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EduPassions Free Web Conference Program


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EduPassion Free Web Conference, Sat., Sept. 3, 2016,

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EduPassions Free Web Conference Program

  1. Time Time Zones Title Presenters Presentation URL Description 6amPT, 9amET, 1pmUTC, 2pmUK, 3pmCET, 10pm Tokyo/ Sydney elcome Welcoming Address Shelly Terrell & Sarah Thomas elcomeaddress Welcome to the conference! We will give a short welcoming address and go over important conference details. 6:30amPT, 9:30amET, 1:30pmUTC, 2:30pmUK, 3:30pmCET, 10:30pm Tokyo/ Sydney sion1 Students in the spotlight - Strengthen student voice Maria Theologidou ariatheologidou Learning is an exciting journey for both teachers and learners, yet many teachers wonder how they can personalize the learning experience and make it as student-centered as possible. My presentation will focus on how we can "build" our students' voice and therefore engage our learners in the learning process. 7amPT, 10amET, 2pmUTC, 3pmUK, 4pmCET, 11pmTokyo/ Sydney sion2 What language do you speak? Coding for all Sandra Paul ndrapaul Coding/Computer Science has become very prominent recently especially with many teachers using Hour of Code within their lessons once per year or including within their curriculum. We will be exploring coding in math, science, language arts and other subjects. In this session it will be suggested that coding should be done consistently in instructional process from PreK thru 12 grade. 7:30amPT, 10:30amET, 2:30pmUTC, 3:30pmUK, 4:30pmCET, 11:30pm Tokyo/ Sydney sion3 Design thinking in Schools leads to great leaders of tomorrow Faten Khalfallah Hammouda faten Design thinking is a process for solving problems, discovering opportunities, and finding new ideas via 5 major steps: Understanding, Exploring, Prototyping, Refining, and Solving. By this process, we focus on developing the students’ creative confidence from an early age. It will develop empathy, promote a bias toward action, encourage ideation, develop metacognitive awareness and foster active problem solving for kids. 8amPT, 11amET, 3pmUTC, 4pmUK, 5pmCET, 12am Tokyo/ Sydney Sat. onmoveme nts Panel: How Did You Transform Your Passion into Reality? Rafranz Davis, Valerie Lewis, Barbara Bray, Mark Martin, and Todd Nesloney umovements2016 The panelists share how they started their various education movements and how they transformed their passion into reality. 9amPT, 12pmET, 4pmUTC, 5pmUK, 6pmCET, 1am Tokyo/ Sydney Sat. sion4 MakerSpaces: Letting Genius SHINE! Nikki D. Robertson kkirobertson A makerspace is a place where students can gather to create, invent, tinker, explore and discover using a variety of tools and materials. Join Nikki Robertson as she introduces you to a variety of makerspace tools and shares how other educators have established makerspaces in their schools. She will provide tips and suggestions that you can use to create a makerspace in your school that will let your students' genius shine! #EduPassionsWebConference,Saturday,Sept3rd,2016
  2. Time Time Zones Title Presenters Presentation URL Description 9:30amPT, 12:30pmET, 4:30pmUTC, 5:30pmUK, 6:30pmCET, 1:30am Tokyo/ Sydney sion5 Let's Play and Learn Glenn Cake enncake Did you know a variety of web tools and techniques can get your learners playing and learning? Instead of just paper quizzes we can create engaging assessment for our learners where they are motivated to learn the material in a fun way. 10amPT, 1pmET, 5pmUTC, 6pmUK, 7pmCET, 2am Tokyo/ Sydney Sat. onpitch 5 minute presentations about education projects to join! Tracy Brady, Michael Luetjen, Toutoule Ntoya, Jaime Donally, Kimberly Lane, Jennifer Gwilt ssionpitch2016 International Day of Peace: Widen the SCOPE by Tracy Brady, Coding with Character by Michael Luetjen, Putting the Student in Student Athlete by Toutoule Ntoya, Living in 360 by Jaime Donally, Keeping up with Computer Science by Kimberly Lane, Using tech to enhance student learning and connections by Jennifer Gwilt 11amPT, 2pmET, 6pmUTC, 7pmUK, 8pmCET, 3am Tokyo/ Sydney Sat. sion6 Performing Street Theatre Efi Tzouri tzouri This talk focuses on the educational value of performing arts in class through the prism of Street theatre, examines the connection of street theatre’s theory to pedagogy, explains why performing arts are a powerful vehicle in learning process and practically suggests self- expression and interaction through experimental activities 11:30amPT, 2:30pmET, 6:30pmUTC, 7:30pmUK, 8:30pmCET, 3:30am Tokyo/ Sydney sion7 Empowering New Teachers to Thrive! Lisa Dabbs adabbs All teachers need a support system especially those in the beginning years of service. Research shows that there's a tremendous need for new teachers to receive mentoring in order to be successful. Let's provide ways for them to do that and build confidence in harnessing the power of social media to connect to resources and to those in the field who can stand in the Gap to support them. 12pmPT, 3pmET, 7pmUTC, 8pmUK, 9pmCET, 4am Tokyo/ Sydney Sat. sion8 Connecting with Parents: Using Web Tools to Connect Kimberly Howell-Martin mberlyhmartin We have a tough time reaching our parents at our school. We are harnessing the power of Web tools to reach out to our parents, especially our parents who have a hard time coming to school to see what their children are doing. We hope to "see" more of our parents through the wonderful uses of technology! 12:30pmPT, 3:30pmET, 7:30pmUTC, 8:30pmUK, 9:30pmCET, 4:30am Tokyo/ Sydney sion9 Started from the Bottom Now I'm here! Dorian Roberts rianroberts Going from no tech to tech; finding my student's voice and my own #EduPassionsWebConference,Saturday,Sept3rd,2016
  3. Time Time Zones Title Presenters Presentation URL Description 1pmPT, 4pmET, 8pmUTC, 9pmUK, 10pmCET, 5am Tokyo/ Sydney Sat. sion10 Assessment That Matters Kim Meldrum mmeldrum In this session we will focus on the importance of students having opportunities to use the tools of technology to create demonstrations of learning that go beyond paper and pencil. As we learn to give our students more opportunities to create, and demonstrate their skills and knowledge in different ways, we need to develop our skills in assessing those creations. We will take a look at the role of assessment for learning and assessment as learning. 1:30pmPT, 4:30pmET, 8:30pmUTC, 9:30pmUK, 10:30pmCET , 5:30am Tokyo/ Sydney sion11 I'm A New Teacher! Where Do I Begin? Cassie Reeder ssiereeder Everyone has to start somewhere, and I want to help you find that "where." As a new or newer teacher, you might feel a little overwhelmed throughout your first year, it happens to all of us! Deadlines, grades, data, paperwork, oh and not to mention you have to keep your students engaged, motivated and eager to learn at the same time. I have learned some great tools that will help you to stay on track, motivated and excited for your journey that each day brings throughout your school year! Come join me to get a few easy take aways to help ease the chaos of your first years in teaching! 2pmPT, 5pmET, 9pmUTC, 10pmUK, 11pmCET, 6am Tokyo/ Sydney Sat. ionpitch2 5 minute presentations about education projects to join! Jennifer Casa Todd, Fabiana Casella, Marijana, Smolcec, and Cassie Reeder ssionpitch2 Taking Risks Benefits Students by Fabiana Casella, Celebrating Student Digital Leadership by Jennifer Casa Todd, Fun Formative Assessment by Marijana Smolcec and How social media can change your life by Cassie Reeder 3pmPT, 6pmET, 10pmUTC, 11pmUK, 12amCET, 7am Tokyo/ Sydney Sat. losing20 16 Closing Ceremony Organizers osingceremony Time for reflection! The audience will share their favorite conference moments and the organizers will address questions. #EduPassionsWebConference,Saturday,Sept3rd,2016