contrataciones del FISDL. Jefe de ACI: Lic. Eagle, its the regional affiliate, said Peter Dolara, Francisco García. 10ª Av. Sur y Calle México. American’s Senior VP - Miami, Caribbean and Barrio San Jacinto, frente a ex Casa Presidencial. Latin America. Flights will operate daily except San Salvador, El Salvador. Tel: (503) during spring and fall, when service operates five 2505-1200/1336 . Fax: (503)2505-1390 days a week. Details: RURAL DEVELOPMENT. A US$460.9 GUATEMALA million grant from the US. Govt. via the Millennium Challenge Corp.(MCC), is designed to DRINKING WATER PROJECT. An Inter- help reduce poverty through rural economic growth. American Development Bank loan is for a Program El Salvador plans to use a portion of the funds to for Supply of Drinking Water and Rural Basic procure a number of goods, works and services later Cleanliness (No. 1469/OC-GU). Part of the funds in 2008. Deadlines not specified. Details: are for Introduction of Drinking Water in 14 FOMILENIO’s Procurement Agent. Blvd del Communities of Ixcan, Quiche. Deadline: Sept. 24, Hipódromo, No. 441, Col. San Benito. San 2008. Refer to: LPI 001-2008. Details: Instituto Salvador, El Salvador. Tel: (503) 2524-6150. Fax Fomento Municipal. Oficina Programa (503) 2524-6102. E-mail: informacion@fomilenio- Abastecimiento Agua Potable y Saneamiento Web: www. Básico Rural, 6º Nivel . 8ª Calle 1-66 zona 9. Guatemala, Guatemala. Web site: GRENADA INVESTMENT CLUB TROUBLES. An ROAD REHAB. A World Bank loan is for the investigation of the investment club, Olint TCI Second Program of Rural Roads & Main Highways Corp, located in the Turks & Caicos Islands, has (No.7169-GU; Proyecto ID: P055085). Part of the meant bad news for Grenada’s SGL Holdings Inc. funds are for rehabilitation of the Second Package and its customers, and Grenada’s Ministry of of Works in the Huista and Mamsohue Finance has stepped in to help monitor the situation, Communities. Deadline: Oct. 2, 2008. Refer to: reports Caribbean Net News (July 28, 2008). The LPI01HM-200. Details: Hotel Sauna Premier. 2ª. Ministry said it had met with SGL and was aware Calle 5-37 Zona 8, Corral Chiquito, that the company was feeling the negative impact of Huehuetenango, Huehutenango. Guatemala. Tel. the “difficulties” faced by their trader, which has (502) 24226900 extensiones 1251, 1215, 1407 y since led to Olint TCI having its assets frozen 1409. Fax. (502) 23341074. Email: pending an investigation. “Until such time as this Notice: matter is resolved, the company (SGL) is unable to WB3153-733/08 make any payments to its customers,” said the Ministry. Earlier in July, an independent US futures GUYANA regulator, the National Futures Assoc (NFA), filed a complaint of “suspicious activity” against Olint LOG EXPORT RATE INCREASE. Guyana is TCI, operated by Jamaican David Smith. NFA said increasing taxes on some log exports to encourage the suspicious activity included “extensive and production of wood products such as furniture, unexplained wire activity; deposits followed by a reports AP (Aug. 8, 2008). The 5% increase per log request to transfer the funds to a third party without applies to 20 types of tropical hardwoods exported any apparent business reason; and unexplained, to the US, Europe and Asia. The upcoming 7% extensive wire activity with very low trading levels becomes effective in January and will increase to in the accounts”. 12% by 2011. Agriculture Minister Robert Persaud says Guyana considered banning exports altogether MIAMI-GRENADA FLIGHTS. American to dissuade logging without investment in wood Airlines on July 21 said it will begin nonstop flights manufacturing. He said the hike will not affect 50
  17. 17. Caribbean UPDATE September 2008 17 other types of wood to encourage harvesting of Regional Director for Church World Service in those species. Dense rainforest covers about 75% Latin America and the Caribbean. "We've seen of Guyana. About 20% is leased to timber really impressive results in terms of people building companies. robust food production, so they can feed themselves; WARRANTS IN MISSIONARIES' DEATHS. Guyana police issued arrest warrants for two But more important," says Coria, "beyond Brazilians accused of killing a U.S. missionary basic food survival, the program has flourished in couple in 2005, the first charges brought in the case, an area of severe poverty which was compounded reports AP (Aug. 7, 2008). Peter Marare and by the devastation of the 2005 storm. Twelve Aleiman Cassiano Eligenio, ranch hands on the agricultural community cooperatives of men and couple's farm, face one count of murder each, said women have formed, and they continue to increase Guyana police spokesman Louis Crawford. Both their farming skills through training and with the are believed to be in Brazil. Guyana will ask its provision of what NGOs like to call 'agricultural southern neighbor to hand the men over, Crawford inputs.' Translates as: tools, livestock, poultry and said. Missionaries Richard Hicks, 42, and his wife seeds"; Charlene Hicks, 58, were found dead on property they rented amid cattle ranches and peanut farms in As a result of the post-storm Rural Development March 2005. Their house was set on fire and Program, family income is up and adult and Richard Hicks' body burned beyond recognition. childhood malnutrition is down, while elsewhere His wife was found meters from the house, Haitians are rioting over lack of food. Families in apparently killed by heavy blows. The couple, the northwest co-op farming program are producing originally from South Africa and Chicago, spent larger, healthier and more diversified crops-- almost a decade in Guyana translating the Bible into including rice--by using fertilizer, crop rotation, and the Wapishana language spoken by thousands of cultivation methods that tackle environmental indigenous people near the Brazilian border. They problems and prevent soil erosion; were sent to Guyana by the Dallas-based Wycliffe Bible Translators and the Summer Institute of In the northwest cooperatives, nine small Linguistics in Florida. Police suspect robbery was agricultural loan funds and five women's the motive. microenterprise loan funds are now viable, rotating sources of micro-funding which help members HAITI expand their ventures or start new ones. CWS Haitian partner the Christian Center for Integrated SUSTAINABLE AGRI-COOPS. Haiti Development (Sant Kretyen Pou Developman continues to struggle in the grip of a worsening Entegre, SKDE) coordinates the food and livelihood world food crisis. But Haitians in the remote security program locally. Artibonite and Northwest regions are benefiting from a sustainable agriculture program supported by *** global humanitarian agency Church World Service SEEDS FOR FARMERS. A U.N. food agency and funded in part by a new grant from the US- says it has started distributing seeds and tools to based Osprey Foundation, reports Caribbean Net thousands of farmers in Haiti, which has been one News (July 30, 2008): of the hardest hit countries in the global food crisis, reports AP (Aug. 4, 2008). Soaring food prices led The program's expansion will provide more to deadly riots in April. The Food and Agriculture people, particularly women, with opportunities to Organization says one in five Haitian children is grow enough food for their families and increase chronically undernourished. The Rome-based income for other basic needs through access to agency says it is giving some 600 tons in bean, credit and training. "The program was launched in maize and sorghum seeds as well as hoes and 2005 following Tropical Storm Jeanne as a machetes to 70,000 families. It says the $4 million transition from disaster recovery to sustainable donation will help with the current planting season. community development," says Martin Coria, FAO said it would need an extra US$64 million to
  18. 18. Caribbean UPDATE September 2008 18 help around 500,000 needy families for the next including Atlántida, Bay Islands, Choluteca, three planting seasons. Comayagua, Cortés, Francisco Morazán, La Paz and Valle, representing nearly 60% of the country's BRIDGE CONSTRUCTION STUDIES. An population of 7.64 million. The license was Inter-American Development Bank loan is for an obtained by Digicel for US$ 2 million through a Infrastructure Rehabilitation Program. Part of the competitive bid process, said Miguel Garcia, CEO, funds are for consults to carry out studies of bridge Digicel Honduras. Digicel, incorporated in construction. Deadline: Sept. 25, 2008. Refer to: Bermuda, operates in 23 markets in the Caribbean AOI No. 005/08/1922 OA. Details: (1) Unité and Central America. Details: www.digicelgroup. centrale d’exécution. 23 et 10, Angle 1ere et 2eme Antonia Graham. Digicel. (876) 564-1708. Email: Ruelle Wilson. Pacot, Port-au-Prince Haïti. Tél: Antonia. Graham@ and Dacrie (509) 2245-5377, 3510-0316. E-mail: Brooks, Cohn &Wolfe for Digicel. (212) 798-9804. (2) Ministère des travaux Email: Dacrie_Brooks @ publics transports et communications. Attn: Unité Centrale d’Exécution (UCE). Salle de Conférence CONTAINER SCANNING. Puerto Cortes, on du MTPTC. Palais des ministères. Port-au-Prince, the Caribbean coast, is the only port in the Western Haïti. Tel: (509) 2245-5377, 2222-3230, Hemisphere and one of only three in the world 2222-3240. Fax: (509) 2223-4519 scanning all inbound and outbound shipments for nuclear substances, offering considerable HONDURAS advantages for foreign investors, said the Honduras non-profit private investment promotion agency WATER, SEWAGE PROJECT. A loan from FIDE (July 18, 2008). Vilma Sierra, FIDE Exec. the Inter-American Development Bank is for a Pres., said. "Honduras is roughly four years ahead Drinking Water, Sewage Investment Program (No. of the U.S. congressionally mandated July 2012 1048/1793 SF-HO). Part of the funds are for Phase deadline requiring 100% of all U.S.-bound 1 of the Sewage Project in Jesus de Otoro containers to be scanned before entry, established municipality, Intibua Dept. Deadline: Sept. 2, 2008. by the Security and Accountability for Every Port Refer to:LPI BID-AMJO 001-2008. Details: Act (SAFE) of 2006." Puerto Cortes ranks 29th in Alcaldía de Jesús de Otoro. Depto de Intibucá. the world in volume of shipments to the US and is Barrio El Rosario, frente al Parque Central. Jesús also a partner in the US Govt Container Security de Otoro. Intibucá, Honduras. Tel: (504) 784-4041. (CSI), Megaports, and Secure Freight (SFI) E-mail: Initiatives. Details: ROAD CONSTRUCTION. Funds from a grant DELTA TO TEGUCIGALPA. Delta Air Lines from the Millenium Challenge Corp (MCC) will said July 22 it will launch daily flights between pay for Construction Works of the Choluteca Atlanta's Hartsfield-Jackson Airport and Toncontin Orocuina Road. Deadline: Sept. 8, 2008. Refer Airport in the capital city of Tegucigalpa, starting to:IFB/CB/No. O13 – 2008. Notice No. Dec. 18, 2008, using brand-new Boeing 737-700 MCC239-732/08. Details: General Director MCA aircraft being delivered this year. The new flight is Honduras. Col. Palmira, Paseo República de part of Delta's expansion, which includes flights Argentina. Casa 354. Tegucigalpa, Honduras. Tel: between New York-JFK and Buenos Aires, (504) 231-1985. Note: no other contact info was Argentina (Dec. 18); New York-JFK and Bonaire provided, raising questions about the transparency (Dec. 20); and Atlanta and Santiago de los of the process. Caballeros, Dominican Republic (Dec. 20). Details: Delta Air Lines. Corporate Communications. DIGICEL WINS WIMAX LICENSE. Digicel 404-715-2554 on Aug. 1 said it won a license in the 2.5 GHz spectrum to deliver low cost broadband internet JAMAICA services using WiMAX technology in Honduras. Digicel secured the only license that covers the CONSTRUCTION CONTRACT. The Port eight most densely populated areas of Honduras, Authority of Jamaica (PAJ) has chosen construction
  19. 19. Caribbean UPDATE September 2008 19 company E. Pihl & Sons AS for a US$16.5 million Interested firms/individuals should indicate whether (J$1.19 billion) job to reclaim lands at the Hunts they intend to submit proposal by e-mail to: Bay shoreline in Kingston, reports The Jamaica or fax: (876) 960-6443. Gleaner (Aug. 6, 2008). The works cover reclamation and installation of vertical drains in the BANKER'S ASSETS FROZEN. Police in the area of the Kingston Container Terminal (KCT), Turks & Caicos have frozen the assets of a which has undergone a series of projects to boost Jamaican banker whose investment company is capacity and its transhipment business. The US$248 accused of financial irregularities, reports AP (July million phase five works, which constructed a new 20, 2008). Assistant superintendent Mark Knighton Western Berth at KCT, boosted capacity to 3.2 said authorities also have seized computers and million TEUs. The port's throughput was 1.8 documents belonging to banker David Smith. He million TEUs in 2007, and 1.98 million in 2006. said Smith has not been detained or questioned. Smith is the head of Olint Corp., an investment LAPARKAN OPENS OFFICE. US-based outfit that promised big returns to residents in the Laparkan Group has opened offices here, Laparkan Caribbean and the U.S. Olint’s Kingston office was Jamaica Ltd, reports The Jamaica Gleaner (Aug. raided in March 2006 and it has been barred from 12, 2008). It has provided air and ocean shipping to operating because it allegedly does not have a Jamaica for more than 20 years, through a local license. agent. The group is involved in diverse activities in Guyana, its core market, including retail, MONTSERRAT supermarket and travel services. Laparkan is the sales agent for Delta Airlines and operates in PARTIAL DOME COLLAPSE. Scientists at partnership with the Unions in GNIC, a port the Montserrat Volcano Observatory (MVO) said terminal and engineering services corporation that a partial collapse of the dome sent pyroclastic located on the waterfront in Georgetown, Guyana. flows down over Plymouth and into the sea, on the Laparkan's plans include establishment of an LCL western side of the Soufriere Hills volcano, reports (Less Than Container Load) transshipment hub in Caribbean Net News (July 28, 2008). Small Kingston, linking with its hub in Trinidad, said explosions sent ash several thousand feet into the chairman Glen Khan. air. The episode lasted between 45 minutes and one hour. A Government press release said, “The NEW TELECOM LICENSE. Road Wings, Inc. activity is presently quiet, but because of the on July 29 said that funding partner OneFi unstable nature of the dome, we advise the Technology, Inc. has acquired a Telco operating evacuation of areas from Isles Bay Hill, Belham, license for Jamaica. "OneFi Technology network's Waterworks, Happy Hill, Lower Friths, and part of broadband signal will allow Jamaicans to access the the Old Town south of Loblolly Lane.” internet at speeds up to 104 mbps," said CTO Dr. Al Omran. Mr. Vinnie Pierson, VP of South American NETHERLANDS ANTILLES & Caribbean development, negotiated the agreement. Details: InvestSource, Inc. Tel: DELTA TO BONAIRE. Delta Air Lines on July 714-847-2460. Web: 24 said it will begin nonstop Saturday flights on Dec. 20 from New York's John F. Kennedy Intl PUBLIC SECTOR MODERNIZATION. The Airport and the island of Bonaire. Details: Delta Public Sector Modernization Division (PSMD) of Corporate Communications. 404-715-2554. Web: the Office of the Cabinet invites individuals/firms to submit proposals to provide technical assistance for: RFP No. 2008/007: Technical Assistance in NICARAGUA Procurement and Implementation of Human Resource Management System (HRMS). Deadline: ROAD REHAB. The US Govt, acting through Sept. 16, 2008. Details are included in the Request its Millenium Challenge Corp (MCC), entered into for Proposal which may be viewed at the Cabinet a US$175 million, five-year grant to Nicaragua, to Office’s web site: promote economic development in the departments
  20. 20. Caribbean UPDATE September 2008 20 of Chinandega and Leon. Part of the funds are for San Lorenzo-Muhan part of the Managua Highway the Nejapa to Izapa and Puerto Sandino Junction to (BID 1088/SF-N). Part of the funds are for Puerto Sandino Roads Rehabilitation Project (24.10 Procurement of 6 Lines of Installed Mechanical kms). Deadline: Sept. 3, 2008. Refer to MCA-N Inspection. Deadline: Sept. 25, 2008. Refer to: LPI #CBW-2008-04. Details: Fundación Reto del 007 – 2008; Llamado No. 01. Details: Ministerio Milenio-Nicaragua. Millennium Challenge Transporte e Infraestructura. Frente Estadio Account-Nicaragua. Attn: Mr. Luis Villalta, Nacional Denis Martínez. Managua, Nicaragua. Procurement Agent. Ref.: MCA-N No. CB- Atn: Lic. Alberto Reyes Castellón. Director, W-2008-04. Villa Fontana No. 26, Anexo A, frente División Adquisiciones MTI. Tel: (505) 222–2591. al costado norte del Club Terraza. Managua, Fax: (505) 228–4017. E-mail: Nicaragua. Tel/Fax: (505) 255-0501, 255-0508, 255-0520, 277-0043, 277-1272, (1-202) 470-1390. E-mail: Web: www. ELECTRICAL PROJECT. A loan from the Inter-American Development Bank is for the National Reinforcement of Transmission For OFFSHORE EXPLORATION. Infinity Energy Integration with the SIEPAC Project (No. 1877/BL- Resources, Inc. (based in Denver, Col) on Aug. 14 NI). Part of the funds are for the Design, Supply, announced that the regional government council of Civil Works, Electromechanical Mounting and the Autonomous Region of the Northern Atlantic Related Services. Deadline: Sept. 8, 2008. Refer to: voted to ratify its offshore exploration and LPI GIP-03-2008; Llamado a Licitación development contracts. This follows the previously GIP-03-2008. Details: Para la compra de announced ratification by the regional government Documentos de Licitación y Entrega de las Ofertas. council of the Autonomous Region of the Southern Unidad Central de Adquisiciones de ENATREL. Atlantic, said Infinity CEO Stanton E. Ross. "The Lic. Rosa Argentina Sánchez. Empresa Nacional de contracts must now go to the national government Transmisión Eléctrica (ENATREL). ENEL in Managua for final review and signature by CENTRAL. Intersección Pista Juan Pablo II y Nicaragua's President," he said, adding "we believe Avenida Bolívar. Managua, Nicaragua. Tel: (505) that the Perlas and Tyra concession blocks 267-4732. Fax: (505) 270 5867. E-mail: potentially contain substantial quantities of . hydrocarbons beneath waters that range in depth from 100 feet to 300 feet." Details: Stanton E. Ross, DRINKING WATER & SEWAGE President/CEO. (720) 932-7800. INVESTMENTS. A loan from the Inter-American Development Bank is for a Program of Investments RURAL DEVELOPMENT. A US$175 million in Drinking Water & Sewage (No. 1787/SF-NI). grant from the US Govt., through its Millennium Part of the funds are for replacements for drilling Challenge Corp (MCC), will be used for three equipment (repuestos para perforada). Deadline: major projects: (i) Road Rehabilitation, (ii) Property Sept. 24, 2008. Refer to LPI 015-2008. Details: Lic. Regularization, and (iii) Value-added rural business Miguel Angel Román Rivera . Km 5 Carretera Sur. development with an emphasis on environmental Oficinas Centrales de ENACAL, plantel Asososca. sustainability. Deadline not specified. Refer to: Managua, Nicaragua. Código postal: 3599 y 968 . GPN No. 5 for July-Dec.2008. Details: Tel: (505) 266-7914, 265-0726 . Fax: (505) Procurement Agent. Fundación Reto del Milenio 266-7914, 265-0726. E-mail: (MCA-Nicaragua). Villa Fontana No. 26, Anexo A, frente al costado norte del Club Terraza. Managua, Nicaragua. Tel/Fax: (505) 255-0501, 255-0508, COMPUTER EQUIPMENT. A loan from the 255-0520, 277-0043, 277-1272, (1-202) 470-1390. Inter-American Development Bank is for E-mail: Web: Strengthening The Ministry of Family, Adolescents & Infants For Attention to Vulnerable Groups ( No. 1576/SF-N). Part of the funds are for computer ROAD REHAB. An Inter-American equipment. (computers, desks, printers, servers, Development Bank loan is for Rehabilitation of the batteries, etc.). Deadline: Sept. 10, 2008. Refer to: