How to Identify the Bloggers Who Matter the Most


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If you want online coverage of your destination, attraction or hotel, here's how to tell who might be the best fit for you. Presented at eTourism Summit 2013 in San Francisco, CA. Bonus slides at the end with suggestions for where to find (mostly travel) bloggers online and off.

My Tourism Currents team and I do online and in-person training in social media for tourism and hospitality -

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  • The best blogger may not be a blogger Take a 360 view Know your market & ideal visitor/guest Niche rules DIY or pay Social signals feed SEO Google isn't the only way to search
  • Who is your market Where are they online How can you get in front of them where they are
  • Next meetup is Oct 16.
  • How to Identify the Bloggers Who Matter the Most

    1. 1. @SheilaS @TourismCurrents How to Identify the Bloggers Who Matter the Most Sheila Scarborough Tourism Currents
    2. 2. @SheilaS @TourismCurrents The bloggers who "matter most" are the ones who fit YOUR market
    3. 3. @SheilaS @TourismCurrents
    4. 4. @SheilaS @TourismCurrents No Magic Beans #DoTheWork
    5. 5. @SheilaS @TourismCurrents Review your marketing plan How does online coverage support your plan?
    6. 6. @SheilaS @TourismCurrents
    7. 7. @SheilaS @TourismCurrents What are your goals? What will you measure to see if you're meeting your goals?
    8. 8. @SheilaS @TourismCurrents Your perfect blogger connects with your perfect visitor
    9. 9. @SheilaS @TourismCurrents Niche is your friend
    10. 10. @SheilaS @TourismCurrents Equestrian destination? Nancy D. Brown / Writing Horseback
    11. 11. @SheilaS @TourismCurrents North Texas Small Town? Tui Snider / Mental Mosaic
    12. 12. @SheilaS @TourismCurrents Los Angeles area? LACOT (Los Angeles Consortium of Online Travel)
    13. 13. @SheilaS @TourismCurrents Middle of the U.S.? Adam Sommer / Visit Flyover Country
    14. 14. @SheilaS @TourismCurrents Ukulele Scene? Pam Mandel / Nerd's Eye View
    15. 15. @SheilaS @TourismCurrents
    16. 16. @SheilaS @TourismCurrents But wait.... The "blogger who matters most" may not have a blog
    17. 17. @SheilaS @TourismCurrents Want visual impact?
    18. 18. @SheilaS @TourismCurrents
    19. 19. @SheilaS @TourismCurrents and.... Flickr Video
    20. 20. @SheilaS @TourismCurrents Want immediate or short-term impact? Twitter Facebook
    21. 21. @SheilaS @TourismCurrents
    22. 22. @SheilaS @TourismCurrents Want medium & long- term plus SEO impact? Blog posts Podcasts Google+ Photos & video
    23. 23. @SheilaS @TourismCurrents 134,750 downloads of 30 min podcast in Sept 2013
    24. 24. @SheilaS @TourismCurrents What does all this mean for your SEO?
    25. 25. @SheilaS @TourismCurrents Social Media Matters for SEO ● Links count & bloggers know how to link ● Social signals affect search ranking ● Photos & video do well in search results ● Google-obsessed? There is another Skywalker.... ● Ex: Instagram & Twitter hashtags ● Social networking as word of mouth
    26. 26. @SheilaS @TourismCurrents Photo Credits My own photos throughout, except.... ● Butterfly & bugs collection - Christian Guthier on Flickr CC ● Magic beans - rich13 on Flickr CC ● Gumby storm trooper - JD Hancock on Flickr CC ● Nancy D. Brown courtesy Writing Horseback Facebook Page ● Tui Snider courtesy her Facebook profile ● Jennifer Miner & Melanie Waldman courtesy LACOT ● Cape Girardeau photo courtesy Visit Flyover Country on Facebook
    27. 27. @SheilaS @TourismCurrents These slides & more on my SlideShare channel S
    28. 28. @SheilaS @TourismCurrents Thanks very much Sheila Scarborough @SheilaS Tourism Currents @TourismCurrents
    29. 29. @SheilaS @TourismCurrents Bonus round: Finding bloggers
    30. 30. @SheilaS @TourismCurrents Go Where They Are Online ● #TBEX ● #TTOT ● Other Twitter chats relevant to your market ● Passports with Purpose bloggers ● Facebook Groups ● LinkedIn (esp for B2B) ● Instagram hashtags
    31. 31. @SheilaS @TourismCurrents Go Where They Are Offline ● TBEX conferences ● ITB Berlin, IPW, World Travel Market ● New Media Expo (formerly BlogWorld) ● Travel Media Showcase ● Travel Massives ● Social Media Clubs, Social Media Breakfasts ● Niche conferences: Beer, Pets, Food, Crafts
    32. 32. @SheilaS @TourismCurrents Pay to Play ● PTBA (Prof. Travel Bloggers Association) ● Paid database info includes blogger stats ● Navigate Media ● iAmbassador ● Observe these brand bloggers: ● G Adventures "Wanderers in Residence" ● Expedia Viewfinder bloggers ● Housetrip Diplomats