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Camera Transitions and Edits


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Camera Transitions and Edits

  1. 1. These are shots/clippings from videos that are shotstraight from a video camera, and uploaded to acomputer/social networking site - it is raw footagethat hasn’t been edited.You don’t typically see this in trailers as it is morecommon to use transitions because they add effect onthe trailer.
  2. 2. Fade is a transition where the scene/picturegradually fades, either on to the next scene, or itcan fade to a text slide, or to black. This is oftenused at the end of trailers, to build up tension andto leave the audience on edge and want to seewhat happens next, so then, they go and see thefilm.
  3. 3. Cross Fade is a transition where two scenes collidewith each other, one scene is still running whilstanother one begins. As the first scene ends, thesecond one begins and cross fades in. Cross fadeis often used to change the speed of a scene,because the transition is quick, and fast paced,which adds effect to the trailer.
  4. 4. Wipe is a camera transition that clears the screen,and gradually moves on to the next image/scene. Itis a gradual effect that happens slowly whichtriggers the audience to think about the scene, andwhat has happened, if the previous scene has beendramatic or emotional it adds emphasis to theprevious scene/image.This transition can be made in a number of ways,from left to right, right to left, wipe down, wipe upetc.
  5. 5. Pan and Zoom is a transition where the cameramoves, slowly; in different directions and zooms tofocus on a person or an object within a scene orphoto. It is a slow effect to symbolise calm eventstaking place. This is a good effect to use whenbuilding up to a dramatic scene.The pan and zoom transition is used in many ways,the most common transitions are pan up, down,left, right, pan and rotate.