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Flipped Out! Resources & Tips for the Flipped ELT Classroom


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Flipped Out! Resources & Tips for the Flipped ELT Classroom

  1. Flipping Out! Flipped Learning Resources & Tips for ELT
  2. Instruction => Home What is a Flipped Classroom? Flip the traditional model of instruction! Activity => Class
  3. Image KSC-04PD-0583 CC by NASA Facilitator
  4. Image from
  5. Traditionally, video recorded lectures are made accessible online
  6. An online learning environment is helpful
  7. Youcouldcreateplaylistsora channelonYoutube
  8. They can access it on their mobile devices!
  9. Embed on a Wiki or Blog
  10. You can flip with kids!
  11. Involve parents!
  13. Edmodo Free IOS/Android/Web
  15. Use visuals & multimedia Engage them Peak their interests The activity should…
  16. You don’t have to only flip videos!
  17. Podcasts Multimedia Slideshow Infographics Virtual Trips Mindmaps Games Flip…
  18. Kids can create the content!
  19. Image: 'student_ipad_school - 225’ Found on Useful Apps & Tools
  20. #FlipChat on Twitter
  21. #FlipClass on Twitter
  24. • Pin videos, urls • Add images, docs, etc. • Create portfolios with various template options • Cite sources
  26. Portfolios at
  27. • Collect web resources in one place • Built in quizzes
  28. Touchcast IOS App • Create interactive, clickable videos with a built-in teleprompter, green screen, visual filters, sound effects, titles & more
  29. Skqueak • Upload your photos, sketch, and record audio
  30. Ubersense Coach Free App for Feedback • Record HD video • Instant slow motion analysis & zoom, frame by frame play • Compare videos side-by-side or overlay • Add audio commentary, annotations • Free online locker to save videos • Share via email, YouTube, Twitter, Dropbox, Facebook • Import existing videos from external camera, etc.
  31. Educreations
  32. Educreations
  33. Show Me App
  34. Screen Chomp
  35. Together Learn iPad Free App • 7 on video watch videos together • Can highlight & draw
  36. Differentiate instruction Mixed abilities Not all have access to technology Multiple learning styles Problems….
  37. Offer a choice of activities….
  38. Offer resources for help!