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  1. 1. ESPACIOPYME, SA CALL CENTER OUTSOURCING CALL CENTER OUTSOURCING: EVOLUTION AND CURRENT TRENDS INDEX 1. Introduction 2. Current offering definition in the customer relationship services externalization 2.1. Current offering services. 2.2. New market needs. 2.3 Adapted offering to the new needs and trends. 3. About Visible Solutions Document Sponsored by 1
  2. 2. ESPACIOPYME, SA CALL CENTER OUTSOURCING 1. INTRODUCTION In this document we are going to explain the call center and outsourcing trends from a market player view. The objective is to share our company market experiences and the knowledge that we have of the new trends in the Call Center Outsourcing Services sector, that have made evolve our services portfolio. This document is sponsored by Visible Solutions. 2. CURRENT OFFERING DEFINITION IN THE CUSTOMER RELATIONSHIP SERVICES EXTERNALIZATION 2.1. Current offering services. The majority of the Call Center companies are focused in outsourcing their Call Center services, mainly addressed to do different types of marketing actions, trying always to provide quick advantages while minimizing the risks. The most frequently demanded services by a company that outsource a call center services are: • Image improvement • Customer relationship improvement • Improve customers loyalty • No investments in infrastructure • No investment in specific knowledge and training that is not the core company business • Look for new business opportunities • Save time • Reduce costs In this sector, differentiation has been one of the most important elements and the smarter call centers have tried to achieve it by becoming more flexible, transparent and with specialized models. The call centers sector current offering is composed by a great number of services in the communication systems management (telephone, email, …) as an example: • Phone and emails customers inquiries • 800 or 900 numbers reception calls • Customer Relationship Management • Marketing campaigns • Technical assistance services • Telemarketing • Dishonour Receipts management • Orders reception and management • Contact Management Document Sponsored by 2
  3. 3. ESPACIOPYME, SA CALL CENTER OUTSOURCING • Commercial Backend • Repair, substitution and reposition management • Booking services (Hotels, Media, Travel, etc) The customer specialized services allow the companies to “immediately”: • Access to expert knowledge and advices • Access to technology and specialized resources • Access to methodologies, tools, processes and procedures • Increase the quality service • Save costs, time and the investments control, thanks to the economy scale benefit 2.2. New market needs The new market needs in the Call Center sector are the following: • Quality: the highest quality in the sales and inbound call process with specifically trained agents. • Proximity: provide value to the customer by giving them the best solution to its business demand. • Flexibility: the Call Center provider must fully adapt to the customers requirements. • Prices: offer to customers the capability to enter into pricing models, for example test pilots, payment by the objectives achievement, or by sharing risks with the provider to allow customers have a wide pricing policies spectrum. Visible Solutions has experienced a clear evolution to the call centre operations outsourcing, due to our customers demand and market trends. We have defined two main outsourcing benefits: cost reduction and provide better efficiencies to allow companies to focus on their “core” competences. 2.3. Adapted offering to the new needs and trends Outsourcing Document Sponsored by 3
  4. 4. ESPACIOPYME, SA CALL CENTER OUTSOURCING “Outsourcing of the company business processes and/or part of the value chain that does not provide a competitive advantage, but that are necessary in the daily operations”. The call centre outsourcing is focused in the following business processes: • Customer attention • Services and products sales • Marketing • Help-desk • Support The call centre Outsourcing is the tool to make the business quick and easy. The call centre outsourcing allows: • Service improvement • Renew the core business focus • Reduce transactions costs • Use the newest technologies • Knowledge processes improvement • Have a supplementary team • Alignment of the business processes with the Information Technology. Offshore Call Center Services Within the Call Center Outsourcing we have heard a lot about the off-shoring trends in undeveloped countries to get a big costs reduction. Off-shoring allows companies to have better costs although distance. The costs increase in communications is fully supported by the low salaries costs in these countries. The current trend towards off-shoring is followed with some criticism that comes from the lack of training, the lack of the agents cultural knowledge with users, and also the difficulty of understanding and management produced by the distance other languages usage with the off-shoring providers. These reasons have produced an important stopper in the call centre services off-shoring. This phenomenon is provoking by example that some American companies that off-shore its services in India a couple of years ago, have decided to relocate again these services in its country and bet more in the home-shoring. The home-shoring is when agents provide service from their homes. We consider strategic to provide a local service to companies, given that customer proximity implies better account management, and the capability to react quickly thanks to the fact that flexibility implies a major quality in the customer relationship. This strategic direction implies a quality positioning and sometimes a superior price in line with the previous statement. Document Sponsored by 4
  5. 5. ESPACIOPYME, SA CALL CENTER OUTSOURCING We have realized about the Off-shoring market need, but we have gone beyond that and we have implemented this offer to be able to provide also these off- shoring services in an “excellent” way by respecting our quality standards and with the proximity that our customers needs. The described positioning is underpinned through the incorporation of the possibility to perform what we called intelligent off-shoring, smart-shoring. The Smart-shoring adopted by Visible Solutions consists in agreements with call centre providers in third countries as India, Argentina, Mexico, Poland, Russia, Brazil and Morocco. We rely on these providers because we are confident to work with and we have established collaboration agreements with them. We agree with our customers in the segmentation of services that can be provided in the local and in the off-shore way, adapting also the costs. Visible Solutions commits the quality standards, training and interlock in every contract and because of that we have adopted the “quality-shoring” term. The benefit is the result produced by the synergy of mixing the advantage of the cost and the off-shoring with the proximity and the quality standards that the local service provide, the combination of best of both worlds is what we call smart-shoring. This service is addressed to companies that cost is the main driver or that volume is very high and they require to keep a mixed structure of local and off-shoring agents without the need of saying no to quality. Document Sponsored by 5
  6. 6. ESPACIOPYME, SA CALL CENTER OUTSOURCING The incorporation of new sector processes models over Call Center platforms will evolve towards the Business Process Outsourcing and the Business Transformation Outsourcing. The business process outsourcing is other main area identified as key to reduce costs. BPO and BTO allows to reduce expenses and costs in the processes where is possible. Based on our experience and knowledge we have developed a set of business models for the attention, sales, marketing and help-desk processes that are offered over our call center outsourcing platform and being adapted specifically to one of the following sectors: • Utilities: Gas, Electricity and water • Communications • Media: Editorial and Television • Finance Banking and Insurance • Industrial • Distribution • Pharmaceutical • Technology • Public Administration 3. ABOUT VISIBLE SOLUTIONS The experience in the area of Call Center Services focused continuously in quality, as in the telemarketing or loyalty marketing campaigns, has allowed Visible Solutions to expand its services portfolio in Call Center, Visible Call Center, in the following manner: • Incorporating the BPO and BTO outsourcing in our offer of services of the current call centre platform • Incorporating the concept of ”quality-shoring”, adding the smart- shore to the current offt-shore, near-shore, and home-shore • Evolving the pricing model to share risks with our customers when is required. • Expanding the portfolio of services based even more in the service quality. In Visible Solutions we believe that our mission is to be near our customers, providing a tailored service and with the maximum quality. We want to help our customers to do the tasks that provide a great value to their business and through the externalization in Visible Solutions we can make them in low cost way, taking profit of our economy of scale. These tasks and processes are absolutely necessaries for the companies and require a partner of confidence and specialized to work with. Document Sponsored by 6
  7. 7. ESPACIOPYME, SA CALL CENTER OUTSOURCING Visible Solutions offers companies its knowledge and specialization in the call center area, technology, and commercial and also to profit from our economies of scale through a local and professional relationship. We want to help you to outsource your Call Center services whether you decide to do it locally or in an off-shore manner. We advice you to choose the best option, local or off-shore, or a combination of both taking into account which one fits better to you needs at the best price with the quality that you deserve. If you require more information about the Visible Solutions services, please click here. Document Sponsored by 7