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Social Media for B2B and Sales in Tourism: LinkedIn and Beyond


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Learn how social networking can help a CVB or DMO connect with B2B markets like meeting and event planners and tour operators. A presentation at the 2014 TTIA (Texas Travel Industry Association) Travel and Tourism College -

My Tourism Currents team and I do online and in-person training in social media for tourism and hospitality -

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Social Media for B2B and Sales in Tourism: LinkedIn and Beyond

  1. 1. Social Media for B2B Sheila Scarborough Tourism Currents @SheilaS @TourismCurrents
  2. 2. Any marketing strategy asks.... What are your goals? Who is your market? Where can you get in front of that market (including online?) @SheilaS @TourismCurrents
  3. 3. Social media isn't the place to be "sales-y" BUT Likes/followers can become sales opportunities & leads @SheilaS @TourismCurrents
  4. 4. "Hand out knowledge, not brochures" Real Lawyers Have Blogs @SheilaS @TourismCurrents
  5. 5. Social media for B2B is like a trade show Photo credit siebenthalercreative Flickr CC
  6. 6. Your LinkedIn Trade Show Booth People's personal profiles & activity Company Page @SheilaS @TourismCurrents
  7. 7. How People Can Help Pages Help with Page content & ideas Like & Share Company Page updates Tag the Page in their personal updates Tell their other networks about it @SheilaS @TourismCurrents
  8. 8. Key to LinkedIn .... Groups!
  9. 9. New to LinkedIn .... Publishing from your personal profile
  10. 10. New to LinkedIn .... Showcase sub-pages for your Company Page
  11. 11. B2B Social Media Beyond LinkedIn @SheilaS @TourismCurrents
  12. 12. Are #eventprofs on Twitter? Yes! @SheilaS @TourismCurrents
  13. 13. Are #eventprofs on Instagram? Yes! @SheilaS @TourismCurrents
  14. 14. In-app screenshot of Instagram photos with #eventprofs hashtag Also look for #meetingprofs
  15. 15. Are #eventprofs on Pinterest? Yes! @SheilaS @TourismCurrents
  16. 16. Under-utilized platform? SlideShare @SheilaS @TourismCurrents
  17. 17. Social SEO Get found! Optimize YouTube, SlideShare & Flickr for search @SheilaS @TourismCurrents
  18. 18. Is Facebook ever relevant for B2B? @SheilaS @TourismCurrents
  19. 19. Fundamentals Know your market, goals & metrics Build relationships & network where your market is active Better to be great on 1-2 platforms than over-extend & stink at 8 of them @SheilaS @TourismCurrents
  20. 20. @SheilaS @TourismCurrents Checklist  LinkedIn: an ecosystem of active staff personal profiles + solid Company Page  Blogs: read/interact on key ones (start your own?)  Twitter: hashtags & chats  Instagram: hashtags  Pinterest: relevant Boards & people  SlideShare: consider it  Social SEO: title, describe, tag  Facebook: yes, if your market's there
  21. 21. Thanks very much! Sheila Scarborough Tourism Currents @SheilaS @TourismCurrents