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Workshop: Mission Possible! Tips for Integrating Technology


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Workshop: Mission Possible! Tips for Integrating Technology

  1. Adapted Photo by Mike Licht, Ideas for Effective Technology Integration MISSION POSSIBLE
  2. How do we humanize our digital experience?
  3. “Although an emoticon may look like a smile, a frown or any number of facial expressions, it doesn’t represent a face, as many internet users assume. It’s actually intended to convey a feeling (“I’m happy,” or “just joking”).” - Lauren Collister, New Republic, 2015
  4. Emoji word problems!
  5. Emoji word problems!
  6. A Write a poem or short story choosing one! B C D
  7. Icebreakers, Warmers & Fillers
  8. Share an image & the story behind it!
  9. Learning is not the product of teaching. Learning is the product of the activity of learners. - John Holt
  10. Image from
  11. Take a close up shot of an object for a peer to guess! I Spy with my Device!
  12. Let’s brainstorm
  13. Storyboard,
  15. Who wants to go on a mission? Photo by kindercapes,
  16. How do I create missions?
  17. SITUATION: The mayor is ridding the city of graffiti unless he is convinced it is art or serves a purpose. MISSION: Create a persuasive presentation you will show the mayor and his staff. The presentation should include photos of the graffiti you want to keep, the location, your reasoning and support.
  18. Include tools, word bank, apps, or resources!
  19. (Girl) Scout Troopers by JD Hancock, Add a badge
  20. SITUATION: The mayor is ridding the city of graffiti unless he is convinced it is art. MISSION: Snap photos of graffiti you want to keep and make a strong argument why it is art. TOOL: Snap Story RESOURCE: Alan M. Forster, Samantha Vettese- Forster, John Borland, (2012) "Evaluating the cultural significance of historic graffiti", Structural Survey, Vol. 30 Iss: 1, pp.43 - 64 BADGE: Art Critic
  23. Tips!
  25. Web tools & apps should support multiple devices
  26. Apps & Tools
  27. (Any device)
  30. (Any device)
  32. Image by hammershaug, Pedagogy is the driver, technology is the accelerator. - Michael Fullan Digital Blooms SAMR Peeragogy ConnectivismRAT TPACK
  33., Andrew Churches © Image: @SylviaDuckworth
  34. Edmodo Google Classroom Moodle EdublogsHaiku Learning Schoology Pbworks Class VLE/LMS ESLPlace
  36. PLNs Connect with Teachers Online! Webinars MOOCSWeb Conferences Web Courses
  37. Personal/Passionate Learning Networks Refueling the Way We Teach
  38. How do I manage this?
  39. ICanCards
  40. Calendars
  41. Activity Logs Top cup is their status! • Yellow= sunny & bright, we’re all right! • Blue= through, next to do? • Red= help!!! The Cup System
  42. Image KSC-04PD-0583 CC by NASA Group work Facilitate Learning stations
  45. Technology is just a tool. In terms of getting the kids working together and motivating them, the teacher is the most important. - Bill Gates
  46. @ShellTerrell