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  1. 1. COMPANY NAME Insert Your Street Address, Town, State, Zip Company Phone: ____________ • Fax: ____________ Logo Here E-mail: _____________________ Website: _____________________ Career Worksheet for BRAND MANAGEMENT POSITIONS Congratulations! You have made the first, most important step towards advancing your career. The worksheet you are about to complete is a profession-specific assessment tool, which covers all of your skills, employment, responsibilities, and achievements. In order to serve you best, each answer must be completed thoroughly. This worksheet will also help prepare you for upcoming interviews. Sample Position Titles Assistant Brand Manager Assistant Product Brand Manager Associate Brand Director Associate Brand Manager Associate Brand Public Relations Manager Brand / Product Manager Brand Director Brand Manager Brand Manager Consultant Brand Marketing Manager District Sales manager - Limited Brands Global Brand Development Manager Interactive Brand Manager Manager, Brand Marketing Practice Manager, Brand Strategy Marketing Brand Manager Marketing Manager Merchandising / Brand Manager Private Label Brand Manager Product Manager Senior Brand Assistant Senior Brand Director Senior Brand Manager Senior Marketing Manager, Innovation Vice President / Manager, Co-Brand Vice President, Marketing Other related positions Instructions 1. Complete all answers thoroughly. Form fields allow unlimited information. If a question is not relevant, type “N/A”. 2. Please use upper and lower case as appropriate, and do not use abbreviations. 3. When complete, save a copy of your completed worksheet to your hard drive, and e-mail it back to us. Personal Information Name:       E-Mail Address:       Street Address:       Town, State, Zip:       Home Phone:       Business Phone (if okay to call):       Cellular Phone:       Fax:       Last Position Title:       Position(s) Sought:       Most Recent Salary: $      Salary You are Seeking: $      Employment Information List your current and former jobs starting with the most recent. (You will use the respective job numbers later.) Then list the primary functions you performed at each of those positions. Job Start End No. Position Title Company, City, State Type of Firm Date/Year Date/Year 1                               Primary Job Functions:       2                               Primary Job Functions:       © 2006 Creative Image Builders. 1 Duplication prohibited.
  2. 2. 3                               Primary Job Functions:       4                               Primary Job Functions:       5                               Primary Job Functions:       0 Areas of Expertise (Keywords) Place one “X” before all areas of expertise in which you are knowledgeable. Place “XX” before all areas in which you are highly proficient and they directly target your profession. BRAND MANAGEMENT Advertising Campaign Development Brand Development Brand Management Brand Marketing Brand Positioning Brand Strategy Development Brand Strategy Business-Building Opportunities Budget Development Budget Management Classic Brand Marketing Competitive Analysis Consumer Brand Discovery Consumer Packaged Goods Custom & Syndicated Research Distribution Channels Distribution Channels Support Extended Brand Teams Forecasting In-Stock Position Tracking Legal Interaction Licensee Requirements Licensing Relationships Management Consulting Market Analysis Market Research Activities Market Research Market Strategy Marketing Plan Development Marketing Plan Implementation Negotiation Tactics New Market Development New Business Development New Product Launches New Market Identification New Product / Platform Development New Product/Packaging Innovation Online Content Development Operations Packaged Goods Marketing Packaging Creation Presentations Pricing Strategy Private Branding Private Label Product Development Private Label Business Safety Assurance Process Management Product Lifecycle Management Promotional Events Preparation Royalty Collections Sales Sales Materials Creation Segmentation Strategic Customer Relationship Building Strategic Growth Opportunity Development Strategic Product Plans Strategic Product Plans Strategic Relationship Management Trade Shows & Promotional Event Planning Variance Analysis Preparation Variance Projections Vendor Relations Other:       © 2006 Creative Image Builders. 2 Duplication prohibited.
  3. 3. MARKETING Advertising Communications Campaign Management Category Marketing Competitive Analysis Competitive Product Positioning Corporate Identity Customer Needs Assessment Customer Relationship Management Customer Retention Data Collection Demand Forecasting Demographic Analysis Direct Mail / Marketing Direct Response Marketing e-Business / e-Commerce Economic Trends Event Planning Global Markets Incentive Planning Internet Marketing Internet Research Market Analysis & Assessment Market Development Market Identification & Capturing Market Intelligence Market Launch Market Positioning Market Research Market Share Market Surveys Market Trend Forecasting Market Trend Forecasting Marketing Campaigns Marketing Strategy Media Packets Multimedia Advertising Multimedia Campaigns New Market Identification Niche Markets Personal Branding Print Media Product Analysis Product Development Product Launches Product Lifecycle Product Management Product Positioning Product Presentations Product Testing Promotions & Campaigns Psychographic Analysis Social Trends Strategic Marketing Planning Strategic Positioning Strategizing Client Needs Tactical Marketing Trade Shows Trends Analysis Trends Forecasting Visual Communications ADVERTISING Account Billing Account Servicing Ad Development Advertising Campaigns Advertising Planning & Strategizing Advertising Promotions Advertising Sales Advertising Script Writing Client Advertising Needs Assessment Client Contracts Client Presentations Communication Media Contract Negotiations Coordinating Audience, Message & Medium Copy Writing Cross-Selling Corporate Image Projection Customer Service Graphic Design Inside Classified Sales Job Estimate Preparation Maintain Account Base Marketing Campaigns Marketing Objective Identification Media Analysis & Selection Meeting Tight Deadlines New Business Development New Business Proposals Newspaper Advertising Newspaper Promotions Outside Classified & Retail Printing Coordination Public Relations Efforts Radio Advertising Radio & TV Promotions Resolving Client Concerns Retail Advertising Sales Programs Special Sections Coordination Strategic Marketing Plans © 2006 Creative Image Builders. 3 Duplication prohibited.
  4. 4. Telemarketing Television Advertising Other:      PUBLIC RELATIONS & PROMOTIONAL FUNCTIONS Advertising Brand Expenditure Management Budget Development Business Analysis Business Establishment Communications Strategy Community Relations Creative Media Services Editorials Fund Raising Benefits Internet Marketing Internet Research Key Growth Initiatives Long-term Product Planning Marketing Campaign Development Marketing Plan Creation Marketing Plan Execution Marketing Strategizing Media Analysis Media Events Media Friendly Materials Media Packets Media Relations Media Sourcing National Conventions New Product Forecasting News Coverage P&L Preparation Party Sponsorships Photo Sessions Political Trends Post Release Product Prelaunch plans Performance Analysis Press Conferences Press Releases Product Development Product Plans Implementation Promotional Displays Public Contacts Public Relations Public Relations Plan Public Relations Strategies Development Public Speaking Publicity Programs Radio Broadcasting Sales Campaigns Development Sales Volume Projections Scheduling of Agenda Script Development Special Events Planning Special Interest Groups Speech Drafting Spending Projections Spokesperson Sports Reporting Trade Shows Television Broadcasting Working with the Press Brochure Development Direct Mail Campaigns Ad Development Internet Marketing Newspaper Inserts Catalogs Exhibits Websites In-store Displays Telemarketing Product Endorsements Other:      TYPES OF VISUAL COMMUNICATIONS Advertisements Advertising Campaigns Annual Reports Banner Ads Billboards Book Design Brochures Business Cards Calendars Catalogs Corporate Identity Direct Mail Pieces Display Ads Displays Envelopes Exhibits Flyers Forms Journals Logos Magazine Layouts Manuals Marketing Campaigns Media Presentations Menus News Releases Newsletters Newspapers Package Design Pamphlets Postcards Posters Presentations Publication Design Recruitment Ads Regulations Report Covers Research Papers Retail Display Ads Signage Stationery Technical Illustrations Trade Publication Ads Trade Show Displays Valpac Coupons Website Design Other:      Brand Management Questions When answering the questions below, please refer to the job number you listed under “Employment Information” so we can match your responsibilities and achievements with the appropriate position(s). Answer each question thoroughly. If the question is not applicable, type “N/A.” © 2006 Creative Image Builders. 4 Duplication prohibited.
  5. 5. 1. What are the primary branding, marketing, and/or advertising functions you manage or perform? ANSWER:      JOB NO.:      2. What stages of brand development have you performed or managed? Advertising Campaign Development Brand / Product Development Brand Planning Brand Positioning Brand Strategy Development Budget Creation Business Growth Development Communications Strategy Planning Competitor Product Evaluations Creative Implementation Customer Complaint Planning Distribution Channels Support Market Research Market Strategy Marketing Plan Development Marketing Plan Execution Packaging Creation Position Tracking Public Relations Activities Development Public Relations Plan Supervision Pricing Development Pro Forma P&L Preparation Product Launch Scheduling Product Lifecycle Management Profit Responsibilities Promotional Events Preparation Promotions Development Sales Materials Creation Trade Marketing Strategy Other:      3. What type of product marketing plans, strategies, and/or campaigns have you developed, managed, or executed? New Product Forecasting Business Analysis Business Establishment Marketing Strategy Development Marketing Plan Creation P&L Preparation Communications Strategy Budget Development Public Relations Plan Development Marketing Plan Execution Brand Expenditure Management Product Plans Implementation Prelaunch plans Sales Volume Projections Key Growth Initiatives Spending Projections Long-term Product Planning Post Release Product Performance Analysis Other:      4. What factors do you consider when formulating and defining brand project plans? strategy scope goals objectives deliverables needs identification costs required skill sets tasks resource allocations work assignments scheduling technical scope timeline check points risks packaging pricing competition growth opportunity other:      5. Have you maintained the day-to-day management of a brand portfolio? YES NO If so, which one(s)? What was involved? ANSWER:      JOB NO.:      6. Were you responsible for managing a key business or portfolio of top-name brands? YES NO © 2006 Creative Image Builders. 5 Duplication prohibited.
  6. 6. If so, which brands and for which companies? ANSWER:      JOB NO.:      7. Do you have full P/L responsibility for creating new revenue streams? YES NO What is your involvement? ANSWER:      JOB NO.:      8. What type of changing trends and/or behaviors has had an effect on a brand you managed? ANSWER:      How did you tackle these challenges? ANSWER:      What was the result? ANSWER:      JOB NO.:      9. Have you helped build upon the success of an existing brand? YES NO ANSWER:      For what brand? ANSWER:      How did you accomplish this? ANSWER:      What were the results? ANSWER:      JOB NO.:      10. What methods do you use to make existing products meet current consumer trends and needs? ANSWER:      JOB NO.:      11. What incremental product opportunities have you identified and/or launched for an assigned product or brand? ANSWER:      JOB NO.:      12. What strategies do you use to identify core consumers? ANSWER:      What means have you used to reach consumers? ANSWER:      JOB NO.:      13. What steps do you take to ensure a product integrates well within the Corporate product development process? ANSWER:      JOB NO.:      14. What type of opportunities have you created for brand exposure? © 2006 Creative Image Builders. 6 Duplication prohibited.
  7. 7. ANSWER:      JOB NO.:      15. What methods do you use to analyze a branding challenge and problem-solve its solutions? ANSWER:      JOB NO.:      16. What strategies have you developed and implemented for new product launches? ANSWER:      For what type of products? ANSWER:      Were they successful? If so, in what ways? ANSWER:      JOB NO.:      17. Provide examples of how you used effective collaborative skills to develop brand strategy or positioning. ANSWER:      In what ways were you successful in influencing a positive result? ANSWER:      JOB NO.:      18. Have you developed any strategic business plans for a core business? YES NO ANSWER:      JOB NO.:      19. What type of new business opportunities have you identified and/or solicited? ANSWER:      How did you accomplish this? ANSWER:      JOB NO.:      20. During your branding career, what new products / product lines have you brought to market? ANSWER:      How did you identify these products? ANSWER:      What was your involvement in developing and launching them? ANSWER:      What part did you play in helping to brand them successfully? ANSWER:      JOB NO.:      21. What product enhancements have you recommended, developed, and/or implemented? ANSWER:      JOB NO.:      22. How do you achieve optimal branding / product profitability? ANSWER:      JOB NO.:      © 2006 Creative Image Builders. 7 Duplication prohibited.
  8. 8. 23. What distribution channels have you worked with in launching a product? ANSWER:      JOB NO.:      24. How have you built stronger brand strategies? (Such as through competitive analysis, identifying merchandise trends, positioning, pricing, communication, etc.) ANSWER:      JOB NO.:      25. Have you led cross-functional teams in the execution of marketing plans? YES NO ANSWER:      Who is your extended brand team? ANSWER:      What marketing plans have you executed? ANSWER:      JOB NO.:      26. What key brand performance indicators do you utilize to determine how well a brand or product is fairing and if changes are needed? Review marketing performance of brands via (method used):       Evaluate brand sales and profitability via (data used):       Evaluate all existing marketing programs via (method used):       Make post-analyses studies to determine (what?):       Track and monitor business trends (which?):       Identify risks and opportunities for product enhancements (which?):       Other indicators or methods you use:       JOB #s:       27. Explain a time when you aggressively pursued a business opportunity that you knew would succeed against adversity. ANSWER:      What challenges / obstacles did you face? ANSWER:      Why did you strongly believe it would succeed? ANSWER:      Was it, in fact, successful? ANSWER:      How did you accomplish this? ANSWER:      JOB NO.:      28. What communication, training, or other practices have you put in place to ensure marketing strategy is clearly understood and practiced by all organizational levels? ANSWER:      JOB NO.:      29. How do you ensure that the vision and philosophy of a particular brand are maintained? ANSWER:      JOB NO.:      © 2006 Creative Image Builders. 8 Duplication prohibited.
  9. 9. 30. What strategies or methods do you use to accurately forecast sales and operating profit? ANSWER:      JOB NO.:      31. What type of market research programs and/or demographic studies have you planned, managed, or performed? ANSWER:      JOB NO.:      For what purpose was this research conducted? uncover market trends assess consumer needs obtain customer feedback on products determine product competitiveness understand marketplace dynamics identify business opportunities determine product need analyze and define the market determine target audiences understand the brand’s role in consumers’ lives provide accurate sales projections maximize brand income identify economic changes determine market opportunity determine marketing concepts support print advertising determine most effective methods to reach target audiences other:      32. If you developed research studies to determine consumer needs and how a brand could best meet those needs, how did you go about it, and what were the results? ANSWER:      JOB NO.:      33. How do you successfully develop product or brand marketing strategy? ANSWER:      JOB NO.:      34. Have you developed trade marketing and/or distribution strategies to maximize product revenues and profits? YES NO If so, what were they? ANSWER:      JOB NO.:      35. Do you generally meet or exceed a product's annual financial objectives? MEET EXCEED 36. What type of long-term product planning and/or post-release product performance analysis have you been involved in? ANSWER:      JOB NO.:      37. Have you performed any quantitative business analyses? YES NO ANSWER:      What type of analysis and for what purpose? ANSWER:      What function did they serve in the branding process? © 2006 Creative Image Builders. 9 Duplication prohibited.
  10. 10. ANSWER:      JOB NO.:      38. Have you been involved in preparing the business plan to promote a brand? YES NO ANSWER:      What was the business plan for? ANSWER:      With whom did you interact in doing so? ANSWER:      JOB NO.:      39. Have you developed any branding or profitability analytic tools? YES NO ANSWER:      If so, what did you develop? ANSWER:      How did it help the process? ANSWER:      What were the results? ANSWER:      JOB NO.:      40. What type of market analysis functions have you performed or overseen? ANSWER:      JOB NO.:      41. What promotional functions have you performed or managed? ANSWER:      JOB NO.:      42. What methods / strategies do you use to determine brand positioning? ANSWER:      JOB NO.:      43. What type of brand advertising and marketing materials have you developed? ANSWER:      JOB NO.:      44. What methods do you use to ensure marketing programs strongly support customer needs? ANSWER:      JOB NO.:      45. Have you developed any strategic licensing partnerships? YES NO ANSWER:      JOB NO.:      46. What private brand products, if any, have you developed? ANSWER:      JOB NO.:      47. What has been your involvement with the development of product packaging? (Such as size, packaging materials, design, copy, product photography, etc.) © 2006 Creative Image Builders. 10 Duplication prohibited.
  11. 11. ANSWER:      JOB NO.:      Staff Management Questions 1. How many employees and their titles do you supervise or manage directly and indirectly? ANSWER:      JOB NO.:      2. What primary functions do you supervise? ANSWER:      JOB NO.:      3. What methods do you use to motivate employees, increase morale, and reduce turnover? role model professionalism provide for effective two-way communication create a positive work atmosphere develop reachable but challenging goals exhibit mutual respect and honesty provide equal opportunity for promotion treat all employees fairly offer guidance and support when needed set a positive attitude example develop clear and specific performance objectives offer praise when due monitor and fairly evaluate performance reward achievements clearly define standards and expect quality work be consistent provide training and career development needs share information and knowledge demonstrate strong work ethic and teamwork establish credibility identify and remove all roadblocks to success exhibit a commitment to excellence develop an environment conducive to creativity Other:      JOB NO.:      4. In what ways do you exhibit effective performance recognition leadership? That is, what methods do you use and measures do you take to effectively and successfully manage staff? develop clear and specific performance objectives proactively manage staff measure staff performance based on objectives write performance evaluations establish annual performance goals provide career assessment develop milestones to future career paths reward achievements establish good will and credibility be consistent effectively communicate with staff share information identify and remove all road blocks to success provide training needs hold staff personally accountable expect implementation of quality projects facilitate performance improvement coaching delegate assignments according to skills provide leadership and guidance as needed monitor work performance Other:      JOB NO.:      What are the results of your leadership initiatives and efforts? ANSWER:       JOB NO.:       5. How do you influence team members to develop positive working relationships with all levels of management and successfully produce results through others? Provide clear direction Exhibit and model influential leadership skills Solicit feedback Serve as the primary resource hub Insist on mutual support Promote a cooperative working atmosphere © 2006 Creative Image Builders. 11 Duplication prohibited.
  12. 12. Share information Maximize employee morale Model professional behavior Foster a cooperative team environment Other:      JOB NO.:      6. What methods of staff training and development do you facilitate? Act as a source of expertise, guidance, and support on the job Lead and facilitate training workshops Develop quality systems training curriculum Develop and implement training guides/technical manuals Instruct integrated training workshops/sessions Other:      JOB NO.:      General Achievement Questions 1. What were the three biggest achievements you accomplished in your career? Explain the challenges you were faced with, the actions you took to solve them, and the end results. CHALLENGE #1:       JOB NO.:       CHALLENGE #2:       JOB NO.:       CHALLENGE #3:       JOB NO.:       2. What were the three largest obstacles you have had to overcome in your career? Explain the challenges, your actions, and the results. OBSTACLE #1:       JOB NO.:       OBSTACLE #2:       JOB NO.:       OBSTACLE #3:       JOB NO.:       3. Have you received any special awards for your achievements? If so, what was the award and what were you recognized for? ANSWER:      JOB NO.:      4. Have your superiors selected you over your peers to handle any difficult challenges? If so, what were you selected for? What challenges did you have to overcome? How did you accomplish this? What were the results of your efforts? ANSWER:      JOB NO.:      5. What did you accomplish in your career that you are most proud of? (Be sure it is relevant to the position you are targeting.) ANSWER:      JOB NO.:      6. Have you contributed to your firm’s increased sales or growth in any way? If so, how did you accomplish this, and what measurable results (dollar amounts/percentages) did you achieve? ANSWER:      JOB NO.:      7. Have you increased productivity, streamlined operations, or cut costs in any way? What you did to accomplish this? What were the measurable results of your efforts? © 2006 Creative Image Builders. 12 Duplication prohibited.
  13. 13. ANSWER:      JOB NO.:      8. Have you worked with any Fortune 100/500/1000 clients? Which ones? For what? (Include only if it is not a confidentiality breach to do so.) ANSWER:      JOB NO.:      9. How have you helped increase customer satisfaction and/or expand client base? ANSWER:      JOB NO.:      10. Did you develop, establish, or perform a “company first” in any area? What was it for? What were the results? ANSWER:      JOB NO.:      11. Is there anything else you would like to tell us that we have not already addressed? ANSWER:      JOB NO.:      © 2006 Creative Image Builders. 13 Duplication prohibited.
  14. 14. © 2006 Creative Image Builders. 14 Duplication prohibited