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callistra roy


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Published in: News & Politics, Education
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callistra roy

  1. 1. AFRICAN AMERICAN SUBCULTURECulture consists of the customs, beliefs and values, knowledge and skills that guide the members of asociety. It is the over- all way of life of a people. The total products of their society are both materialand nonmaterial. It is culture that gives the human society its identity because humans are the only organism whosesocial groups are defined by culture were give on lecturing day September ninth, two thousand andeleven. The African Americans culture has progress from the early eighteen centuries within the community, Iwas raised. During the forth-six years, I’ve been on this earth. I have seen a transition with this town,alone call Blakely, Georgia. I have seen African Americans excel from working on white farms,workinghomes, back door entry, and a killing. During the First World War, a group known as “The New Negroes”, were black inferiors that relocatedto Northern, urban cities. The African American migrated from the South into North, and Midwest. Abook called “The Migration of the Negro”, was written by Jacob Lawrence that enlighten society of thefirst massive movement of African Americans moving out the South into the North and Midwest duringthe First World War. This book covered material of black people excelling in their move. They were ableto vote, decent schools, make decent wage, and performed music/art.In the fall of the early nineteen fifty’s, my great uncle by the name of Roscell Hightower escaped fromChandler plantation to Augustine, Florida. My mom said that he refused to work on the white manfarm, anymore. Several months later my uncle, in laws came at the rest of his family. They continue to 1
  2. 2. reside in Augustine, Florida at this present day. Although my great uncle has gone on to glory, he stillbecame a mentor to the family, refusing humiliation, being belittled, and accomplish self esteem . Also during the First World War, this group of black men, African Diaspora, believed they were entitledthe right of American citizenship, because they were born free. The Jim Crow era appeared during the First four decades of the twentieth century was a period when alarge amount of Americans viewed black people as inferiors, aliens! During this period, anti-black riots,segregation, lynching, and humiliation were still governed. During my teenage years, I felt degraded and humiliation, especially when I had to have a physical forsports. As we were pulling up to the doctor office, I noticed that we were entering through the backdoor. As we entered, a black nurse escorted us to the waiting room to be seated. As we were sitting inthe waiting room, I could see an entrance across the building where a white nurse were escorting andwaiting on their color. Throughout my high school days, this physician continued to be segregated untilthe competition came about with integration of other physician in the area.As the centuries progress, African American are continuing to reach the levers of power. Americanculture and politics are being influenced more than ever. They began publicizing their own idea,symbolizing “The New Negro”. “The New Negro” were better educated, more militant and powerfulAfrican Americans. “The New Negro” considered at times nationalist that lived in the North or Westthan in the South. 2
  3. 3. The Great Migration began a crucial event in American history during the First World War ofapproximately a half a million black people moved out of the South to the North and Midwest. TheEuropean immigrants and soldiers of the North created jobs for the African American during the FirstWorld War. A newspaper editor, published a series of articles, “The Defender “ , nineteen hundred and five, thearticles were encouraging African Americans to leave the Southern area and relocate in the Northern orMidwestern area. The publisher, Robert Sengstacke also set a departure date for all blacks to movewhich was on May fifteen, nineteen hundred and seventeen. He called the departure day, “the GreatNorthern Drive”. Sengstacke urge Southerners, New Negroes’ to relocate North and Midwest becausethe New Negroes’ are more cosmopolitan consumers of national even international news. The Great Migration continued to accelerate between the eighteen hundred and ninety and nineteenhundred of the trend that already existed. The end of the Reconstruction, around the nineteen hundredat least seventy two cities had more than five thousand black residents including Newark, New Jersey(6,694). Philadelphia, New York City, and Memphis had more than fifty thousand black residentialhomes, Washington, D. C., had more than eight six thousand black residential homes; Baltimore hadmore than seventy nine thousand; and New Orleans had more than 77,000^2 within the next decadeDenver had(5,426) and Los Angeles (7,599)^3.African American culture varies in different ways relating to the traditional of religion. AfricanAmericans are known as having several gods; on contrary, Islam known as having one supreme god; thepeople that were black grew up practicing Christianity. Around the eighteen hundred’s, churches wererare for African Americans in Southern colonies. 3
  4. 4. “Re Graweere”, The Virginia court stated that if a black child raised up as a Christian that could beconsidered free, but the court ruled instead that the so-called un-free status will preserve the rights thatChristian Negroes will permanently be enslaved. . 4