Celebrating December Holidays with Learners


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Celebrating December Holidays with Learners

  1. Celebrating December Holidays Digitally with Learners ShellyTerrell.com
  2. As  we  work  to   create  light  for   others,  we  naturally   light  our  own  way.   ~Mary  Anne   Radmacher  
  3. Education.skype.com
  4. Hangouts on Air
  5. •  each  each  other   T songs,  carols,  finger   chants,  rhymes   •  ow  to  sessions   H about  tradi8ons  or   recipes     • nterviews   I •  ave  an  author   H read  a  holiday  story  
  6. Kids.nationalgeographic.com/kids/stories/ peopleplaces/winter-celebrations/
  7. Storytelling with Storybird
  8. BookCreator Lite App •  asiest way to E create multimedia books & publish to iBook store • nclude audio, I music, videos, images https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/book-creator-free/id661166101?mt=8
  9. Adopt a younger class & create books for them! Schooltechnology.org Elementary students using the iPad in school.Flickingerbrad, Flickr, CC 2.0
  10. Alessi's turn on the iPad by Marcus Kwan, Flickr An alphabet book or joke book
  11. Never too young for an iPhone, Jessica Gurro, Flickr Create a book starring their younger siblings
  12. Make a game! -drag & drop - over 500 graphics, music, sound effects, particle effects -import your own pictures, graphics, animations, sound effects, music - create sound & special effects - physics engine for real world simulation
  13. Tiny Tap Game Creation IOS App http://www.tinytap.it/ Features: •  dd own images or A from a web search •  ecord your own voice R •  ecord a question, an R answer, a hint •  0 different soundtracks 2 •  rack progress using T the in-game scoring system •  ersonalize pre-made P games from the TinyTap store with narration and images
  14. Send a meaningful message
  15. Animoto IOS/Android/Web
  16. Make a Holiday Video!
  17. Holiday Music
  18. •  tudents send greeting S cards to others •  llows them to email A the card, upload images, include text & has templates
  19. A Card For That Android App •  end via Facebook, Twitter, e-mail S
  20. Calendar Newspaper of memories Magazine of memories Photo story reflecting on the year
  21. PicCollage App- Create a Scrapbook ©http://pic-collage.com/
  22. Frame Artist IOS App
  23. Recipe book Blessings book Goal book with quotes Journal with prompts Digital scrapbook
  24. Buncee Web Tool & IOS App
  25. Buncee.com
  26. Buncee.com
  27. Buncee Backgrounds, Stickers, Quotes
  28. Buncee Backgrounds, Stickers, Quotes
  29. Buncee Audio
  30. •  odernize the lyrics to the 12 M days of Christmas or any holiday song, then create a video •  reate movements for C specific words or phrases •  lay in the background P •  reate musical instruments C & play the song
  31. Create a Holiday Music Video with Video Star IOS
  32. •  Holiday Piano Book: Jingle Bells by A StoryBoy (I-friendly) •  axi’s Holiday Piano (I-friendly) M •  iano Mi (I-friendly) P •  hristmas Piano (I-friendly) C •  y Baby Piano (Android) M *To download these apps, search these specific names in the app store
  33. More cool sites!
  34. •  reate a story with the student as the star C •  hat with Santa’s elves C •  end Santa a letter and he’ll write back S •  rint a Good Deeds Calendar P •  rint stories & color the pages P •  hristmas Countdown Calendar with fun C activities •  lay holiday games P •  end holiday e-cards S •  ORAD’s Santa Tracker (Dec. 24th) N
  35. Pearltrees.com/shellyterrell/celebrating-december-holidays/ id6846664
  36. ShellyTerrell.com @ShellTerrell