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Ad Exposure Model - Maggi


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Explanation of David Aaker's Ad Exposure Model using Maggi as an example

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Ad Exposure Model - Maggi

  1. 1. AD EXPOSURE MODEL Group Members: Saloni Mehra Urvashi Athavale Qais Husein Sheikh Rehmatullah
  2. 2. Product: MAGGI
  3. 3. Introduction • Maggi noodles is a brand of instant noodles manufactured by Nestlé • Maggi 2-minute Noodles is the most-loved meal across all age groups and defines the Instant Noodles category in India by being a part of our way of life Maggi 2-minute Noodles offers 10% RDA of Protein and 20% RDA of Calcium in each serve (75g). With a reduction of over 27% salt per serve, less than 0.2% Trans Fats and no added MSG’s Maggi Noodles has focused on providing a healthier meal, without compromising on the great taste
  4. 4. Maggi- Over Years
  5. 5. Awareness / Familiarity with Brand • The first TVC on Doordarshan educated the Indian masses about introduction of new Maggi Noodles. • It clearly communicated its Target Group with visuals of children and associated ‘hunger’ with Maggi. • Words like ‘jhatpat’ in the TVC also spoke about the instant/quick preparation of Maggi noodles • Introducing Maggi for the first time on Television
  6. 6. Awareness / Familiarity with Brand
  7. 7. • Maggi’s USP is encapsulated in its timeless tagline – ‘Taste Bhi, Health Bhi’ • This, coupled with its ‘Two Minutes’ phrase legacy forms its attributes and benefits. • Further Line Extension and introduction of ‘Dal Atta Noodles, Vegetable Dal Atta Noodles’ further emphasized the ‘health and nutritional’ benefits of Maggi Noodles • Observe the words “sabji”, “fibre”, “iron” Attributes & Benefits - USP
  8. 8. Attributes & Benefits - USP Functional Benefits • Combats Hunger • Nutrition and Health • Quick Emotional Benefits • Fun • Companionship
  9. 9. • Health with Maggi • Iron and Subji Attributes & Benefits - USP
  10. 10. • Consistent visuals of kids gives the brand a personality of being ‘fun’ and ‘vibrant’ (also notice excessive use of animation, cartoons) • However, the kids are always shown to be in the presence of mother or other family members. Hence, it also forms a personality of ‘healthy’ and ‘acceptable’. Also, the constant relation of Maggi to hunger can be noticed. • This personality of fun in a healthy manner has been projected in their advertisements for several years. Brand Image / Personality
  11. 11. • Hence, the description of Maggi’s personality would be – “Someone who responds to hunger quickly in a fun and healthy manner.” • However, it has to be noted that the children Maggi targeted more than 25 years back have now grown up. • The latest advertisements of Maggi give it a personality of a ‘helpful companion’ during various activities and instances like trekking, studying, during tough times and so on. Brand Image / Personality
  12. 12. Brand Image / Personality Fun Vibrant Healthy Dependable CompanionshipHelpful
  13. 13. • Animation • Into the Wild Brand Image / Personality
  14. 14. • The concept of ‘Meri Maggi’ indicates a direct association of the TG with the brand. • In this sense, the bond between Maggi and consumers is as such that they ‘own’ the bowl of Maggi • Also, the adult consumers (remember, previously children) associate Maggi to be an integral part of their memorable activities and incidences. • “Pachees saal se, Maggi aur aapke kai haseen pal jude hai” Associations of Feelings with Brand
  15. 15. Associations of Feelings with Brand
  16. 16. • Meri Maggi • Maggi Personal Moments Associations of Feelings with Brand
  17. 17. • Linking with the Kids by associating hunger during snack time with a bowl of fun and vibrant noodles • Linking with Mothers by providing a ‘healthy and nutritious meal’ • Hence convincing kids to demand for Maggi when hungry, and helping mothers to meet the demand nutritiously = A perfect linkage match • Creating a cult following amongst kids for Maggi during snack time – Maggi Anthem “Sudup Sadap” Linkage with Peers / Experts and Group Norms
  18. 18. • Maggi Group Anthem Linkage with Peers / Experts and Group Norms
  19. 19. • Our analysis suggests that Maggi does not use the Route 2 path of inducing and promoting brand trials and re-purchases. • Route 1 of building the brand personality and developing favourable attitude for Maggi has been the objective of all its Advertising and Marketing Communications. • Maggi has built favourable attitude and preference through a 25 year instant noodle heritage and has not indulged in quick- buck strategies. ROUTE 2 - Inducement about Brand Trial
  20. 20. • Though there are offers where one pack of Maggi is provided free after purchasing four, no form of advertising or marketing communication highlights this offering. ROUTE 2 - Inducement about Brand Trial
  21. 21. • The build up of a favorable Brand Attitude through Route 1 by Maggi gives rise to the final Purchase Behaviour by customers. • If Maggi is a favourite choice for snacking when hungry, it has locked repeat purchase because 'Hunger' as a biological concept is recurrent in nature. • By first targeting the communication programmes towards kids and then scaling up the age group, Maggi has ensured higher visibility and presence. • 25 years of fun, vibrance, friendship and nutrition heritage through Advertising and Marketing communications has made a distinct space for the yellow pack in the shelf space in the market and kitchen. Purchase Behaviour Creation
  22. 22. • Market Share: 80% • Maggi still rules the roost, with more than three-fourths of the 2,500 crore market in the bag, as of September 2012* • 1.2 million fans on Maggi Facebook page with high engagement* • Maggi contributes over 26% to total revenue of Nestle’ India, much higher than the 19% share four years ago • Significant customer recall for Maggi. This has helped the company wade through competition successfully for the past many years.* Noodles and Numbers
  23. 23. Change in the Market Share 74.00% 76.00% 78.00% 80.00% 82.00% 84.00% 86.00% 88.00% 90.00% 92.00% 2009 2010 2012 Maggi Market Share Market Share
  24. 24. THANK YOU