Social Media To Move Ideas Into Action


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Notes from my Social Media Roundtable at the 2012 Texas Conference for Women. This is an idea list for how social media tools can help with market research, sales, brand awareness and authority.

My team and I do online and in-person training in social media for tourism and hospitality at Tourism Currents -

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Social Media To Move Ideas Into Action

  1. 1. Moving From Idea to Action with Social Media Texas Conference for Women, October 2012 Social Media Roundtables Sheila Scarborough / @SheilaS / @TourismCurrentsSocial media is a technology-based set of tools for communicating and networking. It is nota magic bullet for your business, nor is it going to rescue a poor product/service, a badbusiness strategy or lack of cash flow.That said, here are some ideas for incorporating social media into those times when youneed to launch a product/service or sell an idea....1) Market Research & Learning About Your Customers** Finding them: look for scheduled Twitter chats, related professional associationFacebook Pages/LinkedIn Groups/LinkedIn Answers/Twitter accounts/blogs (check for blogs,) industry conference Twitter hashtags, online forums (yes,thats social media,) YouTube channels and Flickr/Instagram/Pinterest image-relatedaccounts.** Are there reviews of your business on Yelp, Google local listings, TripAdvisor, etc.?** Look for related mentions of your business keywords on Twitters search engine(,) Google and Bing. Set up Google Alerts.** When you find your market on social media channels: participate, comment and bringvalue to the discussions. Listen more than you talk.** Ask your market questions via polls on LinkedIn and Facebook. You can also throw outquestions on Twitter or your blog, but getting responses often depends upon timing.** Dig into your website analytics – Google Analytics is the gold standard and its free – tosee how your market finds your website. Do they click through from social media?** Review your Facebook Page Insights data, do a LinkedIn search, do hashtag/keywordresearch on TweetReach and general Twitter research on Twellow and Listorious.** Take any "influencer" data from Klout or PeerIndex or Kred with a huge grain of salt, butit IS a data point.
  2. 2. ** On LinkedIn, dig around in Groups, News Today ( andAnswers (Q&A) for discussions and posts related to your market.2) Becoming a Known, Trusted Authority in Your Field** First, youd better know your stuff. If you blow this, theres no help for you, social mediaor otherwise.** Blog and/or tweet about your industry, and really have something to say. This can be asbasic (but helpful) as live-blogging or live-tweeting from industry conferences and events.Be useful, bring value, be the indispensable source of the best information andconnections.** Send snippets of your insights as status updates to your Facebook Page, LinkedInCompany Page, Twitter account or Google+ Company Page.** Once youre an established blogger (minimum 6 months, often longer) seek out guestblogging opportunities on respected blogs in your industry.** Start a podcast series or Blog Talk Radio show for your industry.** Start a video series on YouTube or Vimeo or Ustream for your industry.** Create photos that tie into your industry. Optimize them for SEO with keyword-richtitles, descriptions and tags. Consider Pinterest, Flickr, Instagram and Foodspotting inaddtion to photos posted on your blog, Facebook Page, Twitter or Google+.** Speak at industry conferences. Hold on- and off-line workshops. Present webinars. Putyour presentations on SlideShare (optimized for search in title, description and tags.)3) Marketing & Sales** First, define what makes your product/service so terrific that people should hand youtheir hard-earned money. Whats in it for them? Are you solving THEIR problems?** Integrate your social media presence across your website, email and print materialsincluding business cards. Make yourself easy to find in any dimension.** Speak at conferences, hold workshops and webinars, and share your expertise throughassociated blog posts, SlideShare updates, etc.** Appear "in person" in Google+ Hangouts, Zipcasts on SlideShare, "open mic" blogposts and Twitter chats (as participant and/or host of the chat.)** In addition to your personal LinkedIn profile, have a robust, complete LinkedInCompany Page with tabs, photos and video for your products and services.** Add an ecommerce tab to your Facebook Page for purchases.** Send special offers and sales notices out to your Twitter followers, Facebook PageLike-ers and blog subscribers/email list.