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Using Google Plus with Learners


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Using Google Plus with Learners

  1. Ideas for Teaching with
  2. Google and the Google logo are registered trademarks of Google Inc., used with permission.
  3. We are all leaving digital trails behind us, as we make our way around our individual lives. - Jer Thorp
  4. Must be at least 13 years- old!
  5. Create a profile
  7. Use #hashtags
  8. Use #hashtags Edit posts
  9. Create circles to share with a specific audience
  10. Google communities
  11. Events Categories Search Home Page GoogleandtheGooglelogoareregisteredtrademarks ofGoogleInc.,usedwithpermission.
  12. Use visuals & multimedia to spark discussion
  13. Memes Sentence completions Chain story Writing prompts Poll
  14. Hangouts
  15. HangOut on Air Event Page
  16. Hangouts on Air: Participant View
  17. Edit & Create Documents
  18. Screenshare
  19. Showcase
  20. Add apps
  21. Google effects
  22. Collaborative creation
  23. More ideas … Interview Debate Vodcast Group work Peer edit Hangout with other schools Fill in graphic organizers Guest speakers
  24. Storyboard
  25. Mystery Gplus Hangouts,
  26. Create class pages
  27. Mobile Google
  28. Tip: Get students & parents to sign an Acceptable/ Responsible Use Policy (AUP)
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