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Meet Joe - Meet


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Meet Joe - Meet Story of a man who discovers a new way to take care of his health worries, simply by going online on HealthcareMagic and chatting with a Doctor. Joe finds peace of mind and now he can resolve his health queries talking to Doctors. 24x7, anytime, any day!

Slide, inspired by SlideShare's Meet Dave slide :)

Published in: Health & Medicine
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Meet Joe - Meet

  1. 1. meet Joe
  2. 2. 28 year old senior exec busy, lazy guy frequently traveling overweight! Type-2 diabetic Family history of Diabetes Father got a heart-attack last year Worried about health, but don’t know what to do!
  3. 3. Joe asked his friends, who said… Get a health check-up done, dude! Get lipid-profiling done! Do this Do that … …
  4. 4. Searching on Web about Diabetes… Worried!
  5. 5. He had a lot of queries… Got confused searching on the Web… Wants to discuss it with someone…
  6. 6. But he got no time to meet a Doctor... Wonders if there is any service where he can Talk or simply Chat with a Doctor ?
  7. 7. He curiously Googles for “Chat with a Doctor” And finds…
  8. 8. He logs in and chats with a doctor from the comfort of his home…
  9. 9. After the Chat, Weekly follow-ups by Doctors keeps him worry-free! Now Joe can chat with a doctor, anytime 24x7 Now Joe is a happy guy!
  10. 10. When someone asks for Doctors! he says go to