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Seven Simple Strategies to Engage Any Audience


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This is a slide deck I created from my article "Seven Simple Strategies to Engage Any Audience" published on ( in July 2013.

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Seven Simple Strategies to Engage Any Audience

  1. 7 Simple Strategies BY SHEILA B ROBINSON To Engage Any Audience
  2. Why do presenters present? To teach
  3. Why do presenters present? To share information
  4. Why do presenters present? To tell stories
  5. Why do presenters present? To share results
  6. Why do presenters present? To share ideas
  7. Successful presenters… Engage their audiences
  8. Unsuccessful presenters… Mmmm…not so much
  9. So, how do you get… …this audience …and not this one?
  10. Strategy #1 Know them
  11. HOW?
  12. Strategy #1 Ask those who invited you about them.
  13. Strategy #1 Administer a survey or pre-assessment to them.  
  14. Strategy #1   What are their interests, experiences, skills, knowledge, or learning needs?
  15. Strategy #1   Knowing this can inform thoughtful design of both content and audience engagement strategies.
  16. Strategy #2 Appreciate them
  17. HOW?
  18. Strategy #2 Tell them!
  19. Strategy #2 Tell them how much you appreciate their time, attention, and participation.
  20. Strategy #3 Ask questions
  21. HOW?
  22. Strategy #3 Ask them to raise their hands in response to a question to the group.
  23. Strategy #3 Even rhetorical questions can engage an audience when you have little opportunity for interaction, right?
  24. Strategy #4 Be human, approachable, and vulnerable
  25. HOW?
  26. Strategy #4 If you make a mistake, admit it.
  27. Strategy #4 Laugh at yourself.
  28. Strategy #4 Be honest!
  29. Strategy #4 Tell them that you don’t know everything about your topic and that you are still a learner.
  30. Strategy #4 Tell them how you thought, behaved, or worked prior to learning what you’re now sharing with them.
  31. Strategy #5 Offer resources
  32. HOW?
  33. Strategy #5 Show them opportunities for further reading, continued learning, tools & other resources relevant to their work.
  34. Strategy #5 If you have a website or blog, develop a portion of it with links to relevant resources.
  35. Strategy #5 Invite them to connect after the presentation (through social media, email, etc.) to ask additional questions.
  36. Strategy #6 Get them learning from each other
  37. HOW?
  38. Strategy #6 Encourage them to collaborate with you and educate their co-learners.
  39. HOW?
  40. Strategy #6 Turn and talk: Give them something to talk about with a “next-door” seatmate.
  41. Strategy #6 Think-pair-share: Ask them to think about a topic, exchange ideas with a partner, then share their ideas with the large group.
  42. Strategy #6 Use technology: Have them use internet-connected devices to answer questions. Try Poll Everywhere and you can project results on the screen in real time.
  43. Strategy #6 Use activity protocols:     See the National School Reform Faculty’s array of protocols appropriate for adult audiences.
  44. Strategy #7 Challenge them
  45. HOW?
  46. Strategy #7 Challenge their thinking and current understanding of your topic.    
  47. Strategy #7 Induce cognitive dissonance.
  48. Strategy #7 It’s not just about presenting new information, but about challenging their beliefs or understanding …
  49. Strategy #7 …and supporting them in making connections from your new information to their existing understanding.    
  50. Strategy #7 Challenge them to reach a goal during your presentation –    
  51. Strategy #7 – to add two more of something to their list, toolbox, repertoire, etc.
  53. 7 Simple Strategies #1 #2 #3 #4 #5 #6 #7 Know them Appreciate them Ask questions Be human, approachable, & vulnerable Offer resources Get them learning from each other Challenge them To Engage Any Audience
  54. Read the article: •  Seven Simple Strategies to Engage Any Audience
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  56. Thank you! Sheila B Robinson