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Teaching with Instagram


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Published in: Education

Teaching with Instagram

  1. Teaching with Instagram
  2. The heart and mind are the true lens of the camera. - Yousuf Karsh
  3. Unlimited image uploads Filters, frames, blur 15 second videos IOS / Android Tag people #hashtags Age: 13+ Comment Geotag
  4. Set-up a Class Account
  5. You can make the account private so that only parents & students see it!
  6. Not recommended! Create a #Hashtag?
  7. Working with images Photos of elementary students using iPads at school to do amazing projects. Flickr, CC 2.0
  8. •  hey can turn in T photo or video assignments directly to you. •  ou can review Y it then post in the main account & tag them.
  9. Map out locations
  10. Create collages with PicCollage free IOS/Android app
  11. Image Chef IOS App ©
  12. You Doodle IOS App Stickers, frames, filters, text, collages, and more!
  13. Cell phone camera by L-ines, Flickr
  14. •  ost a collage P •  tudents create a S 6 word story
  15. •  ost an image P •  tudents create a S short poem or haiku inspired by the image
  16. •  ost a collage of P images and facts about a place from the readings or a mystery hangout •  tudents guess S and add another fact they find
  17. Solve a Mystery
  18. •  ost an image or P word cloud about the upcoming topic •  ach student posts E a question to research
  19. Writing prompts
  20. Recreate a scene from the chapter Indian, Colonists and Pilgrim by PrayingMother, Flickr
  21. Send them on scavenger hunts!
  22. Once upon a time... Chain Story And the bird… …The End!
  23. 15 Second Movies with Instagram
  24. Act out a scene
  25. Video commentary relating to the subject or reading
  26. Book Trailers by Larry Ferlazzo
  27. Role-play a character to introduce them to the topic.
  28. Highlights with
  30. resources/webinars