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Vision Boards and Goal-Setting with Learners


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My books- Hacking Digital Learning Strategies & Learning to Go

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Vision Boards and Goal-Setting with Learners

  1. Creating Vision Boards & Goal-Setting with Students
  2. “Vision without action is a daydream. Action without vision is a nightmare.” - Japanese Proverb
  3. Vision Boards! Dream Boards!
  4. Collage or Digital Image by Anokarina,
  5. Recommended Tools & Apps EduBuncee Canva Padlet Google Keep Pic-Collage Smore EduGlogster VisionCC
  10. Pinterest Vision Boards
  11. agdiambpjmhipninnnfibfammpipkndk?hl=en
  12. Vision Board Workbook
  13. Introduce methods for achieving goals! Image by Aaron Davis,
  14. 2015-03-21b What do I want from yoga index card by sachac, Get them to map out/sketch goals!
  15. Word Cloud of Goals & Resolutions
  18. Make specific and personal statements!
  19. Set deadlines!
  20. Tie into routines!
  21. Tie into interests!
  23. Blog or journal about it regularly!
  24. More tips! Quote wall Virtual mentors Follow role models on social networks Motivational videos Skype role models
  25. You need a support network!
  26. By
  28. 1st Accomplish a goal 2nd Reflect (writing, video, or audio) 3rd Share your reflection 4th Feedback
  29. Free Goals Course #EdugoalsMOOC
  30. @30GoalsEDU
  31. @ShellTerrell