Latest Trends in Healthcare


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The presentation showcases Latest Trends in Healthcare. Featuring start-ups in online healthcare space who are using technology to deliver better healthcare and information to users.

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Latest Trends in Healthcare

  1. 1. Latest Trends in eHealth - A Comprehensive Outlook
  2. 2. eHealth In India at a Glance Steadily growing use of Electronic Communication and Information Technology in the Health Sector Web Content and Forums Telemedicine/Web Medicine/Remote Medicine Electronic Health Record (EHR) Disease Management Services Diet, Fitness, Wellness Services Corporate Healthcare Automated Health Tools
  3. 3. Web Content and Forums  Health articles / Health communities / Doctor Listing  Focus on patient information and awareness  Focus on Disease Conditions / Symptoms / Treatment  Self-help symptom tracker    Limitation: No personalization, Not consumer driven
  4. 4. Web Telemedicine/ Remote Medicine  Doctor on phone call, Live Chat  Focus on increasing Access to qualified Doctors  Fill a major gap in India as government/ public health helplines are largely unavailable  Fills gap of in-person physician interaction: for e.g. patient counseling, sensitive questions   Challenges: Internet / Credit Card Penetration, Not integrated with Health Insurance Policy
  5. 5. Home Page (Web 2.0 compliant)
  6. 6. Home Page (Web 2.0 compliant)
  7. 7. Live Chat Page
  8. 8. Electronic Health Record  Collecting and storing patient information in digital format  Key to improving workflow and increasing efficiency in health care settings  Enables physicians to provide evidence-based quality care  Empower patients to take control of his/her health information  Provide vital data for health policy makers, insurance providers , researchers, drug-development    Challenges: Not the primary need of the Online users
  9. 9. Disease Management Services  Focus on patients at risk of/ diagnosed with certain illnesses  Very relevant in the scenario of increasing prevalence of chronic diseases and ageing population (Diabetes, Hypertension)  Potential users include both individual patients and organizations  A hot topic amongst new companies in India  ,  Healthways , Vital Health (Overseas companies)  Challenges: High Cost/ Clash of interest with the treating specialist
  10. 10. Diet, Fitness and Wellness Services  Weight Loss / Gain / Diet Chart / Nutrition Advice  Progress tracking tools and reminder services that promote user motivation  Online model makes them well positioned to reach diet and fitness conscious young adults    Challenges: Competition from next door physical outlets like VLCC / Over crowded market space
  11. 11. Corporate Healthcare  Targeting organizations rather than individuals  Popularity increasing as corporates compete to offer best possible employee benefits  Also combined with In-house health checkup / risk assessment / programs like Yoga and Meditation  Arrange for discounted health checkups , discounted hospitalization and pharmacy    Challenges: Corporates have existing tie up with local hospitals for similar services / Cost of Implementation
  12. 12. Automated Health Tools  Self-Help Tools like SMS based Medication Reminder  Automated Health Risk Assessment  Calculators for BMI / Smoking Risk / Cardiac Risk etc.  Good for large population base as the system is automated and scalable   Challenges: Monetization / Awareness
  13. 13. Summary 1. High Growth: Penetration of Internet (40 million users) and Mobile (500 million users) 2. Driving Factors: • Increased Healthcare Cost • Increased emphasis on Preventive Health • Increased consumer awareness 3. Challenges: Mind-set change from the physical clinic/hospital model to new delivery channels 4. Potential: Vast untapped market , initial uptake is very positive
  14. 14. The Company • Mr. Kunal Sinha, Founder and CEO  Second Time Entrepreneur – Successful exit in the first venture  Graduated from IIT Kanpur, Worked with IBM • Dr. Abhilash Thirupathy, Customer Relationship Manager  MBA from IIM Lucknow  Worked with Johnson and Johnson Other Facts:  Over 700,000 visitors and users  Over 200,000 live patient interactions (In first year, service was Free for users)  Funded by Accel Partners (Facebook, Real Networks, Veritas)
  15. 15. Thank You For more information, contact Disclaimer : The views mentioned here are author’s personal views and not based on any statistical report