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Community Building with Get to Know You Activities & Icebreakers


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Published in: Education
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Community Building with Get to Know You Activities & Icebreakers

  1. Building Community with Get to Know You Activities & Icebreakers SHELLYTERRELL.COM/ICEBREAKERS
  2. “Unity is strength... when there is teamwork and collaboration, wonderful things can be achieved.” - Mattie Stepanek @ShellTerrell
  3. Build relationships Encourage sharing Prevent bullying Support collaboration Get them moving Icebreakers & Get to Know You Activities:
  4. Learning Names @ShellTerrell
  5. Class Name Dictionary,
  6. Class Name Dictionary,
  7. Class Name Dictionary,
  8. Clap your name with a peer!
  9. Circle ball introductions! Sit in a circle.The child with the ball says,“Hi! My name is (Shelly).” As she says her name she hits the ball for each syllable so she hits the ball twice.Then the class, in unison, says,“Hi Shelly! Nice to meet you.” The child rolls the ball to a peer and the activity repeats.
  11. Goal-setting @ShellTerrell
  12. Recommended Tools & Apps Buncee Canva Google Slides/ Draw Pic-Collage Smore EduGlogster VisionCC
  17. Math Based Get to Know You!
  21. Mingle!
  22. • Each student has a toy • Pair students • Start the timer for 1 minute and the pairs play with each other • Children then switch partners Toy Mingle
  23. Match the Joke & Punchline
  25. Mobile Show N Tell
  26. More icebreakers @ShellTerrell
  27. TP Web Intro!
  28. Use emojis to answer the following: Current mood: 🤔 How many pets: 🐶 Favorite color: 💙 🚘 💧🚘 💧💧 Favorite foods: 🌮 🍕🍣🍕🍣 Hobbies: ✍ 📚 Dream Job: 🍽 💻💻
  31. Go On A Selfie Adventure! Pet, sibling, hero Hobby, talent Favorite book, place Toy selfie adventures
  32. Ball Q&A Toss • Student catches the ball & answers a question • Student asks a question & throws to a peer to answer
  33. Ball Icebreaker Questions Image Search screen shot
  34. Jump to the …if you like… • Masking tape on the floor • Pick a category with only 2 choices • Students jump to side they choose • Students chat for 30 seconds
  36. @ShellTerrell