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Are you Silently Sabotaging your Job Search ?


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Are you Silently Sabotaging your Job Search ?

  1. 1. PAGE1 WWW.BIOTECNIKA.ORG WWW.BIOTECNIKA.ORG PRESENTER: Shekhar Suman 2016 JUNE 7th4 Underlying Issues Discussed Are You Silently SABOTAGING Your Job Search
  2. 2. PAGE2 WWW.BIOTECNIKA.ORG The Roadblocks to your Success Pay Attention: This may be screwing up your Job Search Lack of Fear of 4 Main Reasons why you are not succeeding in your Job Search Confidence Lack of Enthusiasm Lack of DirectionRejection
  3. 3. PAGE3 WWW.BIOTECNIKA.ORG Lack of Confidence Confidence Vs Lack of It Both are Dangerous
  4. 4. PAGE4 WWW.BIOTECNIKA.ORG Fear of Rejection Fear = Death Why Afraid ?
  5. 5. PAGE5 WWW.BIOTECNIKA.ORG Lack of Enthusiasm Lack it = Loose it Employer is looking for a Passionate Employee HR Team looks for some one who is tamed / Programmed to deliver results Seeing is not believing, Recruiter wants Proof Show Realistic Enthusiasm but not Over Enthusiasm
  6. 6. PAGE6 WWW.BIOTECNIKA.ORG Your Personality is a Shell of Onion Every Layer has its own importance ABC D E F G Skills Qualification Experience Confidence Unidirectional Approach Enthusiasm Patience
  7. 7. PAGE7 WWW.BIOTECNIKA.ORG Be Unidirectional – No One likes Dynamism Don’t paint a picture that you are going to try everything what comes your way In 2016, You just want a Job Coz you are a fresher, so you are desperate Manager by 2017 And then you say that you want to be a manager in 2017 Oh & a Scientist in 2018 Coz I have interest in Research & Finally I wanna be rich Well I wanna die rich, so let me start my own company !! 2016 2017 2018 2019
  8. 8. PAGE8 WWW.BIOTECNIKA.ORG JD is your Bible, Remember it by heart Ask Valid Questions related to work ONLY + Understand JD What they need ? + Ask Questions What they expect ? Ask in a gentle manner, Never sound Demanding + Negotiate Salary Be Polite, Don’t Demand Interview is still not over + Stay Calm Don’t Panic Don’t Sound Stupid Show Commitment, Show Interest in Job Profile & Not just Salary
  9. 9. PAGE9 WWW.BIOTECNIKA.ORG Watch out for More Wait for my Next Video, We shoulder your Job Hunt Responsibility