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Presentation on vlc


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It is media software which can play almost every format!

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Presentation on vlc

  1. 1. Salim Solangi 13sw64 Sabir Wadho 13sw50
  2. 2. Introduction to software: VLC Media Player VLC media player (commonly known as VLC) is a portable, free and open-source, cross platform media player and streaming media server written by the Video LAN project. VLC media player supports many audio and video compression methods and file formats, including DVD-video, video CD and streaming protocols. It is able to stream over computer network and to transcode multimedia files.
  3. 3. Download free VLC Media Player
  4. 4. Developer(s) Video LAN Initial release February 2001; 14 years ago Stable release OS X, Linux, Microsoft Windows x64 2.1.4 (21 February 2014; 53 days ago) ] Microsoft Windows x86
  5. 5. Operating system Windows, OS X, Linux, BSD, Solaris, Android, iOS, QNX, Haiku, Syllable Available in 48 languages Type Media player License GNU GPLv2+ (player) GNU LGPLv2.1+ (engine) Website
  6. 6. Let’s glance at the most overlooked features it offers. Audio It has new audio core, allowing better volume and device management. New audio outputs for Windows Vista, Android, iOS, Open BSD and OSSv4. Numerous new audio metadata format supported.
  7. 7. VLC includes numerous aesthetic video effects, such as; Image adjustment Transformation Video cropping Image modification Magnification  Video rotation,
  8. 8. VLC provides basic image adjustment options. Under the Basic tab, you can play around with various color adjustments; Hue, Contrast, Brightness, Gamma, etc.
  9. 9. Another intriguing feature is Video Magnification. Under Geometry tab, enable Magnification/Zoom option, to let it zoom in/out the video.
  10. 10. Transforming To Different Angles The Transform option allows you to rotate video by multiple degrees. This comes useful if you have a video that you recorded via the camcorder in a different angle.
  11. 11. The moment you hit Puzzle game option, it would turn the video into puzzling pieces. All you need is to enter number of columns & rows for Puzzle. Video Sharpness Effect Apart from basic image adjustment options, there is another feature which will let you adjust video sharpness up to the acme of clarity.
  12. 12. Panoramic View (Optimal For Multi- Screen) Vout/Overlay is another superb feature, allowing video junkies to spread the video on the desktop wall in multiple windows. In this way, you can handle, manage and change the position of the video parts separated in windows.
  13. 13. Adding Logo An overlaying logo option comes in handy, you can easily insert a logo (PNG/JPG format) in the video as a watermark. The importance of this feature is that you can add the company logo while giving a video presentation. Synchronization Under the Synchronization tab, you can manually manage the (Audio/video) sync and deal with them by adjusting the time.
  14. 14. Record Webcam Video Recording video from a webcam is another awesome feature VLC offers. It automatically populates the list of devices attached to your system.
  15. 15. Bookmarking Media . VLC allow users to bookmark media files, whether you are playing it from local media, or streaming it from any remote location. You can instantly bookmark the media file and access it anytime later.
  16. 16. Take Snapshots (PNG,JPG Format Supported) VLC lets you take screenshots as well. You can capture a frame either by pausing the video, or while playing video frame-by-frame.
  17. 17. VLC player plays any format or any codec. It might even read disk images (ISO) and play directly. VLC has a built equalizer for both audio and image that can significantly improve the image and audio quality.
  18. 18. VLC can record the streaming media to an external file and save it in the hard disk. VLC takes least amount of processing time. VLC is faster in loading and good for technical experts. VLC play content of incomplete ,unfinished or damaged video download or copy,and move.
  19. 19. [M] Mute on/off [Ctrl]+[up arrow] Turn volume up [Ctrl]+[Down arrow] Turn volume down [Ctrl]+[H] Subtitle delay up [Ctrl]+[J] Subtitle delay down [T] Show time played/time left [Ctrl]+[Q] Quit program [F] Full screen mode
  20. 20. [Ctrl]+[P] Playlist [Ctrl]+[M] Messages [Ctrl]+[I] Stream and media info [Ctrl]+[A] Open capture device [Ctrl]+[W] Streaming and transport wizard [Ctrl]+[X]/[Ctrl]+[Q] Exit [Ctrl]+[V] VLM control [Ctrl]+[G] Extended GUI [Ctrl]+[B] Bookmarks [Ctrl]+[S] Preferences [Ctrl]+[O] Open directory/file
  21. 21. Our first and foremost concern is the user’s privacy and safety. VLC video pledges you that it will never spam you, force you to install 3rd party software on your system or harm your online privacy In any way. VLC is not spyware. We do collect the aggregate data about the way users use our website. VLC is not spyware. Adware or any type of ware other then software. VLC video player is 100% safe and secure.