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Survival Tips for Teaching Kids English


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Survival Tips for Teaching Kids English

  1. Survival Tips for Teaching Kids English Shelly  Sanchez  Terrell  
  2. Image  from  Marisa  Constan0nides,  @Marisa_C  
  3. Tip! Research the developmental stages for your age group
  4. What are your favorite theorists, approaches, and books?
  5. Tip: Channel in your inner child!
  6. Tip: Cultivate Relationships
  7. Icebreakers
  8. •  ach  student  brings  in  a   E favorite  toy   •  ivide  the  class  into  2  lines   D and  seat  them  across  from   each  other.   •  he  teacher  starts  the  0mer   T for  1  minute  and  the  pairs  play   with  each  other   •  hey  switch  partners   T Toy Mingle
  9. My Favorite Cartoon 1st.  Draw  your  favorite   cartoon  character   2nd.  No  talking.  Just   hold  up  your  drawing   3rd.  Run  to  another   person  who  you  think   likes  the  same  cartoon.   4th.  Now  you  can  ask   him/her?  Introduce   yourself.  
  10. Tip: Go beyond the book
  11. Instructional strategies
  12. How will I teach words? Meaning?
  13. “Language  body   conversa:on”     ~Dr.  James  Asher   Peek-a-boo - _MG_6709 by sean dreilinger, Flickr
  14. The way parents & babies communicate
  15. Model the Gestures
  16. Demonstrate with Flashcards
  17. Show a Video Image  CC  BY-­‐NC-­‐SA  2.0  by  thegarlands,  
  18. Finger Plays & Gesture Songs Itsy, Bitsy Spider Where is Thumbkin? Twinkle Little Star Clap Your Hands   A Sailor Went to Sea Head, Shoulder, Knees, Toes
  19. Tip: Amplify ry Time! S to
  20. Story  Time  with  Fire  Chief  Sullivan  By  Lucius  Beebe  Memorial  Library,  Flickr  
  21. C  is  for  Camera  by  @kevinv033,  Flickr   My  PlayDoh  Crea0on!  An  Owl  by  Mikenan1,  Flickr  
  22. mysurvivalkit
  24. Tip: Build Routines
  25. What’s your schedule? Repeat activities Include short rest periods Strike a balance between activity and rest periods
  26. Example Schedule Hello song! Hello game! Discovery Game! Dance! Sing! Snack Break! Story Time Hands-on Activity! Discovery Game! Color! Closing song/dance!
  27. Tip: Inte effectively technology grate
  28. Integrating Technology Hello song! CD, MP3 from iPod/ laptop Hello game! Visual instructions on screen Discovery Game! Dance! Sing! Story Time Hands-on Activity! Color! iPad/Web Activity Video of movements/ song Apps, online games/ activities Explore w/ iPad Color & drawing apps & web tools
  29. Engage Parents •  uggest  ac0vi0es  in  a  wiki,   S blog,  website,  newsleQer,  etc.   • nclude    games  with   I instruc0ons  or  a  video  example     •  ave  parents  suggest   H ac0vi0es/games   •  dd  to  a  group  calendar   A
  30. EnglishStoryTime.Pbworks.Com
  31. Whoever wants to understand much must play much. ~Gottfried Benn
  34. How do we support learners?
  36. Understand and simply difficult text
  37. Kids Picture Dictionary IOS App hQps://­‐picture-­‐dic0onary-­‐educa0onal/id482972824?mt=8  
  38. Free Friday Webinars-
  39. e fun! Tip: Hav
  40. “They may forget what you said but they will never forget how you made them feel.” - Carol Buchner
  41. survival:ps/kids +ShellySanchezTerrell