MS Project 2010: Adjusting Tasks To Get the Results You Want


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Avoid frustration when updating your project plans! Follow these easy steps to make your updates a breeze!

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  • Demo the details split screen in Project
  • Tip: Read through the entire set of instructions before beginning.For more on Task Types click the link above
  • Follow steps 3, 4, 5 to assign additional resources to the task
  • Green “Smart Tag” appears in the upper left-hand corner of cell. Project will also highlight all cells the edit will impact in light blue. Once you hit save, the blue highlighting will disappear.
  • Print this slide for quick refernce
  • MS Project 2010: Adjusting Tasks To Get the Results You Want

    1. 1. Adjusting Existing TasksGetting The Results You Want with MS Project 2010
    2. 2. Adjusting Existing TasksUpdates can seem tricky in MS Project and are frequently the source of frustrationfor many people. Whenever you make an update, MS Project seems to dosomething else and you don’t end up with the change you intended.There are rules you’d need to follow to get MS Project to respond the way youintend it to and once you learn what they are and when to apply them, you’ll beable to update your projects quickly and without frustration!
    3. 3. Step 1Change the value in the Task Type field, if necessary. (Project initially sets the Task Type to Fixed Units)To keep the duration of the task you are adjusting the same, choose “Fixed Duration”To keep work the same and the duration to change, choose “Fixed Work”
    4. 4. Step 2Uncheck the Effort Driven checkbox, if necessary.To re-distribute the current total Work among the assigned resources, turn on theEffort Driven checkboxTo change the total Work when adding/removing resources, turn off the Effort Drivencheckbox
    5. 5. Steps 3, 4 & 5Step 3: To add a resource, choose a name in the Resource Name field.Step 4: If you dont want to use the resources max units, type a value in the Units fieldStep 5: If you don’t want Project to calculate the work based on task Duration andUnits, type a value in the Work field 4 5 3
    6. 6. Saving Your UpdatesWhen you are finished, restore the original settings in the Task Type field and theEffort-Driven checkbox, then click OK (or Save) to complete the assignment andcalculate the fields.
    7. 7. Smart TagsWhen you change a scheduling value, a Smart Tag indicator appears, offering youoptions based upon how your change affects the other two scheduling formulaelements.Click on the tag to see more options.
    8. 8. Changing Task Types and you change the… Duration Units Work Project recalculates FIXED WORK WORK UNITS the… DURATIONIf thetask type FIXED WORK WORK DURATION DURATIONis FIXED UNITS UNITS DURATION DURATION