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Planning Educational Field Trips


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Planning Educational Field Trips

  1. Let’s Go On a Field Trip!
  2. “One’s destination is never a place, but a new way of seeing things.” - Henry Miller
  3. City Services Media Stations Landmark Excavation Sites Animal SitesMuseum Factory Business Image by Lori,
  5. Image by woodleywonderwork, Plan activities with site experts
  6. Image by Christina Spicuzza, Check the location’s website for resources, handouts, or an app!
  7. Smithsonian,
  8. Get them excited with activities! Photo by Kelly Hunter,
  9. Smithsonian,
  10. Engage with mobiles!
  11. Smithsonian App,
  12. Hear Planet iOS/Android App
  13. Museum Hunt iOS app
  15. Web/iOS/Android/Kindle
  16. QR codes!
  17. Activities
  18. Take a series of shots to create a brochure, flier, poster, or commercial!
  19. Postcard Treasure Hunt!
  20. Museum Scavenger Hunt
  21. Create an Interactive Map
  23. Character Texts Introduce an exhibit or area with Tellagami IOS & Android App
  24. Photofunia Web/iOS/Android/Windows
  25. Google LitTrips Google Earth Google World Wonders Project Google Expeditions Skype in the Classroom History View Virtual Field Trips
  29. Tips …
  31. Safety is key! Image by Felix E. Guerrero,
  32. Always take a safety kit!
  33. Image by Vivian Evans, Teach students first aid!
  34. @ShellTerrell