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Get ready for a peek over the tech horizon to investigate some of the big changes in technology and social media that will drive changes in communications.

Miss the webinar? Go here to see about the next one, from AWC (Association for Women in Communications)

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  • Thanks for joining us today on the Webinar! Explain the photo
  • I love talking about this stuff! If I don't know the answer I'll try to find it for you. It IS hard to keep up with all of this (I consider it part of my full-time job and it's near-impossible for me) so find yourself a tech guide or tech mentor. Someone a bit further out than you – just on the horizon – if they fall out of sight, you may not want to go there. :) If you follow me on Twitter, please “at” me and say Hi!
  • We're covering a lot of territory, not enough time to go into much depth. I want you to walk away ready to do more research in the areas that make sense for your business I want you to be able to say, “I've heard of that....”
  • The “Geek Dashboard Pack” has links and references, and is a good place for “starter kit” information about today's topics. SlideShare, if you haven't heard of it, is a wonderful research resource (and it's Google-indexed, so your SlideShare channel is another way to get your content found. Title, tag and describe with that in mind!)
  • I'm going to blast along here, but making every effort to leave time for questions at the halfway point and at the end.
  • Lots of shifts and changes that you may have missed in life's general hullabaloo, so we'll skim through the big ones here.
  • It used to be that if you and I sat down and searched for “great microbreweries in Nebraska” in Google, we'd get the same results. Today, if you do that, our results might not be exactly the same. Here is why....
  • ** Real-time: Bing added Twitter, MySpace and FB Fan Page results first, and now Google has them as well plus Google Buzz posts (not all show for all searches.) ** Personalized: Google tracks your search data and keeps it for up to 180 days (used to be opt-in, but is now opt-out.) Your results are targeted to your previous preferences (SOX for baseball vs Sarb-Ox for accountant) so you may have different SERPs than someone next to you searching the same term. Is this a problem/echo chamber? ** Social: What results do your friends like? (my social circle is ppl connected thru Google – my G. Profile is pretty complete, so lots.) Do you even want to know? Make content something ppl want to share!
  • As you can see, Google lives to organize information. If you search Web, you will get a mix of results (news, text, images, video) If you want to get very specific with pages of results, go to the specific search engines.
  • Most people never look past the Web link at the upper right, but all of the other Google search engines, tools and services are findable through the drop-downs here. For the truly curious and geeky, go to Google Labs for all the newest experiments and products.
  • ** Twitter search: Although we just heard this week that every tweet since the beginning of time is going to the Library of Congress, Twitter Search only goes back a few weeks. Best for pulse checks. ** YouTube: Although owned by Google, when broken out it ranks as 2 nd largest worldwide. ** Facebook: (with a FB account) enter search terms in the Search box, get back related people, pages and results from your FB friends. ** Bing: 12% - Market share increasing, I'd never bet against Microsoft when stakes are so high and they have money. “Richer” more visual, intuitive search (4sq data going to Bing Maps: what's hot, literally!) ** Yahoo: 14% - still a player
  • Always create content with search in mind. Keywords matter everywhere. Don't obsess, but.... For example, your Facebook Fan Page updates now matter for SEO. Title, tag and describe your videos and photos; the bots can't see photos or video (yet, HTML5 in video may change that) but they can crawl text related to those visual items. Remember that people are driving around looking for info on a mobile device. If your sites are a pain to navigate on a smartphone, people will vote with their Blackberries and iPhones and go to sites that CAN use.
  • ** Dell ** National Geographic ** A SLURL is just a SL URL.
  • Just went to a corporate event as part of a speaking engagement, very not-trendy group, and iPhones and Blackberries were everywhere. iPhone = total game changer Android = power is in the spread of many devices across all carriers RIM/Blackberry = not dead yet Nokia = still dominates the planet market share, but are they too late? Never count out those Finns! Many thought Motorola was dead....
  • Combination of smartphones and social networking is incredibly powerful. Those of you who remember the Dick Tracy watch? Well, it's here.
  • Meeker is a Wall Street securities analyst who has been covering the tech scene for years.
  • ** Google Voice is still in beta, so invite-only, but anyone can request an invite. Might be worth checking out ** Buzz - Sharing in your email IN box not always a great idea. Anyone could see who you email and connect with the most. ** Wave – no one really knows yet, but interesting to watch. Great example of collaborating in the cloud, as with Google Docs. Can attach large files to a Wave, people can replay it if they come in late, very flexible.
  • What's the big difference? Not a whole lot. Maybe that Gowalla is more geared to the travel experience (with “Nearby Trips”) & photos Foursquare is badge-collecting, Gowalla's “game” is more of virtual items in a passport – more like virtual geocaching/scavenger hunting in some ways. More share-y and fun in that way. Which phones they work on, which cities have venues. Name recognition key for each brand. Others incorporating location (Yelp, Twitter) Key in blog post comment: Winner = who can make check-in/local info more fun, useful and relevant
  • Tech News Update for AWC Communicators

    1. 1. Betamax photo courtesy jurvetson at Flickr CC Ear to the (Geek) Ground: Tech News You Can Use
    2. 2. Your Nerd Guide... Sheila Scarborough @SheilaS on Twitter
    3. 3. What This Is.... <ul><li>A broad-brush look at: </li><ul><li>Tech/social media trends
    4. 4. What those trends might mean for you as a communicator
    5. 5. Always asking the So What? question </li></ul></ul>
    6. 6. What This Is Not.... <ul><li>A note-taking test!
    7. 7. Reference material will be available </li><ul><li>“ Geek Dashboard Pack” handout
    8. 8. Slides on </li></ul><li>So, put down the pen/keyboard if you'd like, and let's get nerdy.... </li></ul>
    9. 9. Big Themes for Today <ul><li>Search engines and SEO
    10. 10. Augmented Reality
    11. 11. Virtual Reality
    12. 12. (Pause for mid-session Q&A)
    13. 13. Mobile and smartphones
    14. 14. Google Voice, Buzz and Wave
    15. 15. Location-based games and apps
    16. 16. (Wrap-up Q&A) </li></ul>
    17. 17. Search Engine Changes: Lots! <ul><li>Google search engine changes </li><ul><li>Real-time, personalized and social </li></ul><li>Google's niche search engines </li><ul><li>Blog search, books, images, video </li></ul><li>Other search engines </li><ul><li>Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, Bing, Yahoo </li></ul></ul>
    18. 18. Your Search Isn't My Search Control key closeup courtesy renatotarga at Flickr CC
    19. 19. What's New in Your Search <ul><li>Recent Google changes </li><ul><li>Adding real-time data : incorporating tweets and Facebook information
    20. 20. Making it personalized : keeping track of your search activity and tailoring your SERPs </li><ul><li>SERP = Search Engine Results Page </li></ul><li>Making it social : letting you find out what your social circle is saying </li></ul></ul>
    21. 21. Drilling WAY down <ul><li>Google's niche search engines </li><ul><li>Books
    22. 22. Scholar: academic papers, theses, abstracts, court opinions
    23. 23. Images
    24. 24. Video
    25. 25. Blogs: </li></ul></ul>
    26. 26. How to Keep Up with Google
    27. 27. Other Search Engines <ul><li>Latest comScore data shows Google holding about 65% of the U.S. search engine “pie”
    28. 28. There ARE other search engines: </li><ul><li>Twitter....
    29. 29. YouTube....2 nd largest search engine!
    30. 30. Facebook....insane growth
    31. 31. Bing....innovating, market share increasing
    32. 32. Yahoo!....still out there </li></ul></ul>
    33. 33. So What? <ul><li>Best SEO practices aren't “One Size Fits All” </li><ul><li>“One Size Fits Most” </li></ul><li>Know how your customers search </li><ul><li>Video: do you have any? Is it SEO'd?
    34. 34. Is your content mobile-friendly?
    35. 35. More plain language/full sentence search
    36. 36. Increase in the use of “near” </li><ul><li>“Need a dry cleaner near Interstate 10” </li></ul></ul><li>Craft your content to contain the words that your customers use to search </li></ul>
    37. 37. Augmented Reality Photo courtesy Wikimedia Commons
    38. 38. Example: Spotted by Locals A presentation on SlideShare called: Augmented reality for city travelers
    39. 39. So What? How can you augment your customer's reality? It's just additional info: what database does the service use for listings? Are you IN those listings? If you're in travel/tourism, this is a big deal
    40. 40. Want Some Virtual Reality?
    41. 41. Second Life is Still Alive Training in Second Life courtesy Working Inworld Blog
    42. 42. Example: National Geographic Blog post about their presentation/participation in a Second Life conference: Virtual Reality for the Real World National Geographic 's Blog Wild
    43. 43. Virtual Reality Can Mean Business <ul><li>Mainstream organizations use it for training and conferences
    44. 44. Saves money, engages participants
    45. 45. So What? </li><ul><li>If you're in the events/conferences/training industries, consider a virtual reality component
    46. 46. BlogHer in Second Life gave me my start </li><ul><li>Great idea for sold-out events! </li></ul></ul></ul>
    47. 47. The Pause That Refreshes: It's Q & A Time! 555 LED flasher candy creation (courtesy oskay at Flickr CC)
    48. 48. Mobile/Smartphones <ul><li>Mobile
    49. 49. Mobile
    50. 50. Mobile
    51. 51. Mobile
    52. 52. Mobile
    53. 53. OK, no, really....MOBILE </li></ul>
    54. 54. Smartphone courtesy rianvanu on Flickr CC
    55. 55. Mary Meeker on Mobile (at Web 2.0 Summit) “ Meeker thinks we’re in a new computing cycle with the mobile web. Meeker believes Apple’s iPhone and iPod touch are leading the way here, big time. She thinks the mobile web will be 10 times as big as the more traditional desktop Internet, and that it will grow much faster. She also notes that the technologies around it are exploding: Wi-Fi, GPS, 3G, Bluetooth, etc. And all of this is exploding in a recession, she notes.” (as quoted by TechCrunch)
    56. 56. Mobile/Smartphones <ul><li>This is how people are looking for info </li><ul><li>Ex: Walt Disney World mobile version </li></ul><li>Grandma is on Facebook, AND.... </li><ul><li>She has the Web in her purse </li></ul><li>New twist: livestreaming to the Web </li><ul><li>, USTREAM Mobile
    57. 57. Makes everyone a $50,000 TV news van </li></ul></ul>
    58. 58. So What? If you do nothing else today, go figure out how to make your site(s) mobile-friendly Try Google's mobile optimizer: Have a WordPress blog? Try MobilePress:
    59. 59. More Google Toys <ul><li>Google Voice </li><ul><li>A portable phone number (implications for mobile) and voice-to-text
    60. 60. So What? One number to rule them all. </li></ul><li>Google Buzz </li><ul><li>Making gmail social but not private
    61. 61. So What? Not everything is better when social </li></ul><li>Google Wave ( here is mine ) </li><ul><li>Possible collaboration tool
    62. 62. So What? Docs/presos via email STINKS </li></ul></ul>
    63. 63. Location-based Games/Apps <ul><li>Foursquare and Gowalla
    64. 64. How they work
    65. 65. So What? </li><ul><li>Physical presence of customers
    66. 66. The fight to be “mayor” is good for you!
    67. 67. Customer tips on venue page are feedback
    68. 68. Venue check </li><ul><li>Foursquare: Whole Foods flagship, Austin TX
    69. 69. Gowalla: Whole Foods flagship, Austin TX </li></ul></ul></ul>
    70. 70. Takeaways <ul><li>Get some “tech mentors” to help you </li><ul><li>Geek Dashboard Pack handout has some </li></ul><li>You really need to pay attention to : </li><ul><li>Mobile
    71. 71. Video
    72. 72. Location-based services </li></ul><li>SEO: your content all counts, so make it count </li></ul>
    73. 73. Whew! Thanks for Coming Today She's geeky! (courtesy Cambodia4KidsOrg at Flickr CC)
    74. 74. Go Get Nerdy <ul><li>Sheila Scarborough
    75. 75. @SheilaS
    76. 76. Co-founder, Tourism Currents </li></ul><ul><li>This presentation was made with Impress open source software </li></ul>