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Social Media Workshop


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Brands engaging with consumers in a personal and cost-effective way.

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Social Media Workshop

  1. 1. SOCIAL MEDIABrands engaging with consumers in a personaland cost-effective way.Inspiration, Thoughts & Compiled Stats by: Shelley Cartercopyright © 2012
  2. 2. WHAT DO YOU HOPE TO ACCOMPLISH FROMENGAGING IN SOCIAL MEDIA? oCustomer Service oPR oSales oPurchasing oMarketing Research, Execution, & Monitor
  3. 3. FACEBOOK  955 million monthly users  852 million daily logins (25% log in five times a day according to Edison Research)  72% of marketers plan to increase their use of Facebook marketing in 2012 (according to Social Media Marketing Industry Report)  54% of users access Facebook via mobile (according to Socialbakers)  More than half of mobile users visit Facebook dailyInteresting Fact: #1.Facebook* | Alexa World ranking: Traffic Rank #2 only topped by Google| Estimated members: over 900 millionIt is the best known social network, it is also the second place of the most visited sites in the world according to Alexa. In some countries (Algeria, Mexico,Indonesia, Argentina, Egypt, Pakistan, Malaysia, Manila, Nigeria, Colombia, Greece and Turkey) Facebook proves to be the most visited site, surpassingGoogle, Yahoo and YouTube. Facebook was launched on 2004 but the domain was registered by someone else back in 1997.
  4. 4. TWITTER Twitter for Marketing Today Is all about sharing, listening & research. Why is Twitter still important to businesses and what’s different?  Brands need to consider Twitter as an information network instead of a social network. Being referred to as a “human seismograph,” Twitter is both an inbound and outbound tool that can give you the information you need to execute successful business strategies. At any moment what has our attention. Get Insights, Trends (public conversations) – platform for shared experiences – interactive and live – real time/ fast paced /messages often have a very short life span What can marketers learn from the statistics available on Twitter? Twitter provides access to its own API so that people can get statistics they need for incredible analysis. Here are some current Twitter stats:  175 million tweets daily  20% of Americans who use the web also use Twitter  8% are active every day on TwitterInteresting Fact: #2.Twitter | Alexa World ranking: 9 | Estimated members: over 490 million. Do you know that the domain was recorded over 6years before the birth of Twitter Inc.?
  6. 6. LINKEDIN What is LinkedIn best used for?  Business Development/Marketing/Sales (B2B)  SEO  Career Management/Personal Branding/Resumes  Job Search/Recruiting  Grow your network/ Keep in Touch  Organizing & Extending Groups (Share Knowledge & Member Support)Interesting Fact: #3.Linkedin | Alexa World ranking: 12 | Estimated members: 175 millionIt is the most visited business related social networking website, it’s also in the top 20 most visited website in the world according to Alexa Ranking.It ranks 12th in the world, and it’s on top10 in several countries (Netherlands,Ireland,India,Denmark,SouthAfrica,Pakistan,Belgium,Israel )
  7. 7. PINTEREST Why Pinterest?  Pinterest is the third most popular social network in the U.S. in terms of traffic.  Pinterest has accumulated 14.9 million users as of July 2012.  Pinterest is retaining and engaging users as much as 2- 3 times more efficiently than Twitter was at a similar time in its history.  Over 80% of pins are repins, demonstrating the tremendous “virality” at work in the Pinterest community.  Pinterest accounted for 3.6% of referral traffic as of January 2012.  Shoppers referred by Pinterest are 10% more likely to make a purchase than visitors who arrive from other social networks, including Facebook and Twitter.Interesting Fact: #5.Pinterest | Alexa World ranking: 40 | Estimated members: Over 14 millionIt is a newer social networking site and growing fast. Although it is a social network with membership based on invitations, Pinterest is the rising star of 2012 andit is already in the Top20 in USA.
  8. 8. INSTAGRAM – ONE TO WATCH 5 ways to grow your presence on Instagram: #1: Discover how you are pictured as a company - Part of joining any community is listening first. #2: Create and promote your account –Instagram doesn’t have brand pages yet, but they’re not prohibited. #3: Use Instagram as your default photo app - Since sharing Instagram photos on Facebook and Twitter is so easy, use Instagram as your camera app when you take pictures for your brand. #4: Aggregate your content - Instagram has an API, so any programmer can easily pull Instagram pictures into other assets to aggregate them and display them any number of ways. #5: Host events or promotions for your community – Social Promotions can be great ways to grow communities or increase brand awareness. Instagram is no exception. The Tiffany True Love Pictures contest is just one example of a brand running a promotion on this platform. Running a promotion can be as simple as asking your fans to use a specific hashtag to have their photos reviewed.Interesting Facts: Instagram was the smartphone photo sharing tool of choice long before its acquisition by Facebook and the release of an Android version.And it’s growing faster than ever. Instagram is proving particularly popular among consumer brands, not least because it’s enjoyed the greatest growth rate interms of users. The iPhone-only app garnered 100,000 registrations in its first week; by week 10, 1 million users had signed up for the service. At present, theplatform has about 2 million registered (although not necessarily active) users, who upload around 290,000 photos per day - This all according to a recentAugust 2012 Social Media Examiner Report.
  9. 9. OTHER NOTABLES…Google+ If you want to improve your search engine optimization - Embracing Google+ should be on your short list of activities.  Experts continue to debate whether Google+ has the power to last beyond Google’s previous attempts at entering the social networking realm. It sits at #6  But one thing is clear: Google+ is making its presence known in Google search results now MySpace | Alexa World ranking: 169 | Estimated members: 25 million It is an aged social network that still ranks well at #10, even if their earnings drops and News Corp. sold it. Several years ago it was a leader, now it’s dropped out of top 5 social networking sites. Like Facebook also generates revenue through advertising, which is easily optimized thanks to the information that users write themselves. Justin Timberlake in one of main investors in Myspace CafeMom | Alexa World ranking: 1197 | Estimated members: not available It is an ad-supported social networking site which is specifically targeted at mothers and mothers to be sits at #15. It was founded in 2006 by Andrew Shue and Michael Sanchez. Within one year of its launch, CafeMom became the most trafficked website for women (by page views) on the Internet, according to comScore. CafeMom gets more than 8 million unique visitors a month, accounting for over 140 million page views. Based in New York City, the company has about 110 employees. CafeMom is owned by privately held CMI Marketing.
  10. 10. STRATEGYContent - Plan for what you’re going to talk about.Promotion - How are you going to continually increase your fan base?Engagement - How will you respond and build community?Conversion - How will you turn your followers into customers?
  11. 11. TIPS ON CONTENT:TAP INTO PASSIONS & ENGAGE Focus on the unique personality of your community to determine what type of messaging or content they’ll respond to with the greatest enthusiasm.  Try to keep it short  Make it quick and easy for fans to engage  Always tell your fans exactly what to do next.  Give fans privileged content  Address your fans by name  Humanize your brand  Use images
  12. 12. PROMOTE YOUR ONLINE COMMUNITIESDrive Traffic & Encourage Engagement Online Advertising (i.e. Promoted Posts, Facebook Ads, Google Ads) Sharing Tools (Social Share Buttons, Recommends Bar or Box, Like Buttons or Box) Blogger Engagement (partner with strong voices that can help spread the word about your brand) In-Store POS, Merchandisers On Package Traditional Media (Direct Mail/Print, TV, Billboard, Radio)
  13. 13. SOCIAL NETWORKING – SHOULDN’T BELIMITED TO JUST ONLINE PLATFORMSCost effective guerrilla marketing techniques - Take your message to the streets & engage. Event Marketing Active Brand Ambassador Teams Sampling
  14. 14. ‘WHAT IS THE PURPOSE OF SOCIAL MEDIA?’ Branding  Make people feel good about the brand, gain trust, credibility, connection and let them share what they think. Sales  Tell the world why your brand is different and connect/engage with your customers in a human way.  Make them want to purchase your products/services because of how you are positioned.