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View Heaven with Safety, Beauty, and Luck


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See how luck and success is tied to where you live, how healthy you keep your plants, how safe you are and how beautiful you keep your entry.

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View Heaven with Safety, Beauty, and Luck

  1. 1. Many Lucky and Successful People Live Here
  2. 2. You have everything you need to add to your success and luck In fact there are aspects of this neighborhood that actually support your success.
  3. 3. Things you might not know that contribute to success Your views not only give you beauty to enjoy, they put you in the top of the world for success. Keep your plants healthy. Plants that are sick can drain your good luck. Address the safety issues around your property. for your landscape, this means fire hazards. The entry to your home should be open and welcoming.
  4. 4. One of the Premier attributes of this neighborhood is the VIEW
  5. 5. Sitting above the world and looking down also represents having COMMAND of your universe.
  6. 6. When the view is blocked, so is part of your power and control
  7. 7. It is important to keep the plants on your propertyhealthy for your benefit but also for the good health and good luck of the neighborhood. Many diseases don’t confine themselves to your property so if you have them and don’t treat the disease, you will pass them onto your neighbors. Trees are the most important of the good luck plants on your property. Be sure to protect their health.
  8. 8. Beetle-fungus Disease Threatens Crops andLandscape Trees in Southern CaliforniaIqbal Pittalwala• Close-up of the Tea Shot Hole Borer, which spreads a fungus that threatens avocado and other trees.• The finger points to a beetle exit hole on an avocado trunk.• Photo shows an example of wood discoloration due to Fusarium dieback.Source: Photo credits: Gevork Arakeliant
  9. 9. Pine beetle borer is not only deadly but also highly contagious. If you get it so will your neighbor. Treat it early.
  10. 10. AnthracnoseA number of different trees are affected byanthracnose diseases. These fungaldiseases can cause severe leaf blighting anddeformation. Over time they can kill thetree. Source:
  11. 11. Palm Diseases in the Landscape AUTHOR: D. R. Hodel “Several major, potentially lethal diseases can attack landscape palms in California. The best strategy for managing these diseases is an integrated pest management approach that combines prevention, exclusion, sanitation, appropriate species selections, and proper care. Selecting the right palm for the right spot then planting and caring for it properly are critical in order to avoid most diseases.”Source:
  12. 12. • Shiny, black, diamond-shaped fruiting bodies are diagnostic for diamond scale, caused by Phaeochoropsis neowashingtoniae.• Diamond scale has destroyed chlorophyll in portions of this California fan palm (Washingtonia filifera), creating brown, dead areas.• Fusarium wilt usually appears first in older or lower leaves and moves upward to the center or newest leaves. Photos by D. R. Hodel.
  13. 13. Branch Dieback Photo Source: is usually caused by fungus and can occur in many different varieties oftrees. Over time it can result in the death of the tree.
  14. 14. This neighborhood is classified as a high fire hazard area.Safety and the feeling of being safe is an important aspectof good luck and success.Nothing is more important than knowing that you areprotected.If you and your neighbors don’t follow Fire SafetyStandards, it is more dangerous to live in theneighborhood.
  15. 15. UCCE Offers Information on How to Protect Homes From Fires Courtesy of the East Bay Municipal Utility DistrictSource:
  16. 16. This treeis too bigto be plantedso close tothe house.Not only thesize but theproximityand the typeof tree makeIt a dangerTo the ownerand all oftheir neighbors.
  17. 17. This tree is tooclose and thereis a “fire ladder”.Below note that evenvines can be a firehazard.
  18. 18. There are many ways you can protect yourself from the threat of fire. Some plants are more flammable than others- Avoid ThemWhen trees and plants die - Remove Them The Fire Department has fire safe standards- Use Them
  19. 19. Of all the areas of your home, the ENTRY is theThat is where Good Luck and Success begins. 1. Make it beautiful 2. Don’t crowd it 3. Make it visible 4. Keep it alive 5. Consider scale
  20. 20. When you close down your entry you will miss great new opportunities.
  21. 21. A tree in front of your front entry will block good energy from comingin. Also you have to feel a sense of safety when entering so the pokey Flax can foreshadow spikey or unpleasant encounters..
  22. 22. Here the entry is open and generous and visible. This makes it easy for fresh energy to enter.
  23. 23. Dead plants at the entry are particularly inauspicious.
  24. 24. When a tree is hugely out ofproportion to the house and too closeit can impede your upward mobility.
  25. 25. Here the scale of plants matches the scale of the house. They all look like they fit together.
  26. 26. When the numbers of trees is hugely out proportion to the house they canact as an impediment instead of a help to your life and career.
  27. 27. You live in a neighborhood that supports your success and good luck. Being a good neighbor involves Keeping Views open Healthy plants Fires safety Entry aesthetics