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Thanksgiving Resources Students Will Be Grateful For


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Published in: Education
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Thanksgiving Resources Students Will Be Grateful For

  1. Thanksgiving Resources Students Will be Grateful For!
  2. “Thanksgiving, after all, is a word of action.” - W.J. Cameron
  3. Themes … History Citizenship Colonists Culture Nautical science Tribes Ship life Farming Food preparation
  4. Introduce them to the Thanksgiving story!
  5. Introduce them to the Thanksgiving story! Books Theater Digital Storytelling Sites Videos Animation Infographics Virtual Field Trip
  6. Students learn about… culture history collaboration nature peace assimilation
  8. Conduct an Online Investigation
  12. Write a letter to the boy and girl Create a digital multimedia scrapbook documenting the contents of the letters
  13. Take a nature hike to gather leaves, sticks, rocks, etc. to decorate the table of a feast!
  14. • Plays • Finger puppets • With puppets • Book tools like Storybird • Apps like Puppet Pals HD 2 Retell the Thanksgiving story…
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  18. Writing Ideas • Research a person who took part in the event & tell from their viewpoint • Describe how you celebrate • Write a story about unlikely friendships • Foretell what life would be like without this event
  20. Create a funny story!
  21. Gobble! Gobble! Games
  22. Discover Life as an Explorer
  24. Apps to gobble up!
  25. Mr. Turkey, Where Are You iOS App
  26. Thanksgiving Puzzles iOS/Android/Kindle App
  27. iOS/Android App
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