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Assessment Key "

  1. 1. Insert your logo here Revenue Generation Assessment Proposal Key For Internal Use Only Learn more about the tools that support this assessment at Change fonts/styles to match your company branding. Insert your own introduction. Match your client’s responses for each question with this proposal key. If their Yes/No response match this key, they could probably use help in the subjects to the right. Factor in any comments as well when determining your recommendations. Then, copy the results and your recommendations into your results template and/or proposal. Strategy Response Subject to Address Include? 1 Are you clearly differentiated from the competition from the market's view? No Brand Strategy 2 Is your market share growing less than 20% per Competitive Positioning, year? Yes Messaging, Pricing 3 Are lead acquisition costs rising? Yes Brand Strategy 4 Is the market growing faster than your market share? Yes Distribution Channels 5 Does your current brand reinforce your value proposition and competitive strategy? No Brand Strategy 6 Do you have a defined brand architecture and strategy? No Brand Strategy, Corporate Identity 7 Does your product/service complement others in the marketplace? Yes Business Development 8 Is ownership considering a company sale in the next 3-5 years? Yes Competitive Positioning 9 Can all company leaders clearly articulate the Competitive Positioning, company strategy? No Messaging 10 Is your revenue forecasting accurate? Customer Relationship No Management, Sales Process 11 Are margins shrinking? Yes Competitive Positioning, Pricing Modify the footer with your company information
  2. 2. Insert your logo here 12 Competitive Are sales flat or decreasing? Positioning,Distribution Channels, Yes Customer Retention 13 Are you creating a new company or product line? Yes Corporate Identity, Naming 14 Do you know your customer lifetime value? No Customer Lifetime Value 15 Do you focus your marketing investments on your most valuable customer segments? No Customer Lifetime Value 16 Do you make ad hoc decisions about new Customer Lifetime Value, Return marketing campaigns? Yes on Investment 17 Do you have some large customers that might be unprofitable? Yes Customer Lifetime Value 18 Are you customer acquisition costs higher than industry standards? Yes Customer Retention 19 Are you in a mature market with a lot of competition? Yes Customer Retention 20 Are you losing customers faster than you're replacing them? Yes Customer Retention 21 Are there conflicts or inefficiencies in your distribution channels? Yes Distribution Channels 22 Is your marketing budget tied to customers and profit? No Sales Process 23 Is your brand clearly defined in the marketplace? No Distribution Channels, Naming 24 Are your campaigns tied to revenue goals? Marketing Plan & Budget, No Marketing Campaigns 25 Do you have a formal campaign planning Marketing Plan & Budget, process in place? No Marketing Campaigns 26 Are you using campaigns to generate leads? Marketing Plan & Budget, No Marketing Campaigns 27 Marketing Plan & Budget, Do you measure ROI on your marketing Marketing Campaigns, Return on investments? No Investment, Sales Process 28 Are channels underperforming? Yes Pricing, Distribution Channels 29 Do you reduce/cut your marketing budget when the economy gets tough? Yes Return On Investment 30 Do you view marketing as an expense instead of an investment? Yes Return On Investment Tools and Processes Modify the footer with your company information
  3. 3. Insert your logo here Response Subject to Address Include? 31 Do you sales literature and tools convey your competitive positioning and brand strategy? No Sales Tools & Literature 32 Is your corporate identity consistent with your brand? No Corporate Identity 33 Does your website reflect your competitive positioning and brand strategy? No Websites 34 Does your existing creative reinforce your Copywriting & Graphic Design, competitive positioning and brand strategy? No Traditional Medial 35 Do your in-house creative resources need more strategic direction? Yes Copywriting & Graphic Design 36 Does your logo reflect your brand personality traits? No Corporate Identity, Naming 37 Have you updated your messages in the last 3 years? No Messaging 38 Are you recovering from a negative public event? Yes Naming 39 Do you have friction within your marketing and sales teams? Yes Recruiting 40 Are you using all possible distribution channels for your product/service? No Business Development 41 Do you have special messages to deliver to different market segments? Yes Direct Mail 42 Are you using a new creative firm? Yes Copywriting & Graphic Design 43 Have you updated your logo recently? Yes Corporate Identity 44 Does your sales literature reflect your competitive positioning and brand strategy? No Messaging Demand Generation Response Subject to Address Include? 45 Do a few top sales reps account for most of your revenue? Yes Sales Management 46 Does management access the sales pipeline? Customer Relationship No Management 47 Are your campaign response rates too low? Yes Sales Tools & Literature 48 Are prospects stuck or falling out of the sales Sales Tools & Literature, Pricing, process? Yes Websites 49 Do you need to establish stronger relationships at the beginning of the sales process? Yes Trade Shows & Events 50 Are sales reps missing their quotas? Yes Sales Process 51 Can sales reps accurately project when deals No Sales Process Modify the footer with your company information
  4. 4. Insert your logo here will close? 52 Do sales reps have to discount to get orders? Yes Brand Strategy, Pricing 53 Are your campaigns aligned with your sales process? No Traditional Media 54 Is your CRM tied to your business process? Customer Relationship No Management 55 Is your email marketing producing quantifiable results? No Email Marketing 56 Do incoming leads need further qualification before going to sales? Yes Telemarketing 57 Does you market have some tendencies of the consumer market? Yes Online Advertising 58 Could an outside vendor improve your marketing activities? Yes Vendor Selection 59 Are your direct mail response rates at or above industry standards? No Direct Mail 60 Are your sales reps nurturing instead of moving prospects through the sales process? Yes Email Marketing 61 Do your sales reps spend enough time closing deals? No Telemarketing 62 Does your website rank highly in Google for your industry keywords? No Search Marketing 63 Are you using internet marketing? No Search Marketing 64 Could your prospects use a personal touch in the sales process? Yes Direct Mail 65 Do you have a defined sales process in place? Sales Process, Sales Tools & No Literature 66 Do you have a strong online presence? No Online Advertising 67 Do you have substantial creative and marketing execution resources in-house? No Vendor Selection 68 Do you calculate the number of leads to meet your sales goals? No Sales Process 69 Do you measure your ROI on your traditional media investments? No Traditional Media 70 Do you have a small, well-defined target market? Yes Direct Mail 71 Do you have customer segments that are easy to reach online? Yes Online Advertising 72 Do you have high turnover on your sales team? Yes Sales Management, Recruiting 73 Do you handle any of your customer service from your website? No Websites 74 Do you have news-worthy stories that aren't being communicated to the market? Yes Publicity Modify the footer with your company information
  5. 5. Insert your logo here 75 Does your website play a defined role in your sales process? No Websites 76 Marketing Campaigns, Marketing Plan & Budget, Online Advertising, Publicity, Search Marketing, Do you need to generate more leads? Websites, Traditional Media, Yes Telemarketing 77 Do you need more results from a shoestring marketing budget? Yes Publicity 78 Do you need to raise your visibility in the marketplace? Yes Trade Shows & Events, Publicity 79 Do you sell an intangible product/service that required education at the beginning of the sales cycle? Yes Online Advertising 80 Are you considering using a new vendor for a marketing campaign? Yes Vendor Selection 81 Is it challenging to motivate sales reps to exceed goals? Yes Sales Management 82 Are you launching a new product or service? Yes Trade Shows & Events, Pricing 83 Are you launching new campaigns that require new headcount? Yes Recruiting 84 Do you need to generate more leads? Yes Email Marketing 85 Are you using CRM? Customer Relationship No Management 86 Are you measuring ROI on your telemarketing campaigns? No Telemarketing 87 Are you using email marketing? No Email Marketing 88 Are you using paid search on Google to generate leads? No Search Marketing 89 Is your CRM outdated? Customer Relationship Yes Management 90 Are you unsure of how to improve underperforming reps? Yes Sales Management 91 Do you measure customer retention? No Customer Retention 92 Is your sales cycle growing? Yes Sales Tools & Literature Modify the footer with your company information