What's App?


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Keeping up with new media mobilities.

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What's App?

  1. 1. What’s app? Keeping up with the ever changing world of media mobilities. [Image by Bart Claeys, flickr] by Shelby Stanley
  2. 2. [Image by Mark Chapman, Radar Communication, flickr] Ever feel like you’re not with the times?
  3. 3. Like EVERYTHING is changing… right before your eyes? [Image by daveynin, flickr]
  4. 4. We’ve come a LONG WAY since the first handheld phone in 1979 [Image by mecredis, flickr]
  5. 5. Today, there are more than 4.6 billion cell phones in use More than 370 times the number in use in 1990 [source: Wilson Electronics, Inc.] [Image by ElvertBarnes, flickr]
  6. 6. With over 1.9 billion mobile phones sold in 2009, mobile technologies are growing more and MORE popular every year [Source Sybase Inc]
  7. 7. Nowadays, cell phones do more than just make calls [Image by Robert Scoble, flickr]
  8. 8. How much more you ask?
  9. 9. Welcome to the mobile world of apps [Image by Christiano Betta
  10. 10. Application software, also known as an "app", is computer software designed to help the user perform singular OR multiple related specific tasks. [source Wikipedia, “apps”]
  11. 11. There are over 350,000 apps available to download at the Apple “App store” [source: www.apple.com] [Image by aditza121, flickr]
  12. 12. There are apps for music… [Image by andrewkimmel, flickr]
  13. 13. Apps for working out… [Image by SuperFantastic, flickr]
  14. 14. Apps for managing money [image by Yodel Anecdotal, flickr]
  15. 15. Apps for traveling [Image by British Airways, flickr]
  16. 16. Let’s not forget SOCIAL apps [Image by ted murphy, flickr]
  17. 17. and GAMING apps [Image by vancouverfilmschool, flickr]
  18. 18. All within the comfort of your favourite mobile device. [Image by timparkinson, flickr]
  19. 19. In 2008 Google launched Android and the Android app market [Image by jyri, flickr]
  20. 20. Android now has over 150,000 apps available to download…instantly [source: cnet.com] [Image by Aeoth, flickr]
  21. 21. Apps allow mobile access to THOUSANDS of online tools for sharing information. It’s as easy as a tap! [Image by Oyvind Solstad, flickr]
  22. 22. So what does this ALL mean? [Image by SMJJP, flickr]
  23. 23. New technological mobilities have transformed the way we EXPERIENCE and CONSUME information
  24. 24. Instantly downloading an app is an efficient way to participate, engage, and share with a consistently changing media market.
  25. 25. Change is GOOD…
  26. 26. THAT’S what’s app.