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Social photography: visual social media


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A presentation on visual social media like Instagram and Pinterest, for the Michigan state tourism conference 2015.

At Tourism Currents, we do online & in-person training in social media for tourism & hospitality. More at

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Social photography: visual social media

  1. 1. @SheilaS @TourismCurrents Social Photography Visual Storytelling Sheila Scarborough Tourism Currents #pmgct2015 @SheilaS
  2. 2. @SheilaS @TourismCurrents What's In This For You? ● Better storytelling that connects with visitors & guests ● Universal language & emotion of visual sharing ● More content in less time ● SEO (Search Engine Optimization) boost #smshi@SheilaS #pmgct2015
  3. 3. @SheilaS @TourismCurrents Disclaimer …. I'm self-taught #NotAnExpert You can do this, too! D #smshi@SheilaS #pmgct2015
  4. 4. @SheilaS @TourismCurrents Why Photos?#smshi@SheilaS #pmgct2015
  5. 5. @SheilaS @TourismCurrents Surfing: A boy balances on a surfboard & catches his very first wave, near Diamond Head#smshi
  6. 6. @SheilaS @TourismCurrents
  7. 7. Of U.S. online adults surveyed: 71% use Facebook 28% use LinkedIn 23% use Twitter 28% use Pinterest 26% use Instagram Source: Pew Social Networking Fact Sheet @SheilaS #pmgct2015
  8. 8. How could social photography help YOUR overall strategic goals?
  9. 9. Strategy.... Get One @SheilaS #pmgct2015
  10. 10. Strategy Down to Each Social Post Overall goals for your town, attraction, or hotel Marketing communications to support goals Social media that supports your marketing Instagram Instagram post to reach particular visitor type
  11. 11. Strategy to Social Post Example Increase fall arts festival attendance Marketing goal to support - reach crafters Social media to support crafter outreach Instagram account Instagram photos of #quilting & #FiberArt
  12. 12. @SheilaS @TourismCurrents
  13. 13. @SheilaS @TourismCurrents Visual social media #smshi@SheilaS #pmgct2015
  14. 14. @SheilaS @TourismCurrents Instagram is.... A Micro Art Gallery #smshi@SheilaS #pmgct2015
  15. 15. @SheilaS @TourismCurrents
  16. 16. @SheilaS @TourismCurrents “Using Instagram to tell stories about themselves, with Michigan as the backdrop....“ Seth Starner, New North Center 23 March 2015 @SheilaS #pmgct2015
  17. 17. @SheilaS @TourismCurrents
  18. 18. @SheilaS @TourismCurrents Making an impact on Instagram Post great photos! #duh Interact, get re-grammed Smart use of hashtags @SheilaS #pmgct2015
  19. 19. @SheilaS @TourismCurrents
  20. 20. @SheilaS @TourismCurrents
  21. 21. @SheilaS @TourismCurrents How does Instagram fit into YOUR marketing strategy? @SheilaS #pmgct2015
  22. 22. @SheilaS @TourismCurrents Free Instagram analytics - Iconosquare @SheilaS #pmgct2015
  23. 23. @SheilaS @TourismCurrents New on Instagram as of yesterday “Layout“ for iOS
  24. 24. @SheilaS @TourismCurrents Tips for Instagram ● Square cropping drives composition ● It's a mobile-first platform – Use Iconosquare for desktop work ● Put “hashtag pile“ into a comment ● Brand hashtags allow sharing ● Read Instagram for Business blog ** Bought by Facebook @SheilaS #pmgct2015
  25. 25. @SheilaS @TourismCurrents Pinterest is.... A Digital Inspiration Board #smshi@SheilaS #pmgct2015
  26. 26. @SheilaS @TourismCurrents
  27. 27. @SheilaS @TourismCurrents
  28. 28. @SheilaS @TourismCurrents How does Pinterest fit into YOUR marketing strategy? @SheilaS #pmgct2015
  29. 29. @SheilaS @TourismCurrents Google is not the only game in town; search is big on Pinterest @SheilaS #pmgct2015
  30. 30. @SheilaS @TourismCurrents
  31. 31. @SheilaS @TourismCurrents For analytics, set up a Pinterest Business Account @SheilaS #pmgct2015
  32. 32. @SheilaS @TourismCurrents Tips for Pinterest ● Huge popularity spike ● Some legal concerns with pins ● It's a discovery platform ● Can drive a lot of traffic, so pay attention to your analytics ● Interact with pinners, say thanks ● Read Pinterest for Business blog #smshi@SheilaS #pmgct2015
  33. 33. @SheilaS @TourismCurrents Untappd is.... A social app for craft beer #smshi@SheilaS #pmgct2015
  34. 34. @SheilaS @TourismCurrents
  35. 35. @SheilaS @TourismCurrents What about Snapchat?@SheilaS #pmgct2015
  36. 36. @SheilaS @TourismCurrents Don't Forget Old School ● Photos to Twitter – Easy from your phone – Hashtags, incl. #FriFotos & #tbt ● Photos to Facebook Pages – Easy from your phone – Photos usually do well for engagement – Change out header photos – Photos as comments #smshi@SheilaS #pmgct2015
  37. 37. @SheilaS @TourismCurrents
  38. 38. 40 more photos shared below this!
  39. 39. @SheilaS @TourismCurrents No time for all this? Create once, use over and over
  40. 40. @SheilaS @TourismCurrents
  41. 41. @SheilaS @TourismCurrents
  42. 42. @SheilaS @TourismCurrents
  43. 43. @SheilaS @TourismCurrents
  44. 44. @SheilaS @TourismCurrents
  45. 45. @SheilaS @TourismCurrents
  46. 46. @SheilaS @TourismCurrents
  47. 47. @SheilaS @TourismCurrents Lots of photos? Create an Animoto video out of them #smshi@SheilaS #pmgct2015
  48. 48. @SheilaS @TourismCurrents Photos + Music = Animoto Video @SheilaS #pmgct2015
  49. 49. @SheilaS @TourismCurrents Even MORE Old School: Go offline with photo walks #smshi@SheilaS #pmgct2015
  50. 50. @SheilaS @TourismCurrents
  51. 51. @SheilaS @TourismCurrents Use snail mail for your pics #smshi@SheilaS #pmgct2015
  52. 52. @SheilaS @TourismCurrents
  53. 53. @SheilaS @TourismCurrents Now that you're a photographer, learn to think like one #smshi@SheilaS #pmgct2015
  54. 54. @SheilaS @TourismCurrents
  55. 55. @SheilaS @TourismCurrents #smshi
  56. 56. @SheilaS @TourismCurrents
  57. 57. @SheilaS @TourismCurrents
  58. 58. @SheilaS @TourismCurrents
  59. 59. @SheilaS @TourismCurrents Your last move before shooting with a phone? Wipe off the lens. #smshi@SheilaS #pmgct2015
  60. 60. @SheilaS @TourismCurrents Big social photography benefit: SEO #smshi @SheilaS #pmgct2015
  61. 61. @SheilaS @TourismCurrents
  62. 62. @SheilaS @TourismCurrents Tip! Use a cheat sheet - like this one from - to keep up with various social media image sizes #smshi@SheilaS #pmgct2015
  63. 63. @SheilaS @TourismCurrents Takeaways ● Have a plan, goals, a direction ● Photo = self-contained story ● Your phone = publishing machine ● Create once, use many times ● Think like a photographer ● Use descriptive text/ALT tag for SEO #smshi @SheilaS #pmgct2015
  64. 64. @SheilaS @TourismCurrents Photo Credits ● All photos my own except.... ● Me with camera: BJMcCray on Flickr CC ● Boy surfing: Waikiki Beach Services ● Screaming woman: kandyjaxx on Flickr CC #smshi @SheilaS #pmgct2015
  65. 65. Thanks very much! Find these at Sheila Scarborough Tourism Currents @SheilaS @TourismCurrents