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Teaching to Multiple Intelligences
Tips, Resources, and Web Tools
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"An intelligence is the ability to solve
problems, or to create products, that
By Sajaganesandip CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons
“Everyone has all 8 types of
intelligences … all learning experiences
do not have to relate to a person's
strongest area o...
Learning styles are the
ways in which an
individual approaches
a range of tasks
Multiple Intelligences: What Does the Rese...
The Dunn & Dunn Model
How do we discover
more about our
intelligences &
learning styles?
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Adapt the learning environment!
Photo by Meg Stewart,
Take it outside!
Project & Problem
Based Learning
Give them choices!
Students dedicate
part of their class
time to exploring an
interest in a project
they later present
Genius Hour & 20 % Time
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