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Using Google Voice Assistant and Siri to Improve English Fluency


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Using Google Voice Assistant and Siri to Improve English Fluency

  1. Using Siri and Google Voice Assistant to Improve English
  2. “Technology should open a whole new world of possibilities for learning.” - David Guerin Image by iPhoneDigital,
  3. Virtual Assistant by Karlis, Virtual Butlers
  4. “Siri/Google, how do you spell ____?” Writing & Editing Assistant Grammar “Siri/Google, what are synonyms/antonyms ____?” Spelling Thesaurus
  5. “Siri/Google, what is the definition for ____?” Reading & Research “Siri/Google, translate ____ into (language)?” “Siri/Google, who/what/where/when is/was ____?”
  6. Interactive fun with Google Assistant!
  9. “Ok Google, let’s play a game!”
  10. “Ok Google, MadLibs!”
  11. “Ok Google, talk to everyday heroes!”
  12. “Ok Google, talk to Huffpost Headline Quiz!”
  13. “Ok Google, talk to Akinator!”
  14. “Ok Google, talk to Number Genie!”
  15. “Ok Google, crystal ball!”
  16. Play trivia alone or with friends! “Ok Google, talk to Song Pop!” “Ok Google, play Sports Illustrated Kids Trivia!” “Ok Google, talk to Space Trivia!” “Ok Google, are you feeling lucky?”
  17. “Ok Google, call Santa!”
  18. “Ok Google, call Dustin from Stranger Things!”
  19. “Ok Google, tell me a story!” “Ok Google, send me a poem!”
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