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Mobile Holiday Apps for Spreading Cheer


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Mobile Holiday Apps for Spreading Cheer

  1. Mobile Apps for the Holidsays
  2. “Blessed is the season which engages the whole world in a conspiracy of love!” - Hamilton Wright Mabie
  3. History Drinks Songs Games Symbols Food Traditions Cultures Learn about:
  4. Add these to a Click and Learn Calendar! Google Spreadsheet & Thinglink
  5. Web/ iOS App
  7. Web/ iOS App
  8. Web/ iOS App
  9. Make a cookbook! Holiday recipes & traditions Desserts Special diet Different language Family favorites Leftovers
  12. Learning books Starring them Joke book Carols
  13. BookCreator iOS/Android App
  14. Holiday Greetings!
  16. Character Texts • Upload your own images • Add stickers • Add mouths to characters • More than one slide • Voice distortion YakIt for Kids iOS App
  17. Chatterpix Kids iOS App
  18. Fotobabble iOS / Web
  19. Lark iOS App
  20. Animoto & Magisto Video Creator iOS/Android
  21. More fun!
  22. Pic-Collage iOS/Android
  23. Video Call Santa iOS
  24. Talking SantaElf Yourself 30 Hands
  25. North pole Art exhibit Museum exhibit Festival Take a virtual trip!
  26. Virtual Fieldtrips Google Cardboard Google Earth Google Cultural Trips Google Lit Trips World Wonders Project
  28. @ShellTerrell