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MS Project 2010 "Task Types & Best Uses"


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Brief description of task types available and guidelines for when to use each type. Project 2010 screen shots

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MS Project 2010 "Task Types & Best Uses"

  1. 1. MS Project 2010 Task Types & Best Uses
  2. 2. Agenda MS Project Scheduling Formula Effort Driven Scheduling • What does that mean? • When does it apply? Three Types of Tasks • Fixed Duration • Fixed Work • Fixed Units • When to use each type • Manual vs. Auto Scheduled tasks
  3. 3. MS Project Scheduling Formula Project automatically calculates and recalculates this formula each time a change is made, as outlined below. Fixed Duration = Work/UnitsFixed Work = Duration *Units Fixed Units= Work/ Duration
  4. 4. Effort Driven Scheduling Project defaults to this setting whenever a task is set to “Auto- Scheduled” mode. When in “Manually-Scheduled” mode, this option is greyed out. When you add resources to Auto-scheduled tasks, Project recalculates as follows: Fixed Unit Tasks: Task Duration is shortened Fixed Work Tasks: Task Duration is shortened Fixed Duration Tasks: Decreases Units of each resource
  5. 5. Fixed Duration Tasks in MS Project Duration Length of working time (not calendar time), between the start & finish of the task Used for tasks that have a set amount of time Examples • Meetings duration of meeting is not effected by how many people attend (Effort Driven = No) • Warranty Periods (Effort Driven = No)
  6. 6. Fixed Work Tasks in MS Project Work The effort, normally in hours, one or more resources will require to actually complete the task. Used for tasks where you can estimate the amount of work Examples • Writing a project charter • Building a detailed project plan EFFORT DRIVEN CANNOT BE TURNED OFF FOR FIXED WORK TASKS
  7. 7. Fixed Units Tasks in MS Project Units The number of resources (labour or material), assigned to complete a task Used for tasks that have a fixed number of people to assign to that task Examples • User Acceptance Testing • Update current scripts for program
  8. 8. MS Project 2010